Joomla Day Netherlands - Building the Joomla Marketing Strategy..

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  • 1. a marketing perspective * I am only talking about the CMS now & not the framework

2. Parth Lawate Strategic Marketing Manager, Joomla Marketing Working Group @parthlawate, @techjoomla Cook Bookworm Gardener JUG Pune Joomla Freak Trekking Entrepreneur Joomla Day India Open Source Software Architecht Marketing Content Strategy Hiking CEO, Techjoomla Director, Tekdi Technologies 3. Parth Self note.. Speak Slowly ! 4. the discovery let's understand Joomla! from a marketing perspective before we talk about marketing it 5. To know that we need to answer 2 important questions 6. what are we selling ? to whom are we selling it ? 7. Joomla! has a lot of avatars 8. which means people use it in different roles 9. some of the roles of Joomla! a tool to build websites a content management system in the real sense a strong base for building web applications a rapid prototyping tool what else ? 10. for a variety of different use cases 11. just some use cases Corporate Web sites or portals Corporate intranets and extranets Online magazines, newspapers, and publications E-commerce and online reservations Government applications Small business Web sites Non-profit and organizational Web site Community-based portals & Social Networks School and church Websites Personal or family home pages 12. use cases continued Inventory control systems Data reporting tools Application bridges Custom product catalogs Integrated e-commerce systems Complex business directories Reservation systems Communication tools Full on Custom web applications with Joomla as the base What Else ? 13. Joomla! can do anything ! 14. but it can get the market confused as to what is Joomla! good for ? 15. we need a clear message for the market 16. Whats our clear one line goal for marketing ? 17. We want to see Joomla adoption increase & see more of the Web being powered by Joomla 18. so what is the target market for Joomla! ? or in other words who do we want to sell Joomla! to ? 19. the users Large Enterprise Small and Medium Business Government Bloggers Entrepreneurs Who else ? 20. Who do we need to convince & collaborate with ? 21. the influencers Technology Hobbyists Site Builders & integrators Design & Web Development agencies Joomla Extension Developers Consultants Programmers using Joomla as a base for web apps Who Else ? 22. the decision makers CTOs and CIOs in large organizations Technology officers and consultants to Government In case of smaller organizations the CEOs themselves Who Else ? 23. Let's talk Strategy how do we get there ? 24. How do we get them to Joomla ? Make them aware that Joomla is an option - brand awareness A non prejudiced perspective of the capabilities of Joomla - reputation A clear & easy way for them to decide what Joomla can do for them as end users. - information 25. Segment the Markets How you Sell Joomla as an App Develooment platform is very different than when you sell it as a Website building platform 26. Market Segmentation & targeted Strategy Because Joomla has so many end users & so many 'avatars' you have send the right message in the right place Strategy based on 'Joomla roles' Strategy Based on Use cases 27. Increasing the Stickyness of Joomla Getting users is hard ! We need to make sure they stay with us 28. we need some hosting love 29. Why Hosts ? They are poised at a very strategic position to influence people on technology they choose for their projects For many, they are their first introduction to web technologies like Joomla ! 30. How can Hosts help ? Actively promote Joomla Blog about Joomla & write tutorials Sponsor Joomla events Tweet about Joomla Get involved in the Joomla community Offer Joomla specific value additions Provide specialist Joomla support 31. How Can you help ? 32. Join the Get it Done Teams ! 33. data aggregation & analysis team Do SWOT analysis Aggregate & analyze data to help us 'Smell the coffee' Connect with the end users & collect feedback And more ! 34. the writers team Blogs PR Releases Official Website content & landing pages Help get the Joomla message across 35. the design team Create assets & Designs to present content Help create designs for the official Joomla websites Create info graphics & more ! 36. social media team Help get the word out Create a buzz and make trends happen ! 37. the hosting liason team Increase integration & promotion via hosting companies Guest blog on hosting sites Evangelize & promote Joomla! to hosts 38. the evangelists & speakers Speak at non Joomla events Educate the general market about Joomla Reach out to the people who dont know Joomla 39. The Joomla 1.5 Care group Remember Joomla 1.5 ? A lot of the Joomla users are still on 1.5 We need to help them migrate ! 40. Oh and yes.. We've got competition ! 41. The competition Wordpress Drupal Typo3 Concrete 5 DotNetNuke Site Core Sitefinity Other Commercial CMS 42. Lets Tweet ! Tweet the one the that you love the most about the Joomla Software with the #jpositiv hashtag 43. Question & Discussions 44. Thank You ! Stay #jpositiv !! Twitter @parthlawate


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