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On and offline in a digital strategy

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Lieselotte Van Tieghem, Sales- & Marketing Manager bij Wijs, gaf deze presentatie voor het eerst op het Oracle event op 14/05/2014. Ze heeft het o.a. over data en daar slimmer mee omgaan, uw klanten beter te leren kennen in hun context, 1 op 1 communicatie, closing the loop & the sweet spot.

Text of On and offline in a digital strategy

  • Wijs - mei 2014

    Context and personalization in a digital strategy

  • Hi! Im Lieselotte.

  • I work at WijsA digital Agency in Ghent

  • Marketeers are shouting out quite a bit of buzz words again lately

  • Quantified self

  • What Marketing can learn from the Internet of Things.

    The Age of Context

  • Big data

  • Digital Transformation

  • Its a whole new energy...

  • According to me it comes down to this!

    Closing the loop

  • But as for many companies its not just a digital strategy

    Technology supporting

    Data-minded User-centric

    Digital company

  • Let me first tell you my story...

    Young mom of two childrenHappily married to an entrepreneurFull-time job, not only at Wijs, but also as a mom, wife, housekeeper and secretary

  • This is how I roll...

  • I have a need...

  • I would like to tell them that... we are an ambitious couple with 2 young children I have to make lunch boxes every morning my husband is on an Atkins diet my son dislikes fruit, but does need the vitamines I would love to eat and cook healthy every day, but my work

    rythm and inefficiency lets me down etc.

    You know what? Im willing to tell my supermarket some stuff

  • My supermarket knows exactly what my shopping basket contains: a combination of fixed and variable products

  • They could also know I have a fixed day to do my shopping

  • And I get myself inspired online

  • On-site analytics Web analytics CRM Data loyalty cards Customer feedback etc.

    A lot of data assembled out of different corners

  • Broadcasting Informing

    One to one in a new dimension

  • Now imagine

  • when they give me ideas on parties coming up: what to make, how much and what to buy

    One click on the button and its ready for you waiting in the shop


  • A bit creepy, huh?

  • But customers are actually quite open to this

  • Its a whole new energy...

  • Its no longer only about

  • ! Its about getting to know your user

  • ! Its about getting to know your user Its about getting to know your user in

    his context

  • ! Its about getting to know your user Its about getting to know your user in

    his context And technology is giving us the

    possibility to do this: by offering us data

  • The age of context: data

    Data transforms into information or advertising, depending on the context of the consumer.

  • The age of context

  • Context changes advertising into information.!

    Context is the way to break through the banner blindness of our customers.!

  • How can you add context to your messages? How can you change advertisement into information?How can you break through the banner blindness?

    Ask yourself

  • Route Reservation

  • But hey!

  • What about...

  • How do we translate emotion, inspiration and impuls on a digital level?

  • Attribute the correct weight to each touch point.

  • Lets take another example

  • The sweet spot




  • Know your customer and his context Closing the loop: customer journey & conversion funnels Get yourself organized: digital company Break through your own silos


  • Belgi, de bermudadriehoek van de eCommerce

    Wijs E-commerce onderzoek V3 coming up

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