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  1. 1. Maartenvherck Marketing from a galaxy far far away
  2. 2. Mission Bring balance to the force, but also: Grow businesses in a performance based way so that you can measure and evaluate the impact of every euro you put into your marketing mix by using the many tools that the internet has made available: Social, Email, Data, Search Engines, All of this in an agile way.
  3. 3. Mission The most important part wil be always mapping your ecosystem and making sure you measure your every step in the right way. Only this way you can see which of your marketing efforts also convert or influence people so you can shift your investments, talk to your consumers in the right way, try to make them loyal to the brand and even make them your brand ambassadors. This is the secret to close your marketing loop.
  4. 4. Services Technical Data management Web analytics Tag management Search Engine Optimization Website Automation Strategic Content Strategy Content Marketing Strategy Social Strategy Touchpoint Strategy Online PR / Seeding Customer Relationship and Loyalty Management Metrics plan Performance Advertising Social advertising Search advertising Native advertising Product Listing Ads Display advertising Marketing automation
  5. 5. My secret On a daily base I work with - Google Analytics - Google AdWords - Google Search Console - Google Tag Manager - Facebook Advertising - Twitter Advertising - LinkedIn Advertising - Instagram Advertising - Majestic SEO - Search Metrics - Screaming Frog - And they give me unlimited power!
  6. 6. Jedi team Im Strategic
  7. 7. My clients Hotel Hungaria Content Strategy / SEO Tendotools Online strategy and advertising Design Is Wolf Performance advertising / SEO Healthy Is Funky Strategy / Advertising / Technical IbizaCloud9 SEO / SEA
  8. 8. Just so you know I have the same music taste as Finn
  9. 9. MaartenvherckOnline marketing | SEO | Online PR | Rock&Roll LET`S TALK Maarten Van Herck +32 493 70 65 71