Innovid Marketer's Guide to Engaging Audiences with Advanced Video Advertising

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<ol><li> 1. Sight, Sound, Motion, Interaction: The Next Frontier The Marketers Guide to Engaging Consumers with Advanced Video Advertising </li><li> 2. Its the end of one-size-fits- all advertising as we know itand the beginning of a new era. Where the reach and awareness of broadcast meet the data, metrics, and personalization of digital, creating the most engaging, data-driven and relevant video experiences marketers can dream up. Audiences are demanding more as they move beyond passive viewing habits; clickable, touchable, personalized, in-the-moment experiences are the new norm. And now that consumers have developed a habit for these types of interactions, theyre far more likely to engage with anything that feeds their addiction including ads. But marketers are still playing catch up. With the majority of videos still being delivered the old-fashioned, TV way (i.e. one-size-fits-all, static content), its temptingand so much easier for marketers to isolate and downplay the demands of a connected viewing audience. With the continuing disconnect among the ad, the medium its running on, and the consumers expectations for engaging with the content on that medium, its easy to understand why passive ads are still the default. But that disconnect is falling away and with it any excuse for passive video ads. With companies like Google and Apple setting their sights on turning every TV into a connected, digital experience (largely in response to changing audience behaviors), you cant afford to put out advertising that doesnt match the medium, or the desired relevant message. Its the end of one-size-fits-all advertising as we know itand the beginning of a new era. Where the reach and awareness of broadcast meet the data, metrics, and personalization of digital, creating the most engaging, data-driven and relevant video experiences marketers can dream up. 1 THE FUTURE IS HERE The video and digital worlds have collided, and theres no turning back. </li><li> 3. 2 Video is such a special medium, encompassing the big three sensory drivers of audience engagement: sight, sound and motion. But as the digital- driven consumer takes over, a fourth component becomes a necessity: interaction. Games, quizzes, sweepstakes, additional videosyou name it can all be added to a single pre-roll ad to give users new things to do, all from within the same video ad unit. ENGAGING Video is such a special medium, encompassing the big three sensory drivers of audience engagement: sight, sound and motion. But as the digital- driven consumer takes over, a fourth component becomes a necessity: interaction. The ability to progress video to this level means not just creating the best What does this new, advanced video look like? content, but layering in additional interactive content and experiences in real-time to invite the user to join in. In short, a traditional pre-roll video (the assets youve already paid your creative agency for!) is re-imagined with interactive, clickable content, giving consumers new and additional points of engagement. This experience can offer simple, useful information like additional videos, coupons or store locators. It can also be more complex, essentially bringing a microsite experience within the video and targeting information based on unique attributes. MEET THE NEW VIDEO AD Smart, Immersive, Measurable Theres only so much a single video spot can convey about a product. With interactive overlays such as 360-degree product views, product features, and product usage information, a single ad can turn into a deeply immersive experience. Real-time content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more can be infused in your videos, while also allowing fans to connect and follow without ever leaving the unit. A formerly passive video can now drive offline behaviors, including news of special offers at nearby locations, or exclusive coupons, encouraging consumers to go to an actual store, branch, or dealership. Relevant video content = a happy customer. In-ad content relating to brand data such as browsing history, geographic location, demographics and known shopping and purchase behaviors can really transform the unit. INFORMATIONAL LOCALPERSONAL SOCIAL </li><li> 4. THE NEW METRICS A clearer picture of your audience. 4 ACTIVITY RATE Now you can understand all the behavior a user is taking within a single advanced video unit. The more content, the more activity, and the more activity, the more brand love your spot is getting! We keep saying that besides giving your audience experiences they desire, advanced video can offer you, dear marketer, something that traditional TV ads cannot: the gift of more data. This data actually tells you something about your target consumers desire to buy, engage, and share your brand. TIME EARNED Ad buys are expensive. So imagine if you could get a 60-second spot for the price of 30 seconds. With advanced video, viewers spend an average of 34 additional seconds with the video content. VIEWABILITY While TV gives us reach, digital video lets us know if our ads are even in viewing distance. Also known as the number of impressions that are actually seen by users (as opposed to an ad running but users would have to scroll down to actually see it). ENGAGEMENT RATE Mousing over, clicking on or within the ad? Yep, thats something that traditional TV, cannot and will not ever do. The best part is, with advanced advertising, you can define what you want as engagement based on your campaign goals and KPIs. AWARENESS Know if real people are paying attention to your ad by tracking basic device gestures. With advanced video ads, measurable viewer awareness rises by nearly 200%. So now that you understand what advanced video is, why we need it and how to measure it, lets look at how to use it to get more out of your audience and better ROI. </li><li> 5. 5 BUILD PRODUCT AND/OR BRAND AWARENESS Your ad has done a fine job of creatively communicating the product you have to offerat a high level. But likely, there are many more features and benefits to portray. Interactive video adds dimension to your customers understanding of your product or brand with content that further details features, attributes, or information. FRISKIES RESULTS Viewers spent an additional 20 seconds interacting with the ad. CITI RESULTS Providing audiences with exclusive offers increased engagement, awareness and time earned. JAGUAR RESULTS The interactive product elements increased engagement as well as awareness rates nearly 30 times higher than industry benchmarks. They also yielded an extra 35 seconds of time spent with the ad. EXTEND THE VIDEO Use all the content you have to entice audiences in a single video unit. PROMOS &amp; OFFERS Embed special features and promotions. 