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INTRODUCTION To ogilvy labs



Ogilvy Labs is the innovation team within Ogilvy & Mather Group.

We educate and inspire in order to innovate ensuring we are encouraging our staff and clients to do new things for the first time, and learn how to then offer these solutions again. We connect creativity and tech and are the go-to team for making anything new happen.

We do this through the following means:Finding best in class partners such as startups, government agencies, suppliers and entrepreneurial organisationsRecruiting diverse talentResearching the future state of the marketing industry as well as those of our clientsPromoting Ogilvy in up and coming sectors through speaking and sponsorshipActing as the hyper-connector within the Global Ogilvy group and WPP as a whole

We believe solely in proving by doing and measure ourselves using our 6Rs: Revenue, Relationships, Reputation, Recruitment, Retention & Responsibility.

Semesters of Learning

Every 6 months, Ogilvy Labs chooses a particular research topic to focus its efforts on.

We hone our partner meetings (with startups, government organisations and prospective clients), our speaker engagements, our conference attendance and our client targeting to ensure we are relevant, single-minded and creating the best innovation value for our staff and clients.

At the end of the 6 months, we host an event called Lab Day for all our staff and clients to pass on all our learnings, contacts and ideas. Every semester culminates in this conference and this is the incubator for the campaigns and projects which come out of our semesters.

Future Travel & Tourism 2016

This semester we wanted to focus on corporate innovation in travel, tourism and logistics highlighting those success stories and truly facilitating the beginnings of change in our clients and prospects.

Over the 6 months, we hosted specific client workshops on how to innovate in travel, with IHG and Amex; and a website full of thought-leadership. All our activations were organised to help our clients and prospects kickstart their own innovation agendas. We held a Future of Travel Lab Day conference with speakers ranging from startups, TED speakers, clients and travel experts which we also filmed in 360 to experiment with new immersive technologies.www.ogilvylabstravel.comRevenueRelationshipsReputation


Future Retail 2015

This semester we wanted to focus on corporate innovation in retail highlighting those success stories and truly facilitating the beginnings of change in our clients and prospects.

Over the 6 months, we hosted specific client workshops on how to innovate in retail; a C-Suite Chatham House Rules dinner with the founder of LMarks the company behind the John Lewis innovation lab; a retail-specific chaperoned day at Social Media Week; and a website full of thought-leadership. All our activations were organised to help our clients and prospects kickstart their own innovation agendas. We worked very closely with WPPs The Store to ensure we were also consulting globally for WPP.www.ogilvylabsretail.comRevenueRelationshipsReputation

Startups 2015

For the Startup semester, we partnered with up and coming London start up conference Digital Shoreditch to ensure we were truly immersing Ogilvy and our clients in the community. As a result of focusing our research more on the mechanics of the startup community as opposed to the startups themselves, OgilvyUK began investing in MadTech (marketing and advertising tech) accelerator Collider to ensure fast, streamlined access to early-stage relevant startups for our staff and clients. ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputation

Internet of Things 2014

We spent 6 months getting to grips with the emerging consumer world of IOT for our clients. At the time, there was little marketing activations in this area (it is now very popular) and we successfully launched the first ever connected outdoor billboard campaign using our learnings for Battersea Dogs Home and our Amex client. Labs acted as the activators of this campaign by connecting ideas with partners, and by simply not saying no when barriers were hit. ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputationRetention

Behaviour Change 2014 (I)

Following the Labs-backed launch of #ogilvychange, we dove into the word of behavioural economics to ensure all Ogilvy staff and clients felt empowered to talk about this new brave world. We also realised that we needed to make tangible the ideas behind behaviour change and prove the theories through activation. We worked with Royal Borough of Greenwich and #ogilvychange to reduce crime rates in the area using only a few cans of paintResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputationRecruitment

Behaviour Change 2014 (II)

