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  • Instagram Sales Explosion An Overview from Instagram Sales Case Study

    The Best Practices on Instagram Marketing Strategy

  • Audience Explosion 2.0 Overview

    For those who doesn't know what Audience Explosion, kindly check

    this Video Review of What it is Audience Explosion.

    Audience Explosion is an in-depth Instagram Marketing and Sales

    Case Study which will bring you shockly knowing how easy is

    targeting people on Instagram.

    This Instagram Sales Case Study actually came from the fact of the

    latest trends we are seeing on the net industry.

  • And here it was....

    In late spring of 2015 I was introduced to Ryan Maher. I was

    interested to meet him because I had been told that he ran wildly

    successful Instagram accounts that generated tons of cash. Wouldn't

    you be interested too?

    Of course, I was skeptical...because I didn't know anything about

    Instagram. Or more accurately, I had pre-conceived notions of what

    Instagram was.

    I thought it was just a place for celebrities to boast about their

    amazing lives...

    I thought it was for egomaniacs who can't stop taking selfies...

    I thought it was about pictures of food...

    From the outside, without really experimenting with it myself, I

    didn't see how online marketers could use Instagram.

    My initial call with Ryan blew me away!

  • He was forthcoming with his business, how he build it, how he ran it,

    how he generated income and massive amounts of traffic. And, lucky

    for all of us, he turned out to be a really terrific, honest and hard-

    working guy!

    We began working on an Instagram training course, one focused on

    teaching online marketers how to leverage Instagram for their

    various businesses.

    We launched Audience Explosion in July 2015, and sold over 1,600

    front end copies before closing the doors.

    We had a Facebook group, and from that group we learned so much!

    We discovered the shortcomings in our training; we added more

    content to fill in those gaps.

    We learned that there were two specific challenges our students

    faced: Content + Getting Followers

    Our training covered these issues in great detail, but as is so often

    the case, people get busy and drift away to new shiny objects before

    laying the proper foundation for growth. That sucks; it's one of the

    worst aspects of human nature, but we spotted an opportunity!

  • We built a team and offered a monthly service that generated daily

    content as well as an "audience getting" service.

    We enrolled over 130 clients into this service at $147 a month,

    expanded our team and refined our processes.

    After 9 months, we are ready to show the world what Instagram

    marketing is truly all about.

    Our goal is to offer the definitive Instagram Marketing course. We

    believe that Audience Explosion 2.0 is exactly what is needed right


    This is not some one-trick pony. It is not a flimsy report that covers

    the basics. It is EVERYTHING. It is DEFINITIVE. It is COMPLETE.

    I worked for weeks on various ways we could bring Audience

    Explosion 2.0 to the public. I drew up about two dozen sales funnels,

    deconstructed everything into different offers, scrubbed the pricing

    over and over.

    In the end, it came down to doing a mid-ticket front end. And here's


  • As an entrepreneur, I'm in the business of solving problems.

    Instagram, just like every other strategic platform, has certain

    challenges. And with Audience Explosion 2.0, I set out to solve those


    We solve them in 3 fundamental ways on Instagram Marketing

    Strategy :

    1. Comprehensive Training

    2. Software

    3. "Done For You" Service

    As I describe in the Launch Details, each of these components stacks

    on top of the other to provide a COMPLETE Instagram marketing


    No kidding! With the training, the software, and our "Audience

    Growth" service, a new customer can have a month's worth of high

    quality, totally relevant content set up and ready for publication, as

    well as our team working behind the scenes to attract followers.

    I'll share more details as we get closer to the Pre-Launch. For now,

    trust me when I say that Audience Explosion 2.0 will be the answer

    to a lot of people's prayers. It will generate traffic, subscribers, and

    sales like no other free traffic source.

  • It will actually be something that people enjoy doing (we know all

    this from the experience of working with over 1,600 students)!

    On behalf of Ryan Maher, I want to thank you in advance for your

    consideration. We do hope you will join us in sharing Audience

    Explosion 2.0 with the world. We are on a mission, as we have been

    for the past many months, of changing lives! Help us do it!

  • Audience Explosion 2.0: CORE OFFER

    After teaching Instagram Marketing to over 1,400 students, we

    have completely redesigned Audience Explosion. Working side-by-

    side with our students over the last 6 months has revealed some of

    the challenges and barriers, and AE2.0 solves these issues in a very

    big way!

  • Instagram Marketing Training - $197 Retail Value

    Over 40 "over the shoulder" training videos, including:

    1. Module 1: Account Basics

    2. Module 2: Account Setup

    3. Module 3: Content Curation (and Creation)

    4. Module 4: Calls to Action (Getting Traffic)

    5. Module 5: Posting to Instagram

    6. Module 6: Growing Your Audience

    7. Module 7: "Down Stream" Strategies - How to Bend Instagram

    to Your Business Will

    8. Module 8: Tech Tips

    9. Module 9: Case Studies

  • SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS - $497 Retail Value

    Funny thing about's a mobile app. Currently,

    Instagram doesn't allow posting via the web. We have created a web

    + mobile app experience that will radically speed up this process.

    This will allow users to create schedules, bulk upload images, and

    create posts all from the web browser. Next, we have a mobile app

    (iOS and Android) that will send a mobile notification when it's time

    to post (based on the user's account schedule). Three clicks later

    and the post is published!

    This speeds up the ENTIRE Instagram process, shaving hours off

    each week, and allowing users to "front load" their account work.

    When we release this application separately to the public, it will be

    subscription-based. During this launch, customers will receive

    lifetime access!

  • CONTENT TEMPLATES - $97 Retail Value

    In the AE2.0 course, we teach how to quickly curate the best content

    for any niche. There are times, however, when original content

    comes in handy. We are including additional training on the web app

    Canva, as well as at least 20 different templates for quick, high-

    quality content creation.

    DONE FOR YOU SERVICE - $294 Retail Value

    For the last 6 months we've run a "done for you" Account Growth

    service. This service is $147 a month, and we have over 100

    customers who happily pay each month for us to attract their target

    audience to their Instagram account. As part of this launch, we will

    include 2 months of this service as a "Quick Start" growth strategy.

    Trust me, people freak out with glee when their follower numbers as

    going up automatically.

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