Pinterest 101: Getting started and best practices managing your profile

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Inflow's quick tips to get started in Pinterest and then manage your profile for success.


  • 1. Pinterest Best PracticesGeneral guidelines for Pinterest profile

2. Pinterest Management Best Practices First impressions are always important, and moreso on Pinterest -- encourage viewers toconnect and engage with you by displaying an attractive profile with consistent branding and avariety of eye-catching and interesting content on your boards and pins. Create a range of boards that show the personality and taste of your brand, and that also appealto your various audiences. For example, create decor inspiration boards for people looking fordecoration ideas, and dinnerware boards for people shopping for a new spread. Include links to pages and content on your website in Pin descriptions to establish regularreferral traffic from Pinterest, and use Google Analytics tracking on URLs to measure the trafficand revenue that originates from your posts. Show off your most relevant or important boards at the top of your profile, such as new products,seasonal boards or those with most repins. Create boards with pins from other users to show that youre in touch with relevant content thatis interesting to your audience, and that you actively engage with others. Follow, repin andcomment on other users boards to encourage them to view and repin your content, too, helpingyou gain more exposure and attract more followers for your profile. Create group boards and invite users that actively engage with your brand to post Pins -- theyllappreciate the attention and the opportunity to contribute their 3. Optimizing for Search and UserExperience Keep board titles to 20 characters or less. Ensure that every Pin has a description with sufficient context for the product or content that youare sharing, and provide details that help viewers understand the benefits of using your productor how it can fit into their lifestyles (size, variety of uses, material, care, etc). When drafting descriptions, think about what users would search for when looking for thecharacteristics that your product features, and the benefits that it offers. Include these compellingand interesting details to increase the likelihood of your Pin appearing in search. Pinterest frowns upon keyword stuffing and overuse of hashtags -- keep use to a minimum, suchas using a common hashtag on a series of Pins for a single campaign. Instead, use keywordswithin the context of descriptions to help users find your Pins in search results. Because Pins remain published (unless they are removed), strive to write copy that will continueto be relevant and interesting over time. Periodically review older Pins and update information when necessary, such as when a URL fora link to a page on your website has changed. This will ensure that you can continue to rely onolder Pins to continue driving referral traffic from Pinterest back to your 4. Creating BoardsWalkthrough for creating boards on your 5. Creating a Board On your Pinterest profile, click on Create a board. Add a title and description and select the appropriate category for the content on the board. When all details are entered, click on the Create a Board 6. Creating a Board After the board is created, check the page and ensure all details are correct If everything looks good, its time to start Pinning! 7. Creating PinsWalkthrough of creating Pins with analytics 8. Select Content and Add Tracking StringFollow these steps to ensure the performance ofeach post can be tracked in Analytics.1. Select content to post. For example: Open the Google URL Builder tool3. Use the following campaign fields:a. Source: pinterestb. Medium: pinpagec. Content (use to differentiatebetween types of content): productsd. Name: socialposts4. Submit information and copy the output5. Combine link and tracking string: 9. Adding a Pin From a Website On your board page, click on Add a Pin and select Web in the next modal. Enter the URL in the Add a Pin from a website modal, and click the Next 10. Adding a Pin From a Website Select the correct image -- youll enter product details on the next 11. Adding a Pin From a Website Pick the board where you want the Pin to feature on from the drop-down menu. Enter details and information in the description field and click Pin 12. Adding a Pin From a Website Check that the Pin looks good and all details are 13. Adding a Pin From a Website Check to see where else your Pin has been posted -- this is a good way to connect with 14. Adding a Pin From Your Computer On your board page, click on Add a Pin and select Your computer in the next modal. Click Choose Image and select the image to upload from your 15. Adding a Pin From Your Computer Pick the board where you want the Pin to feature on from the drop-down menu. Enter details and information in the description field and click Pin 16. Adding a Pin From Your Computer Check that the Pin looks good and all details are 17. Discovering andRepinning ContentHow to share content from other users on 18. Discovering Pins: Categories On your Home Feed, click on the list icon by the search field to reveal categories of Pins that youcan use to discover content posted by other 19. Discovering Pins: Search You can also the search field at the top to find content using keywords and 20. Repinning Content Once youve found the content youd like to share, click the Pin It button at the 21. Repinning Content Select the board youd like to post the pin to and if necessary, edit the description. Once all details are set, click the Pin It button to 22. Repinning Content The Pin will appear on the board you selected on your 23. ShortcutsQuick access to helpful tools and 24. Analytics Strings for Links to SiteAdd the following tracking strings to links that direct users to your website. Use theappropriate string for the type of content being published:GoInflow.comBlog Posts?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pinpage&utm_content=blog&utm_campaign=socialpostsProducts?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pinpage&utm_content=products&utm_campaign=socialpostsPromotions?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pinpage&utm_content=promotions&utm_campaign=socialpostsCustom (change the parameter in blue to create your own)?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pinpage&utm_content=custom&utm_campaign=socialposts 25. Links and ResourcesGoInflow.comEmerson Creek Pottery Pinterest Page Brand Guidelines Blog Business Blog Tools Analytics Analytics