Live Webinar: LinkedIn Sponsored Content - The Insider's Guide to Targeting: How to Find Your Audience on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content The Insiders Guide to Targeting: How to Find Your Audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sponsored ContentThe Insiders Guide to Targeting: How to Find Your Audience on LinkedIn

Katerina RamTeam Lead, Online SalesLinkedIn Sponsored ContentPavels KilivniksContent StrategistLinkedIn

Pavels Kilivniks () - Do we need this slide?Katerina Ram () - Not sure? I've moved it down to the beginning of the targeting section... If we have too many slides we can prob lose it2Agenda

How LinkedIn targeting works: What options are available Persona targeting: How to find the right audience on LinkedInMoment of truth: Reasons your targeting is failingTurning point: Expert targeting optimization tipsBeyond the basics: Targeting features to consider

Nick: First halfAmanda: Second half, plug for ?s

Everyone is not your customer.

Seth GodinJeff Weiner

We wanted to kick off todays conversation with a quote - the reason we selected this is to set us on a path of thinking about our target audience and customer

Why targeting in general not LinkedIn related and then jump into buyer personaWhy is targeting important to the content marketing market place? One way to think about it is through the idea of buyer personaDeveloping buying persona is a key

Pavels Kilivniks () - Found this cool quote from Seth Godin that is relevant to our webcast4

40%of online ads reach the wrong audience*


60-70%of content goes unread*

Brand awareness (or)Lead generation


Relevant to Buyer Persona Aligned to goal


Relevant to audience and goalAdheres to best practices

Content (Creative)

Deliver on the promise in the creativeSimple, effective

Landing PagesFramework for successful content marketing

Cross promote other content materials from LinkedInContent strategy should support that single goalServing two mastersPrimary purpose is to explain how to define the target audience (one pillar of supporting your goals), if interested in content feel free to review the other webcast (Pavels to find)Cross promote a future Landing Page webinar - if you want to learn more about content strategy heres the bitly link6

How LinkedIn targeting worksWhat options are available

LinkedIn targeting big picture

1LinkedIn targeting is the most accurate way to reach business professionals on the Internet.

LinkedIn members keep their profiles up to date which is valuable for our clients.

LinkedIn is a premium product due to our targeting capabilities, accuracy, and user mindset.

For the first time in the history of media marketers can engage with the worlds professionals in one place - theyre all on LinkedIn. Professionals come to LinkedIn for various reasons outside of looking for employment. They come to LinkedIn to establish a professional profile of record - build their network, and glean unique and valuable business intelligence that enables them to be great at their jobs.

Now that we have the world professionals engaging on a single platform, and, with a mindset that is really geared towards growth as a professional, marketers are able to target a quality audience in a professional context. And, you can engage them in a very meaningful way: by sharing valuable content through products tailored to how professionals engage on our platform. This is extremely powerful because now you - become part of your audiences conversations and education on the platform.

Deciphering profile-based targeting


GeographyMember entered or IPGroup MembershipCompany Following

SchoolField of StudyGraduation Year

When a user provides us with data, this is how we map it and strandardize it. Walk through inferred vs. indicated.

Add on audio track where you call out - the general set up, then that were diving into what were about to tell them

DanieSeattle, WA USABoston UniversityCOMPANYINDUSTRYSIZESCHOOLLOCATIONJOB TITLESENIORITYFUNCTIONFIELD OF STUDYDEGREEGRADUATIONAGESKILLSGROUPSIPCommunicationBachelor of Science2011, 25-34Simply Measured, 51-200, Internet Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior ICCMA, LEWIS, Social ToolsSEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging

Call out more clearly - add inferred boxes in different color10

11Targeting by function Inferred from user-entered titleUser-entered title (possibly many)Standardized Title SeniorityFunction

Levels of seniority:Unpaid / Training / Entry IC* / Senior IC* / Manager / Director / VP / CXO / Partner / Owner*Individual contributor (IC) includes highly skilled professionals (e.g., engineer, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc.)

