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How to Earn Money Online in the Modern World?

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The best online earning methods which actually work. The safest and most productive ways to earn a living from your online efforts. Ranked in order. I have shared what worked best for me and will work you to. Learn to earn from Internet from the comfort your home. Work in your own hours. Define your own business hours.

Text of How to Earn Money Online in the Modern World?

How to Earn Online?

The best ways to earn money online in modern world

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How to Earn Online?

Two Important Questions

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Can You Really Earn Online?

Yes, you can really earn very big from the internet if you adapt the proper ways

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Are there Frauds?

Yes a lot of frauds are there which are called scams in general terms. They can take both your time and money for no return.

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Dont worry, I will guide you through the best and safest ways of online earning

But first, lets have a look over some online earning methods the beginners go for

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1. PTC Websites

They pay for viewing and clicking ads but you will hardly earn some cents after spending several hours

Neobux is the most popular


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2. Captch Entry Jobs

The hardest among online earning jobs

Usually they pay you around $1 for 1000 captcha entries

Dont assume that 1000 captchas are similar to 1000 simple words, it is extremely hard to work with

And you may get banned for wrong captcha entries is most popular


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3. Taking Surveys

Sometimes it pays good is one of the popular sites

Not supported in all countries

If supported, they pay very little except surveys from developed countries


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4. Earn by Referring Members

Most of these sites are SCAMS is an example

They claim to pay you when you refer new members to these sites

When earnings reach payout limit, mostly you are asked to complete surveys but you are never paid!!!!


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So How To Earn?

I personally dont recommend any of these online earning methods

Now lets have a look over some legitimate online earning ways which really pay and pay very high!!!

You only need to work harder in beginning and once you are on the track, online earning gets the simplest in front of you

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The Legitimate Online Earning Methods

The most practical and most fruitful online methods that actually pay and pay big when you work according to a well defined strategy

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1. Freelancing

Have you heard about where people earn big??

It is a platform where project owners post their projects and seek relevant skilled people for their jobs

You are paid when you complete the jobs

It doesnt matter what your skills are, you can find the job which you can do the best

Yes it isnt the easiest, it needs some hard efforts and patience in beginning. Once you build a good reputation, you will find uncounted jobs

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Other Freelancing Sites

Elance.comFreelancer.comSkilledpeople.comAnd much more!!!!

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Now the BEST Online Earning Method I Recommend to All

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My blog earns $1000+ each month and I have achieved this goal within one year

I started my blog last year (in September 2012) and it is generating a steady income for me

The earnings are growing day by day, and the most beautiful thing is, it earns for me even when I sleep

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Why Blogging?

Easiest to startInteresting to work withWork in your own hoursGrows by timeEarns for you even when you are enjoying vacationsClients come to you, you dont need to find themSuperior to all online earning methods

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How to Earn with Blogging?

Once you succeed in building traffic on your blog by working somehow harder in beginning, uncountable earning opportunities come in your way

You can monetize your blog the way you like. Define your own business strategies and go ahead

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Blog Monetization Methods

PPC The easiest, promote PPC ads on your blog. AdSense is the mot popular and the most paying. Several others are also thereAffiliate Marketing Promote relevant products you use and love. i.e. I promote HostGator and Payoneer at the moment because both of these are doing brilliant in their industry and pay me commission too when I refer new customers thereWrite Reviews Write reviews about products relevant to your blog. Companies will pay you for sponsored reviews. I charge $100 on average for each sponsored review I publish. (But always be honest)Offer Your Skills You dont need oDesk or Elance if you establish a blog of your own. I hate oDesk and others and clients come directly to me. They contact me for any relevant job and I do it. For that, I get paid. No waiting for payments, no need of bidding and no deduction of earning Direct Advertisers People will advertise their products directly on your blog. By placing ads from direct advertisers, you can earn bigAnd many many others!!!!

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So What You Decided?

You must have decided to start a blog of your own!! Not yet??Why??If you dont know how to start a blog and how to grow it, view my other tutorials where I will teach you how to create a blog, how to grow it and how to monetize it. Stay tuned!!

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Tutorials by Rehmat Alam

CEO, SupportiveHands.netWebsite: http://www.supportivehands.netEmail: rehmat@supportivehands.netSkype: supportivehands

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