How To Do Inbound Marketing The Right Way - with Owen Fuller

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Owen Fuller, Chief Qwizard at Qzzr discusses how to do inbound marketing the right way. This presentation was given on a Stukent Expert Session online webinar for thousands of students across the world.


<ul><li> 1. How To Do Inbound Marketing RightOwen FullerChief Qwizard @Qzzr_Founder @FitInbound@owenfuller</li></ul> <p> 2. What is Inbound Marketing?( 3. Why Inbound Marketing? Consumers have taken control (TV to DVR) Technology is the next phase of our evolution Hammer vs. Magnet Brains vs. Money Rent vs. Own 4. Make the Cash Register RingMarcus Sheridan, River Pools &amp; SpasCut budget from $250K/mo. in marketing to$25k/mo.Moved from outbound to blogs and videosWas radically transparent listing prices andpraising competitorsAnswered every question people ask in hisblogsRevenue surpassed earlier levels achievedwith the $250K spend(NY Times) 5. How to Begin Know your business strategy Broad aspirations Where you play How you win Goals Plans Challenges Consequences 6. Inbound Marketing Calculator New monthly revenue target Average revenue per buyer X new buyers Number of new monthly buyers needed Close ratio Number of leads needed Conversion ratio Number of website visitors needed Email for excel version of calculator 7. Document Buyer Personas Background Demographics Problems Tech profile How to help Real quotes Common objections Elevator pitch[name][demographic][problems] 8. Website Checklist Tells your true story Easy to use Easy to manage Purpose on every page Clear calls to action Loads quickly Social integration SEO optimized Mobile optimized Analytics set up right Never finished 9. Attracting Website Visitors Search marketing Influencer outreach Blogging Social media marketing Video marketing World-class content 10. Search Marketing 11. Influencer Outreach 12. Pro Tips Influencer Outreach 13. Blogging 14. SocialMedia Marketing 15. Video 16. Pro Tips Video 17. World Class Content 18. Pro Tips Quizzes 19. Converting Visitors to Leads Offers &amp; CTAs Landing pages Email marketing Marketing automation Conversion rate optimization 20. Offers &amp; CTAs 21. Problems with Most Sites Focus solely on the sale Only offer value for those who are ready tobuy No clear calls to action 22. Create clear paths for all buyersWant something from someone? Offerthem value first. Focus on them. The Sales Whisperer 23. How?Create the right offers and position them theright way: Step 1: Know your buyers Step 2: Understand their buying cycle Step 3: Match offers to buying cycle Step 4: Link Offers/CTAs to landing pages Step 5: Capture Leads 24. Step 1: Know your buyers Who are my buyers? What problem(s) are they are trying to solve? What pressures or obstacles are they facing? What are their interests? What is their decision making process? What is their role or position? What questions do they have? What are they comparing? Where are they looking for info? 25. Step 2: Understand their buying cycle Awareness - realizes they have a need or need tosolve a problem (looking for information/education) Consideration - defined their problem and arelooking for a solution (looking for options) Decision - defined their solution strategy and arelooking to buy (comparing options; ready to pull thetrigger) 26. Step 3: Match offers to buyingcycle 27. Jimmy is new to gymownership. He needs to buysome gym equipment, but isunsure where to begin, howmuch he should spend, etc. Beginners Guide toBuying Gym Equipment[Ebook] New or Used: When toStretch Your GymEquipment Budget &amp;When to Splurge[Infographic] Gym Equipment BudgetTemplate [Excelspreadsheet] Purchasing Timeline forGym Equipment: WhatShould You Buy First?[PowerPoint worksheet] Request a quote Phone assessment ofequipment needsJimmy Gym Owner 28. Step 4: Link Offers/CTAs tolanding pages Position offer on a landing page Determine appropriate form fields torequire 29. Landing Pages 30. Email Marketing 31. Pro Tips Email Marketing 32. Marketing Automation 33. Pro Tips Marketing Automation 34. Conversion Rate Optimization 35. Pro Tips ConversionRate Optimization 36. Measurement Connect efforts to business goals Leading KPIs &amp; Lagging KPIs Use the NPS for rapid buyer feedback On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to refer afriend or colleague to __ Why? 37. How To Do Inbound Marketing RightOwen FullerChief Qwizard @Qzzr_Founder @FitInbound@owenfuller </p>


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