Little Things Mean a Lot - The Importance of Usability Testing

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Usability testing is the only way to optimize a website for conversion efficiency, which leads directly to an increase in lead generation and/or sales.


<ul><li>1.LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT JUNE 3, 2014 THE IMPORTANCE OF USABILITY TESTING </li></ul> <p>2. ABOUT TOP FLOOR TOP FLOOR MAINTAINS DEDICATED TEAMS: ! MARKETING STRATEGY DIGITAL DESIGN DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT INTERNET MARKETING SEARCH AND ANALYTICS CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION BRANDING INTEGRATED MARKETING SERVICES 14 YEARS OF DELIVERING DIGITAL MARKETING RESULTS 3. ABOUT ME PHOTO (329W X 357H) 20 YEARS DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERIENCE HUNDREDS OF WEBSITE DESIGNS MAJOR GLOBAL BRAND EXPERIENCE FEATURED NATIONALLY AS SPEAKER UX DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION FOR LARGE, GLOBAL BRANDS SUCH AT THE GAP, SONY, BOMBAY COMPANY, FARMERS INSURANCE, NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL, GE HEALTHCARE, MOTOROLA, HONEYWELL AND MANY OTHERS. CLAY KONNOR DIRECTOR OF DIGITAL DESIGN 4. ABOUT YOU B2B? B2C? E-COMMERCE? ANY UX TESTING EXPERIENCE? A SHOW OF HANDS PLEASE 5. USABILITY 6. Usability making sure that something works well: that a person of average (or even below average) ability and experience can use the thing whether its a website, a ghter jet, or a revolving door for its intended purpose without getting hopelessly frustrated ! - Steve Krug, Author USABILITY 7. USABILITY 8. 22 35 26 17 18 29 22 24 1313 2120 2007 2010 2012 Ease of conversion Ease of use (usability) Security and condence Conrmation of action TOP USER COMPLAINTS FOR WEBSITES USER EXPERIENCE 9. SOMEBODY DOES SOMETHING YOU WANT THEM TO DO Page Visits x Conversion Percentage = Results 10,000 x .03 = 300 WHAT IS A CONVERSION? 10. AVERAGE CONVERSION? High Tech Travel &amp; Hospitality Retail B2B 0 2 3 5 6 1.5 2.2 2.1 1.5 5.2 4.2 3.6 2.9 Best of Best The Masses 11. SEARCH PPC PR ADVERTISING CONTENT MARKETING SOCIAL ELEVATING CONVERSIONS 12. PUBLIC RELATIONS PAID SEARCH MARKETING AUTOMATION BRAND AWARENESS GETTING MORE TRAFFIC CONTENT MARKETING SEARCH SOCIAL OFFLINE MARKETING 13. Expensive When budget ends, efcacy can end Over-optimization leads to less qualied users GETTING MORE TRAFFIC THE DOWN SIDE 14. SEARCH PPC PR ADVERTISING CONTENT MARKETING SOCIAL ELEVATING CONVERSIONS 15. The component most under your control Delivers the biggest bang for your buck Exponential effect on bottom line You get the benet forever Competitive advantage Customer loyalty goes to the best user experience USABILITY OPTIMIZATION WHY OPTIMIZE USABILITY? 16. BOTTOM LINE EFFECTS Design Design 1 Design 2 Budget 1,000,000 1,000,000 Trafc 1,000,000 1,000,000 CPC $1 $1 Conversion Rate 3% 5% Sales 30,000 50,000 Average Revenue Per Sale $100 $100 Total Web Sales ELEVATING CONVERSIONS $3,000,000 $5,000,000 17. Companies that have engaged in conversion enhancement initiatives have seen average increases of 25%-600% or more conversion ! The median conversion increase is 40-60% ! - Jakob Nielsens report ROI on Usability BOTTOM LINE EFFECTS ELEVATING CONVERSIONS 18. ELEVATING CONVERSIONS WHO SHOULD TEST EVERYONE 19. AFTER LAUNCH UX IS DESIGN CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLATFORM UTILIZE UX PROFESSIONALS DESIGN FOR THE LESS INITIATED HIGH FIDELITY WIREFRAMES TEST CONCEPTS TEST CREATIVE DEVELOPMENTDESIGN ELEVATING CONVERSIONS PROTOTYPES ALPHA RELEASE TEST BEFORE LAUNCH YOU JUST BUILT THE ULTIMATE TESTING PLATFORM HONE YOUR ANALYTICS NEVER STOP TESTING WHEN TO TEST 20. GOOGLE CONVERSION GOALS FUNNEL VISUALIZATION GOAL FLOW NON-GOOGLE ANALYTICS METHODS ANALYTICS ELEVATING CONVERSIONS WHEN TO TEST 21. ELEVATING CONVERSIONS WHICH PAGE DESIGN WORKED BETTER? A B 22. FORM A HYPOTHESIS BASED ON ANALYTICS, USER OBSERVATION OR USER TESTING CREATE A TEST THAT FOCUSES ON THE DESIRED CONVERSION SELECT A TEST GROUP AS WIDE AS POSSIBLE CONSIDER GEOGRAPHIC TESTING CONDUCT TEST ANALYZE RESULTS TESTING TYPES OF TESTING 23. UNMODERATED REMOTE TESTING TESTING A SINGLE OPTION AGAINST ANOTHER SINGLE OPTION COMPARING TWO (OR MORE) DISSIMILAR APPROACHES MULTIVARIATE TESTINGA-B-N TESTING TESTING TESTING A HOW COMBINATIONS OF ITEMS WORK AGAINST EACH OTHER COMPARING TWO SIMILAR APPROACHES TYPICALLY VIDEO-BASED TASK-BASED TESTING USER GUIDED