A second campaign to come out of the Behviour Change Lab Day was Putpockets. OgilvyOne partnered with #ogilvychange to develop a hard-hitting integrated campaignfor independent crime-fighting charity, Crimestoppers. The campaign showed footage of pedestrians being targeted by a team of sleight-of-hand experts and former pickpockets.ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputationRecruitment

Government Collaboration 2013

We were awarded a Business & Enterprise fund award from Innovate UK to work alongside Nexus to create an experience which crossed the physical / digital divide. Using 3d printing, rapid prototyping, arduino, Unity and all sorts of other open processes and maker tools, the Stage project was created for the entertainment, cultural and advertising markets. RevenueRelationshipsReputationResponsibility



Big Data 2013

As a result of our Big Data Semester of Learning and Big Data. The Big Debate Lab Day, a collaboration came about with Labs, OgilvyOne and IBM to come up with a way to visualise big data for their Wimbledon sponsorship. Calling upon our partners at 3D Print Show (Ogilvy Labs was a sponsor for 3 years), we were able to use free 3D printers for the activation, keeping this experimental projects costs down, and ensuring we had the right experts working on the project.RevenueRelationshipsReputation

Storytelling 2013

As part of the Storytelling Semester of Learning, our Creative Lab Technologist attended a future of broadcast conference in Amsterdam where he met tech startup Mynd Play. We hosted a Lab Lunch in the creative department to host Mynd Ply and their technology, where an OgilvyOne creative team matched them up with their Beyond Dark chocolate brief.ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputation

Retail Experience 2013

As part of the Retail Experience Semester held in partnership with OgilvyAction (Geometry), Lab beta-tested an augmented reality mirror from young start up Holition in our physical space. OgilvyAction worked with Helena Christensen who had space in Selfridges for an experiential pop up for an AR mirror. Holition is now one of the world leaders in AR technology.ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputation

Music 2012

As part of our semester of learning on music, we held a music festival in the Ogilvy offices. We had several stages around the floors and showcased both bands as well as future ways of consuming music. We also met a new musical instrument startup called Alphasphere through a mentoring programme at Media Sandbox, who went on to speak (and perform) on the world stages.ResponsibilityRevenueRelationshipsReputation

Data Visualisation 2011

Following the Ogilvy Lab Day focusing on data visualisation, we used our newfound contacts and knowledge on a campaign with Freggo to reframe taste of ice cream for a difficult to reach audience. By utilising the principles of good, artistic data visualisation, we were able to successfully showcase the beauty behind the data.RevenueRelationshipsReputation

Mobile 2009

As part of the mobile semester in 2009 bearing in mind this was only 1 year after the iPhone launch we launched a campaign with Fanta and O&M to launch an app aimed at kids so they could communicate in secret without their parents or any other unsuspecting adults from hearing. RevenueRelationshipsReputation

Augmented Reality 2009

Working with IBM on their Wimbledon sponsorship, off the back of the research into Augmented Reality while it was still a relatively new concept, we played with the idea of no matter where you were at Wimbledon, you could see through walls using the IBM Seer app so you could always be part of the action.RevenueRelationshipsReputation

Augmented Reality 2009

Following on from the Augmented Reality Semester of Learning, a few years later in 2012, we were still using the partners and the know-how we acquired during the research sprint. We worked with Wetherspoon to create an Augmented Reality offers app to entice students to become regulars at their outlets. RevenueRelationshipsReputation

Gaming 2009

We hosted a Gaming Lab Day where we dove into the world of game design, new interactive technologies and how the gaming industry could link into advertising and teach us about the importance of play. The day led to BP creating a mobile game for one of their sponsored driver events with Ogilvy & Mather.RevenueRelationshipsReputationRecruitment

Social Media 2009

As social media began to penetrate the masses and brands and agencies began to see its potential, we hosted a Social Media Lab Day. As a result of researching this area so fully, we then took BBC Labs and the Ogilvy Management team on a Silicon Rounda