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Firstpage provides a wide range of Online Marketing for our clients, for instance search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and many more. In this chapter we are representing Search Engine Marketing which is the umbrella term for SEO or PPC.1http://www.firstpageco.comMisconception of Search Engine Marketing SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGSEOSearch Engine Optimisation



SEOSearch Engine Optimisation

WE CAN DO BOTH!!!We extract the best out of these 2 methods to build a most effective marketing plan for your business4

Paid Listing, AdvertisingOrganic Placement


PAID Listing6

Misconceptions: Content writing is sufficient30% depends on website content and 70% on external factors

SEO is UselessIncrease Visibility and Credibility

SEO is expensiveLong-term Return of InvestmentFREE Traffic 24/7

links, social media, competitors7


PPC is EXPENSIVE!FIRSTPAGE monitors your campaign DAILY to make sure EVERY CENTS is spent to convert

Google Adword tool is free, I can manage myselfCan you make sure $ spend is effectively bringing you returns?

Anyone can anyhow click on my ads Controllable, Measurable, accountable results

It is true that PPC is quite costly howevere the conversion rate is definitely muh higher than marketing on traditional marketing source as8Traditional Marketing VS ONLINE MARKETINGCost- Efficency when using online marketing


fOR ONEday advertisement.11

Worse! Costly n ineffective13

So in these modern days, where most of us uses Seachr engine to look for product/ services, doesnt it make sense to do marketing through search engine? This is what we do best14

Muay Thai Gym


58.4% of Interested visitors% of VisitsWebsite Ranking17Case Study 1 FirstPage Digital DesignPPC

18Case Study 2 PIP HoldingsSEO, PPC and Other Online Marketing methods

Firstpage drove leads for us and brought interested signups and registrants to our events.- Selyn Chan, PIP Holdings

Results: Drove over a hundred NEW leads and NEW visitors to PIP in a 3 months campaign.With a 12% conversion rate, PIP made a total of SGD $38,400 in gross revenue.ROI of close to 350% from our digital marketing efforts.Pip run workshop to Educte people to invest in real estate19HOW TO LISTEN FOR CLIENTS

I want to be on FIRSTPAGE I want to Market my business ONLINE My business is POOR in Sales NO one knows about my Website

Why FIRSTPAGE DIGITAL DESIGN???PRACTISING MARKETERSExperience handling clients of different budget level (Highest up to $50K USD/month)Consultation, Solutions and RESULTSTARGETED and HIGHLY INTERESTED Customers21


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