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Creative branding, graphic design, photography, and marketing solutions for every stage of business growth. Whether just starting out or growing to the next level, we can help you get there and represent your business personality.


  • 1. grow@iohcreative.com iohcreative.com 972.999.4703 Mind-Altering Creative & Marketing Services
  • 2. At I Oh Creative, we offer much more than design. We offer growth potential. We BUILD businesses! The I Oh Creative team utilizes a combined 45 years of experience to deliver quality and efficiency, employing current technology trends proven to grow business revenue. I.Oh. Creative will take your brand from concept to market with our think tank of uniquely creative visioneers. I Oh Creative will develop a tailored strategy, including design and tech support, to best utilize your resources and reach your target market. I Oh Creative excels in rapid growth business environment. We come to the table with inspiration, because we care about your success and want to build a long-term relationship. We create original, unique concepts and designs that live up to current trends. Our team brings honesty and integrity to each relationship we build, starting with an audit process, to determine if and how we can help your business launch or grow. Are you ready for rapid growth but not sure how to utilize the digital tools required in todays economy? Overview
  • 3. Startup businesses, or those businesses looking to grow or launch a new product are often faced with hassles like the lack of technology applications and digital growth opportunities necessary to succeed. To help ease growing small businesses, I.Oh. Creative offers flexible design and marketing bundles with affordable implementation. Long-term flexibility allows businesses to reach customers today and have the digital presence to build an authentic brand image. Business Opportunities
  • 4. Your business could be at risk of losing momentum! With a low implementation fee and monthly plan, you will have less headaches and know what to expect, allowing growth adjustments as needed Customers are more likely to trust your business if it has a developed brand image that fits with its personality and service or product When a website is functioning quickly on any device, customers will have a pleasant experience and develop a positive view of your business You will stand out against the competition and show that your business has its $#@& together! I.Oh. Creative provides pre-developed bundles. However, if your company has unique goals, we also provide tailored packages and offer a complementary audit* of your business. *Audit results will be given to customer after acceptance of estimate for work. Key Benefits of Marketing Bundles
  • 5. and we have solutions for all of them! The Seed The Sprout The Sapling The Mighty Oak There are 4 growth stages
  • 6. The Seed Examples
  • 7. The Sprout Examples
  • 8. The Sapling Examples
  • 9. The Mighty Oak Examples
  • 10. The Mighty Oak Examples
  • 11. The Mighty Oak Examples
  • 12. Media Print Audio Trade Shows Interactive Technology Photography Business Growth Marketing Strategies Technology Audits Brand Intelligence Business EfficiencyDesign Branding Trends Vertical Identity Integration Image Continuity Our Strengths
  • 13. Its time to get started! We will provide an audit of your businesss current standing and goals with a questionnaire and phone interview Depending on the level of your marketing plan, additional discussions or an in-person meeting will be scheduled to discuss the details and timeline Ongoing support We will appoint a contact who will continue to work with you after we get started and evaluate the growth model Next Steps
  • 14. 972-999-4703 grow@iohcreative.com iohcreative.com Lets GROW! Contact: