Plan to Dominate Your Personal Branding Online

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This week, we sat down with @CBarrows to discuss the importance of personal branding online during our #AtomicChat. Featuring contributions from @YouTooCanBeGuru, @quirkyjuice, @iSocialFanz, @rachelloumiller, @LindsayFultz, @allygreer, @irahaberman, @wakefly, and @IvaIgnjatovic.


  • 1. EVERY MONDAY at 9PM EST/8pm CST/6pm 10, 2014Plan to dominate yourpersonal branding onlineFor personal branding, do you want to be on alot of social networks to increase exposure?Do you need a blog if you want tobuild authority?What are the benefits of a personalpowerful brand?What are some tips you have onbranding for Twitter and LinkedIn?What are the top 3 most importantbranding tips you can offer?@Atomic_reach @cbarrowsHosted By: special guest:CBarrows @CBarrowsFor me, Id rather focus on a few primary networks and be strong. If youre notcareful, youll spread yourself thin. #AtomicChatCBarrows @CBarrowsThis said - not everyone has the time to blog! With that in mind - theres someother spaces to write. #AtomicChatCBarrows @CBarrowsMy personal brand has allowed me to better network with amazing folks fromplaces like @twitter, @buffer and @LinkedIn #atomicchatCBarrows @CBarrowsNo matter the network. Ultimately comes down to conversations and people.Engage! Comment on articles/tweets. #AtomicChatCBarrows @CBarrowsTip 1 - Be YOU. Thats the person you want people to follow! #AtomicChatCBarrows @CBarrowsTip 2 - Focus on building relationships. Relationships will help you grow yourbrand - and benefit all parties! #AtomicChatCBarrows @CBarrowsTip 3 - Be consistent. Dropping in and out of social media wont allow you to buildyour relationships/brand. #AtomicChatBridget Willard @YouTooCanBeGuruYou should be on as many networks that you can handle well. If you dont havetime to respond, dont be there. #AtomicChatBrian Fanzo @iSocialFanzScale is the goal but its best to be great on a few than half assed on many! Workup to a broader level! #AtomicChatBridget Willard @YouTooCanBeGuruPeople believe the written word. This is why we have Snopes. So yes, a blog isimportant. #AtomicChatRachel Miller @rachelloumillerNo, leverage LinkedIn Publisher and guest post on creditable publications toincrease your thought leadership #AtomicChatWakefly @wakeflyMore activity, credibility, and engagement. Twitter can become a spontaneousQ&A if you have the audience for it #AtomicChatBrian Fanzo @iSocialFanz@Atomic_Reach People Follow You to Hear from You.. Add your insights & shareyour thoughts dont be a robot! #AtomicChatIra Haberman @irahabermanConsistency, authenticity, audience-centricity.(Made up last word for @lindsayfultz). #AtomicChatJules @quirkyjuiceYou should be on select networks. The one that align with how you talk, and yourtone #AtomicChatRachel Miller @rachelloumillerStart small. Select the best network(s) for your industry/expertise and join theconversation peers are already having #AtomicChatThe Middle Child @LindsayFultzBe where it makes sense for you & who youre trying to reach. Important to beconsistent wherever you have footprints. #AtomicChatAlly Greer @allygreerBlogging is great, but if you really want to build up, you should be leveragingexisting communities starting w LI or medium #AtomicChatIra Haberman @irahabermanYou can probably build authority on a social network, but a blog is a permanentaddress, where everyone can find you. #AtomicChatThe Middle Child @LindsayFultzSo many benefits of strong, consistent personal brand. Friends, referrals/recs,speaking gigs, clients...Could go on & on #AtomicChatWakefly @wakeflyUpdate accounts with valuable content at least once a day for Twitter & once aweek for LinkedIn. Interact with people! #AtomicChatIva Ignjatovic @IvaIgnjatovicTransparency of who I am & what I do; I am only good as my word; Stick to myvalues. #AtomicChat833 672.8K 6.1MTweets REachChat stats provided by trial code for our community: 30daygoIMPRESSIONS#AtomicChat Numberswhats your atomic score?find out now!