BY SYSTEM TYPES OF TESTING MODERATED TESTING TASK-BASED TESTING MOST POWERFUL MOST EXPENSIVE USER GUIDED BY SYSTEM AND MODERATOR REAL-TIME ANALYSIS 24. TESTING A-B-N TESTING OPTIMIZELY JAVASCRIPT MANY OTHERS TOOLS VERY SIMPLE TO RUN INEXPENSIVE MULTIPLE TESTS ARE SIMPLE BENEFITS DISADVANTAGES WORKS BEST WITH LANDING PAGES OR SIMPLE CONVERSION PATHS DIFFICULT TO IMPLEMENT FOR A SITE-WIDE TEST 25. TESTING A-B-N TESTING EXAMPLE 26. TESTING A-B-N TESTING EXAMPLE 6% increase in banner CTR 21.3% increase in visitors that reached the shopping cart 27. TESTING A-B-N TESTING EXAMPLE 28. TESTING RESULT 422% increase in CTR 29. TESTING A-B-N TESTING EXAMPLE 30. TESTING RESULT 9% increase in RFQ 31. TESTING MULTIVARIATE TESTING OPTIMIZELY VISUAL WEBSITE OPTIMIZER GOOGLE CONTENT EXPERIMENTS MANY OTHERS TOOLS SIMPLE TO SET UP INEXPENSIVE FOLLOW-UP TESTS ARE SIMPLE BENEFITS DISADVANTAGES WORKS BEST WITH LANDING PAGES OR SIMPLE CONVERSION PATHS DIFFICULT TO IMPLEMENT FOR A SITE-WIDE TEST 32. TESTING MULTIVARIATE TESTING IMAGE 1 HEADLINE ONE IMAGE 1 HEADLINE TWO IMAGE 2 HEADLINE ONE IMAGE 2 HEADLINE TWO 33. familiar top nav Telephone contact &amp; Request for demo brief headline simple instructions stock photo of happy person at computer TESTING MULTIVARIATE TESTING Three column layout 34. Removed all nav Replace entire header of site with just logo Replace stock photo with actually relevant image ! Remove alternate contact info More detailed copy about offer Simplify layout to two columns and shade form column Big submit button - only button on page 35. Less copy worked better Visual parity to online ad 36. TESTING RESULT 300% increase in form submissions 37. TESTING UNMODERATED REMOTE USER TESTING ! TRY MY UI OPEN HALLWAY USERLYTICS USERTESTING.COM USER ZOOM WHAT USERS DO TOOLS ROBUST RESULTS GEOGRAPHIC VARIABLES RECRUITING OPTIONS WRITE YOUR OWN TESTS VIDEO TO REVIEW BENEFITS DISADVANTAGES LACK OF MODERATOR SUBJECT TO USABILITY OF ACTUAL TEST DESIGN 38. TESTING UNMODERATED REMOTE USER TESTING 39. TESTING RESULT 38% increase in conversion 40. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING ! MORAE TOOLS MOST ROBUST RESULTS REALTIME OBSERVATION RECRUITING OPTIONS WRITE YOUR OWN TESTS VIDEO TO REVIEW CUSTOM ANALYTICS CUSTOM PRESENTATIONS BENEFITS DISADVANTAGES HIGHEST COST REQUIRES GREATER EXPERTISE TO DESIGN TESTS REQUIRES EXPERTISE TO CONDUCT TESTS 41. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING TESTING STATION REMOTE OBSERVATION RESULTS, ANALYTICS &amp; PRESENTATION 42. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING 43. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING 1. Find 10x20 trade show display ! Your company is attending a trade show. The show is high prole and demands an exhibit that will stand out. You have been instructed to nd a trade show display that measures 10 x 20 feet. Your budget is $30,000 - $40,000. The display must t between other displays which is known as "inline". Find a display or displays and request a quote for a similar display customized for Top Floor. 2. Find a road case ! In addition to the display Top Floor needs a case to transport the display to various shows. Find an appropriate case and request a quote. 44. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING 45. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING 46. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING Lack of AJAX loading when lters are engaged in Solutions make the page jump to the top creating user frustration and confusion No indication that page is reloading when lter is engaged "Events" is in the wrong section - nobody found it where it is. Everyone looked in what we do "Our Portfolio" should be renamed "Read More" button on product array lists should say Details Listing pages lack a direct RFQ button Lack of images in main area makes users think that the page hasn't loaded and causes confusion Custom is two levels down. If indeed that is a primary offering, then Custom should be a main navigation item or within solutions 47. TESTING RESULT 22% increase in requests 48. TESTING MODERATED USER TESTING 49. TESTING RESULT ? 50. TESTING COMBINED TESTING 51. TESTING COMBINED TESTING 52. ELEVATING CONVERSIONS WHICH PAGE DESIGN WORKED BETTER? A B 53. TESTING RESULT 310% increase in conversions 54. ELEVATING CONVERSIONS WHO SHOULD TEST EVERYONE 55. THANK YOU @clayewi @topoortech 56. THANK YOU </p>


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