How to launch a successful kickstarter campaign

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1. How to Successful Fund Your Project via Kickstarter Pablo Farias Navarro Founder ZENVA @ZenvaTweets 2. Everywhere has already got a ruler. Every pile of shit on the side of every road has someones banner hanging from it 3. Chaos isnt a pit. Chaos is a ladder. 4. A very small man can cast a very large shadow 5. There is a tool for every task, and a task for every tool 6. 1.1. Build a Following in Your Niche 7. Building a Following Online Blogging Create a mailing list Guest blogging YouTube channel Niche forums and communities Offline Networking / industry events 8. 1.2. Offering 9. Project page (Project updates) Project blurb Your story Project in-depth description Rewards details Risk and challenges 10. 1.3. Research 11. 1.4. Ask for Feedback 12. 1.5. Video 13. Video Show finished product Establish authority What (project) Why (benefits) Call to action Thank you Body language PRACTICE! ZENVAs video made by Sean Warton 14. Check list SOLID PROJECT FEASIBLE CREDIBILITY PRICING COMPELLING EXCITING PERSONAL BELONGING 15. 2.1. Prelaunch emails (1 month before launch) 16. 2.2. Schedule launch emails 17. 2.4. LAUNCH! 18. Launch time Newsletter (14k people) Scheduled emails Social media Blog posts / popup windows Monitor backer questions 19. 3.1. Rewards adjustments 20. 3.2. Care for your backers 21. 3.5. Project updates 22. 3.3. Promotion 23. 3.4. Tracking 24. 25. References 26. 3.6. Closing the campaign 27. 3.7. Late backers 28. 3.8. Rewards delivery 29. Thank you @ZenvaTweets Learn HTML/CSS for free