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Discover Psycho-graphic Marketing And How Your Business Can Turn Around, Within 30 Days. Not too many people are talking about this type of marketing, because it can be confusing. Hopefully, this will show you to break it down, easier to digest. Marketing Is key To Success!

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  • 1. Psychographic MarketingGetting Into Your Buyers Head

2. Psychographic MarketingWhat Is Psychographics?Its different than demographic which focus on, age,gender, region, race.Psychographics focus on Behavior, Interests, And LikesAnd Wants.Example: People who like the NY Giants, are mostlynortherners, who like watching football, drink beer, bluecollar, has a strong work ethic and probably own a singlefamily home. They drive SUVs, go to movies and havespends vacations, with family. 3. Psychographic Marketing Psychographicsa means of identifying users byinterests, occupations, roles in life,preferences, and other personalcharacteristics.- People Who Like Steak And Potatoes Would Also Like Sporting Goods.- People Who Like Golf Also Like ToTravel!- Sell Them An Angle On TravelDiscount Tickets or Supplies. 4. Psychographic Marketing Demographics search, is different atbehaviors and buying habits. hencethe psycho. Lets say, Im thinking of buying Triumphsongs online, because I love the 80smusic. Im a meat and potato guy, so Ilike Outback steak house and CarrabasItalian Grill I feel comfortable in Armani Clothing,so those clothingstores would target me. 5. Psychographic Marketing Psychographics can target yourbuyers with precision accuracy, itcuts down on you cost to acquireyour first customer. Psychographics gives you aninsight on what the people arethinking, during a certain time. For Example: People that lovefootball buy pizza and beer. Theyalso may buy, team jerseys, grills,trucks and fishing gear. 6. Psychographic MarketingThe beauty of Psychographics, is that youare able to pin-point your true buyers!Its like the difference between, keyword search vs alike click on Facebook. Keywords may be for aspecific need, like a quick cure or quick fix, whereasa like click will show you the type of person theyare base on your content. 7. Psychographic MarketingLets talk about different buyinghabits.Psychographic Buyers:o Purchase on Impulse, Emotional,o Status, Value Buying a team jersey a the football game. Buying a team jersey because theirneighbor has opposing team jersey. Buying a team jersey because the arecaught upin the emotion. Buying a team jersey that no one has, likeone bought at a Superbowl game. 8. Psychographic MarketingLets talk about different buying habits.Psychographics Shopping Lifestyles: Self-starters Shop Highend, Upper Class, Sophisticated Honest Relational, Personal Connection, No Hard Sell Traditional - Family Oriented, Holidays, Hand Holding Vogue Cutting Edge Goods, Top Of Line, Sell Sizzle Self Sufficient Blue Collar, Lower Education, StressValue 9. Psychographic MarketingLets Break It Down Even More. Think about your product and envision, thetypes of people that would buy your products. What types of Foods They Eat, Drink, ClothesThey Wear, Cars They Drive, Bikes, Brands, andBands they listen too. Types Of Vacations, Pets, Friends, Sports, etc. ALL These Can Be Exclusively Targeted On FB. 10. Psychographic MarketingTargeting Your Advertising Out of all the advertising, Ive seen, I neverfound a service, so focus on demographicsand psychographics, than FacebookEdgerank. Facebook ads can target your buyers, directlyto their smart phones. Your ads to millions ofpeople that MAY like your product. (I saymay because, your product could be a dud, Idont know) 11. Psychographic MarketingTargeting Your Advertising Means > Save Time Means > Saving Money Means > Quicker Sales Means > Quicker Leads Means > Faster List 0-10k Means > Recurring Income 12. Psychographic MarketingTargeting Your Advertising You can target them by interests, includingsports teams, brands they follow and whattype of car they have.Note: Show Facebook Group Graph Well talk later on how to do this, but fornow, Facebook custom ads can preciselytarget your buyers. 13. Psychographic MarketingOther Advertising Avenues:You want to go after websites, that focus ontheir interests.Blogs, Forums, Social Sites, Groups, andMagazine Style Sites.Major Sharing Sites: Youtube, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn 14. Psychographic MarketingFinally:When You Combine The RightDemographics With Psychographics,You Have A Winning CombinationEverytime!Do your research and find out who your competition is andgrab their audience and followers using Facebook and PowerEditor, to pin point your buyers.Some say, Its like shooting fish in a barrel! 15. Psychographic MarketingAre You Ready For Next Step?Im giving you the opportunityto Be part of something BIG!Discover The Internet MarketingCommunity!All you have to do is JOIN the Get A Classroom as aGOLD Member Discount Price For 3 Months! Market Place DEMANDS New Skills!