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1. How to TsDistribute by 2. How to Ts1- Sign-Up on Ts Using Someones Short Code, use "tsucode" to registerYou can only sign up to using a users short code( & this will connect you to your inviters Ts page.Then fill out the registration form to create your account.2- Create your Shortcode (the most important thing!)On the homepage get access to your short code by clicking on the Growyour Tree tip in the left sidebar.Distribute by 3. How to Ts3- Share Your ShortcodeSend your short code via email/text message right away. Share it onyour social networks only after Sept 30th.4- And Use the Site As Any Other Social PlatformCreate & share content with your network, only now you own yourcontent & your network and obtain annual royalties in proportion to yourcontents relevance and your networks size. Good luck!Distribute by