Owner: Full operational control of companyPartner: Partial operational control of companyCXO: Top managerial positions. In large companies, typically refers to top executives at the corporate level, e.g. CEO, President, COO, CFO, CTO.VP: Executive management. Typically refers to the head of a major business function (e.g. engineering, sales, marketing) in a company, or in a business unit of a large company.Director: Multi-functional management. Typically includes managers of managers in large organizations. Note: Does not apply to members of the board of directors.Manager: Positions that have direct reports, or that involve managing a function with a set of processes and programs. Typically includes first level managers in large organizations.Senior: Individual contributor positions that do not have direct reports, but have a leadership role and/or require advanced expertise.Entry: Individual contributor positions with no direct reports and no leadership role, and which do not require advanced expertise. Note: This category also applies to individual contributor job titles that do not contain enough information to be classified as Senior.Training: Student, intern, and trainee positions.Unpaid: Includes volunteer positions and positions that do not actually refer to a job (e.g. unemployed, retired). This is a very small category and applications may consider not exposing this category.

12Company size and company industryMember industry is directly inferred from their current experienceCompany Entered NameCompany Entered IndustryCompany Entered # of employees

Sample Targeting Facets:Company Name LinkedInCompany Industry InternetCompany Size 5,000-10,000

Large companies may span several industries but can only choose one. Spot-check Company Pages to ensure you are targeting the correct industry.

Industry targeting is derived from the standardized company of the member's current position.

Targeting by skills and groupsReach experts in their field

When targeting by skills you are reaching members who:

Explicitly added their skills into the skills section of their profile

Have skills mentioned in their profile text, but not within the skills section

Have inferred skills based on explicit skills and key values they entered

When targeting by groups you are reaching members who:

Joined an interest group and have it listed in the groups section

How are inferred skills defined? We define an inferred skill to be an entity associated with a score that represents the likelihood that a member has that particular skill. We use a complex algorithm based on profile attributes and look-alike modeling. Given a profile that contains a set of uniquelyidentifiedskills, we define the likelihood that this member has otherskillsbased on our standardized library of skills. Ex. If a member has Product Management as their skill they would also have skills such as business development and project management. part of the algorithm we are alsoreferencingat look-alike members. Members who share these profile attributes are likely to have similar skills and expertise.For instance, if a member is an Apple employee, it's likely that he knows the skill iOS because other employees at Apple know this skill as well. Similarly, most members of an interest group like "Healthcare professionals" should have many skills in common.We also noticed that other features can be predictive such as the keywords on the member's profile or the frequency of the skill in the member's connections.13

Persona targetingHow to find the right audience on LinkedIn


Buyer personas

Representations of your ideal customerDo they have specific job functions?

Do they have certain skills?

Where are they located?

Do they work in a certain industry?

Do they belong to certain LinkedIn groups?

The tech-savvy sales professional Have you met Marie?Things she cares aboutWhere she might spend todayProfessional backgroundPersonal background and interestsGenerating awareness early Driving leads/opportunities/revenueUsing innovative toolsSales managerGraduate degreeHeavy Salesforce userSocial sellerHead of sales for SMBReading Pulse articlesConnecting with clients on LinkedInParticipating in group discussionsLate 20sFemaleVolunteers at the Humane SocietyRuns 5 and 10Ks

Make these shorter

The tech-savvy sales professionalUsing the correct targeting and content mixMarie

Campaign 1Job Function SalesSeniority Manager +

Campaign 2Groups Sales, emphasis on SMB and tech

Campaign 3Skills - Social Selling Skills - LI Sales Navigator

Campaign 4 Groups - Salesforce

Add campaign structure and potential target audiences as boxes on the slidesTargeting facets at the top of the slide17

The seasoned sales leader Have you met Thomas?Things he cares aboutWhere he might spend todayProfessional backgroundPersonal background and