How To Improve Your Visual Marketing On Pinterest And Instagram

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  1. 1. How To Improve Your Visual Marketing On Pinterest and Instagram Imagery and video attract more engagement. As content, it is digestible, immediate, increasingly mobile and it adds personality to your brand. A video or a photo can often say much more about your personality than a body of text. What You Need To Know About Pinterest Tall Images Make your pins tall, not wide. Since Pinterest shows pins in columns, tall pins look better. Pinterest suggests a 2:3 width to height ratio. Visually Appealing The goal is to get people to stop scrolling and spend time on your pin. Use images, stats, charts, and color to make it stand out. Make It Actionable Include a strong call to action to tell your audience exactly what to do after they view your pin. Detailed Descriptions Include the link to the original blog post where it was published initially. Attention Grabbing Use keywords and helpful details to increase the chances people will nd the pin. 85% Of Pinterest Users Are Women With its international user base growing by 135% in 2014, Pinterest has become a world visual marketing tool and a force to be reckoned with. 72.8Million Users Thats 35.6 million women on Pinterest! of users say they browse Pinterst instead of catalogs.49% 5 Tips To Make Your Pins Better minimum 600px wide minimum 900px tall ? What You Need To Know About Instagram With 1.6 billion likes per day, 200 million monthly active users, and 60 million photos per day, Instagram is becoming a social media platform that marketers need to know. 75.1Million Users 51% Of Instagram Users Are Men Thats 37.5 million men on Instagram! get more likes when the dominant color is blue within your photo. 24% characters is the target number to hit in your Instagram descriptions. 20-49 get more engagement by using a hashtag in the description. 12.6%# 5 Tips To Make Your Instagrams Better Create A Consistent Theme Think of your brand as a story. Try to avoid posting things far off from your brands purpose. It will only confuse your followers. Call To Action Use a clear call to action. Clearly tell your followers what you expect them to do. Use Hashtags Try using a hashtag related to your product that your audience can get in on. Be Relatable Find a way to relate to your target audience. Post an image or a meme that they can understand and nd amusing. ?# When youre ready to plan all of your content, give CoSchedule a tryits your all-in-one marketing calendar.