360 PRODUCT VIEWS Show off your product in real detail! PRODUCT SIMULATOR Let audiences virtually test drive your products. </li><li> 6. 6 ENCOURAGE ACTIVE BRAND ENGAGEMENT Audiences want to engage with brands when their content is relevant and inspiring. Adding interactive features to video puts consumers in the drivers seat to explore more of the content that most resonates with them. SCOTT RESULTS Scott raised awareness around its tubeless toilet paper by relating it to environmental issues through a branded slate and encouraged audiences to participate in the #TossTheTube campaign. OREO RESULTS The interactive features yielded over 64 seconds of time earned on top of the paid media. MACYS RESULTS The interactive elements earned Macys more engagement and activity rates with their users. BRING YOUR PRODUCTS TO LIFE Use interactive features to let users browse your product selections in the video. USE ALL YOUR CHANNELS Give users an option to click over to your website for downloadable content. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT You can raise awareness for your product or cause with interactive facts or quizzes. MOVE BEYOND VIDEO Got Content? Embedding relevant information such as recipes or articles keeps audiences engaged and in-unit. </li><li> 7. 7 DRIVE FOOT TRAFFIC INTO A STORE, BRANCH OR DEALERSHIP Thanks to geographic data, videos can connect viewers to relevant, localized experiencestransitioning online video viewing into real-life actions. BANK OF AMERICA RESULTS The financial institution ran multiple ads, connecting consumers with different local experiences that allowed for immediate relevancy to viewers.KIA RESULTS Audiences were able to take control and explore information that was important and interesting to them while finding local dealerships and offers. HOME DEPOT RESULTS Through its The Great American Fix Up campaign, the retailer connected viewers with local deals and special offers, helped them find their nearest location, and even shared a local schedule for home-repair workshops offer in-store, earning them higher awareness rates over 44% higher than our benchmark and 38 seconds of time earned. REWARD THEIR EFFORTS Help consumers find local offers, cash-back opportunites or geo- specific campaigns. LOCAL EVENTS Highlight area schedules, events or offers relvant to the viewers market. STORE LOCATOR A quick input of a zip code or city lets users find your locations. LIVE MAPS Never steer your audiences out of the video by integrating maps users can search to find your store. </li><li> 8. 8 INCREASE PRODUCT PURCHASES A video can become a direct pathway to an online product purchaseor offer new ways to drive offline purchases. MADASGASCAR 3 RESULTS The streamlined purchasing experience for tickets earned engagement rates and awareness rates that surpass our benchmarks by 132% and 74% respectively, as well as an additional 32 seconds of time spent within the ad. VERY RESULTS Verys interactive ad allowed users to browse and add featured clothing items to their carts, providing a seamless shopping experience. ADD TO CART Bring your ecommerce experience to your video ads with an add to CART button. SIMPLE RESULTS Simple skincares ad yielded high awareness and engagement rates by offering an interactive quiz to help audience find products that are best for them with a direct button to buy on Amazon. PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS Show off your product line and entice consumers to buy preferred inventory. BUY PRODUCTS Allow audiences to make purchases or find locations within the video slate. KEEP THEM INFORMED Provide more information about content to increase awareness and excitement around products. </li><li> 9. 9 GIVE RELEVANT EXPERIENCES WITH PERSONALIZED VIDEO Brands have been putting customers online browsing and buying habits in traditional online advertising for years. Now you can tie data to video creative, turning a wide campaign into a personalized, custom ad. COCA COLA Coke was able to integrate their Share a Coke campaign nicely into digital video adds by dynamically displaying a users name on the Coke bottle. J.C. PENNEY RESULTS This ad let presented the spot the difference poll with a shop now feature, resulting 25 additional seconds spent within the ad and awareness and engagement rates that surpass our benchmarks. BEST BUY RESULTS Audiences were able to explore products that were most interesting and relevant to them and seamlessly complete purchases. SAY MY NAME Make it really personal by speaking to your audiences by using their name. TEST THEIR KNOWLEDGE Use quizzes or product simulators to get up close and personal. INTEGRATE BROWSING DATA Promote products based on what users are actually looking for. THE MORE DETAILS THE BETTER Let users know the exact specs of the product they are after, without ever leaving the unit. </li><li> 10. 10 BUILD ENGAGEMENT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS Formerly passive video becomes a gateway to social, community-driven experiences that build brand followers, encourage brand engagement, and activate brand fans. MERCEDES RESULTS Mercedes let audiences explore videos and enter an Instagram contest, resulting in high engagement and 21 seconds of time earned. BELVITA RESULTS Belvita included a live twitter feed in a branded canvas, so audiences could join the conversation around #MorningWin and instantly share their stories. TRISCUIT RESULTS Triscuit used a pin it button for users to share their favorite Triscuit recipes on Pinterest, garnering 41 seconds of additional time that audiences spent interacting with the ad. SHARING IS CARING Directly link to your brands social pages where audiences can instantly share your content. FEED THE FEED Include live feeds from Twitter within the video unit to truly integrate your hashtag driven campaign. REAL TIME FOLLOWING Combine the power of social media with real-time media to create live, engaging experiences. </li><li> 11. Contact us to help tell your story through engaging, interactive video experiences. VIDEO? 11 WHY DO BRANDS + AGENCIES ADVANCED Advanced video advertising extends the lifespan and enhances the relevance of any campaign, making it a cost-effective way to maximize the value of all your branded contentbeyond video. Where pre-roll takes months to conceive and produce and requires significant resources, interactive content can be created, overlaid and interchanged easily and with limited resources while ensuring that a single ad spot feels fresh and new to an individual consumer with every viewing. Whats not to love about that? </li></ol>


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