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INDIGO JEWELS Enhance uniqueness beauty

INDIGO JEWELSunique stones

Indigo Jewels - INDEX

BackgroundOnline Background:Static site with company and product informationLow engagement, visits, and queriesBad SEO (pag 9/jewels), no social media or mobile siteNot profitable online business

Created in goes liveOxfam Fair Trade Award2 New Shops in London

Indigo Jewels BackgroundAboutPremier environmentally friendly fine jewellery collectionIts one-of-a-kind pieces, avant-garde style and unique materials, including fossilized walrus ivory and fossilized dinosaur bone, and is committed to partnering with artisans around the world to support traditional craftsmanship. Indigo uses environmentally responsible procedures to source all of its materials, and uses 18 carat recycled gold and platinum, conflict and devastation free precious stones, diamonds and fossils, which are gathered with no mining involved. Indigo is a member of the No Dirty Gold campaign and a supporter of the Too Precious to Wear campaign.

Situation Analysis ProductBrand Perception:Specialist: handmade, traditional manufacturing.Unique design: each piece is different. Quality: high quality, Semi precious stones.

Advantage:Fairly traded. EcoFriendly: natural materials.

Customer ProfileMeet Alicia

Age: 48 this December

Workaholic& mother of 2 (boy 10, girl 7)

Loves her new ipad (browses for jewelry all the time)

Lives and goes for shopping in South West London

Loves travelling

Favorite jewelry: green stone rings and earrings

Alicias world


Situation Analysis - SWOT

5 years old domain Duplication page titles Industry experts Some metadata issues Lots of textual content

New social media channel Highly competitive niche New alliance and New competitors trying to collaboration copy our business model

Objectives 2015Increase Brand Awareness and SalesNOWEND 2015ACTIVATIONSELL0%3% turnoverE-Shop and mobile siteSERVEStatic InformationBrand EngagementContentSIZZLE # visit10k ppl/m30k ppl/mBlog, New CollectionsSPEAKNo interaction52 Ambassadors+3k fans/+1.5k followersSocial MediaSAVE$12000 loss/year1% profit/yearAnalytics

Digital Strategy Consumer FunnelSEO AdWordsBloggersSocial Media

LOYALTYPURCHASECONSIDERATIONAWARENESSWebsite > (Content, Blog, News)Mobile Site (Andriod & iOS)Social Media Management


Ambassadors (KOL, Apps)

Tactics WebsiteContent:About Us: Talk about the brand and its USP using words which are easily picked up by GoogleCollection: Page for customers to browse through the sectionShop: Ecommerce section where visitors can buy the productContact us: Along with email id google maps embedded to direct customers to store locationsMedia: Clippings from media outlets where the brand is mentioned to build trustSocial Media Widgets: Links to direct people to Indigo Jewellerys social media pagesOxfam Partnerships

Content 2 Blogs

Articles on fashion trends

Guest bloggers

Designers Blog

Updating Twice a week

Content 3 NewsletterMonthly Newsletters:

New Collections



News/Company Info

Indigo Website (Home)

Indigo Website (About)


EXPERTProduct photo recognitionFairly Traded Jewels by Oxfam & Indigo

ENTERTAININGContentApp, Design your unique jewel

PERSONALTargeted SMS campaigns - New Collections & Events (VD, Bday, Xmas)TacticsMobile

Source: eMarketer, September 2013


Source: Ewan Leranc for Info CC, 2014

Updating your blog frequently, without sacrificing the quality of your content (see Why an Active Blog is Necessary for a Successful SEO Initiative.)For more info on how to implement on-page SEO best practices, see my article, The 9 On-Page SEO Elements You Need In 2014.



Updating your blog frequently, without sacrificing the quality of your content (see Why an Active Blog is Necessary for a Successful SEO Initiative.)For more info on how to implement on-page SEO best practices, see my article, The 9 On-Page SEO Elements You Need In 2014.


Tactics Social MediaHow are we going to communicate with users

Whats the objective or reason to be in each social media

How to keep them active and collaborative

How are we going to communicate with usersWhats the objective or reason to be in each social mediaHow to keep them active and collaborative


Social Media Strategy

FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram Youtube


Increase fans and drive traffic to the website

Fashion tip of the day

Special promotions for fb (ie competitions, the most popular collections)

Create content and special promotions

Geomarketing through display ads to targeted audience



Tweet a day

Keep TW in the loop of website changes

Follow leaders

Invite follower

Prize for the person with most RT


Increase visibility to our products

Product/collection segmentation hyperlinking the images


Inactivate the followers to create hashtags/Photos

Exclusive competitions


Educational videos

PR videos, designers interview, events

Indigo Foundation videos, indigo making a unique change

Small video ad (30sec)

Tactics e-ShopPaying methods:

Paypal & credit cards

Tactics Ambassadors (KOL)Oxfam Partnership Trustful partner

Indigo is and Fair Trade Award Company by Oxfam InternationalDesigners & Fashion Gurus Attract targeted audiences

Promoting other people work via blog and Social MediaPartnerships with fashion schoolsSponsoring events (Fashion Weeks)Current Customers Word of Mouth

VIP Treatment special events/newsGift every time they reach certain amount of influence

Control - Analytics3 Weekly reports to measure KPIs

Traffic Source AnalysisShopper Behaviour Analysis

Navigation AnalysisWhere do they come from?How much they spend?What they do?

Actions Who does what and when

Be uniquebeIndigo Digital Team:LauraNataliaRossyZohaPedroINDIGO