Pinterest tips for tradeshow industry marketers

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Think you know everything about Pinterest? In just ten minutes grab useful tips to step up your Pinterest marketing. This video replay will focus on 3 new ways to tap new opportunities using Pinterest especially for tradeshow and events industry marketers. Learn more modern tradeshow practices by reading our blog:


<ul><li> 1. Welcome to the webinar, it will begin shortly.Pinterest Tips for TradeshowIndustry MarketersVisit us at</li></ul> <p> 2. Step up Your Marketing Using PinterestYour host is Joanna Stasuk,Bartizan's Marketing Director 3. What is Pinterest and How Does it Work?Pinterest is a social network and contentsharing service that allows members to"pin" images, videos and other objectsto their pinboard by posting, also knownas pinning.One of the primary goals of usingPinterest is to get more pins to yourcontent on your site.This network is seeing explosive growthin social media market share across theworld, up over 5000% in share ofvisits to all social media sites inNorth America. 4. Why Does it Matter?Explosive Growth and Active Users 5. Why Does it Matter?TRAFFIC BUILDER: Most importantly, it builds traffic to your mainwebsite. In October, the website of Time Inc.s Real Simplemagazine got more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook. Source: AdAgeCOMMUNITY BUILDER: Customer service titan Nordstrom was oneof the first companies to use Pinterest, Why? "We found that it's agreat way to not only share info but also learn about our community,"said social media manager Shauna Causey.LEAD BUILDER: All of that extra traffic should be generating moreleads. Make sure you have plenty of ways to capture prospect infoonce they land on your main website or blog. 6. How can Pinterest Work for Your Event?Pinterest promotes yourcommunity. It is not purely aboutself promotion and pushing yourmessage. Too much promotionwill annoy your customers. Sharecontent that is interesting aroundthe tradeshow industry. 7. How to Start Pinteresting1. Activate your account2. Optimize your Pinterest profileunder the settings tab by filling outyour profile completely.3. Connect your website and othersocial profiles4. You can choose to add members ofyour team to the contributorssection of your page.5. Next step after sign up is topopulate your page.Tip: An empty profile or just one board on your profile will do more harm than good. 8. How to Create a Board that Gets SharedUse boards to tell a story. Decidewhat topics would be interesting tothose in our industry.If you have a blog, you alreadyknow what topics are interesting toyour industry. 9. Ideas for Events Related Pinboards Testimonials eBook Covers Videos Event Photos Great tradeshow displays Inspirational quotes from keynote speakers Employee Photos Customer Success 10. Put Your Personality Into Your BoardsYour event is more than just a logo! Injects personality into yourcompany. Show off your work culture and values. Pinterest is a place totell people what you and your company are like, personally. At Bartizanwe love tech gadgets so we have a board all about cool tradeshow gear. 11. How to Grow Your Followers 80% of pins are re-pins, attesting to the viral nature ofthe Pinterest community. Engage with other people on Pinterest. Repin other people's pictures to your boards. Comment on other people's pins. Add a Pin It or Follow me on Pinterest button on yourwebsite, and promote via email. Mix links in, and don't have your pins always point backto your site. It's about helping others in your industry andnetworking. Promote your boards and Pinterest page through otherchannels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 12. Best Practices: How Many Times Should you Post?It doesnt matter how often, justpin to different boards. Makecomments on other boards, pins,and repins. Post quality, coolthings.Don't clog up same streamsrandom clutter, though. But if youpost quality items, then post asmuch as you like.The pins that get clicked themost are either related totrending topics, contain a tutorialor a call-to-action. 13. PICTURES!Everything on Pinterest is about the pictures.You have to have good pictures. If not, no one will follow you or re-pinyour posts. 14. What Makes a Good Picture?BoldPictures with large sayingsCartoonsInfographicsSelf-contained 15. What Action Would You Like Viewers to Take? 16. Editing Photos is EasyTwo great lets you upload a picture and add text toyour lets you add special effects to photos. 17. Run Contests on Pinterest. Pin it to Win it 18. Cool tools to step up your Pinterest game:Repinly: is going to be availablePinreach: foranalytics and scores to see how well youare doing, see which boards areperforming lets you grab photos andedit them in a variety of ways. 19. Learn More about PinterestBe sure to follow Bartizans pins forother marketing tips. copy of this presentation will be emailed to you by the end of the day today 20. 2 Little Known Tips1. If you are selling something...Add a "$"to the Pin description and Pinterest willautomatically add a price banner to thephoto. Within the Pin, remember to link tothe website so people can buy the product.2. Pinterest has an easy to use mobile appso you can take a picture and pin it usingyour mobile. </p>


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