How to create compelling content as a brand on LinkedIn

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- How to create compelling content as a brand on LinkedIn. - Presented by Ben Russell at Social Matters 2014 in Singapore.

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Create compelling content as a brand on LinkedInHOW TO:brands as creatorsenable brands to create compelling content platform agnostic, conceptually relevant for publishing in a social contexttwo things Ive learned from best in class marketers on LI, whats driving their success and two tools that LinkedIn has built out in order to help all marketers replicate that success1Know your audienceSTEP 1:Start here knowing your audience, the best are particularly effective at thisUnderstanding whats at the core of your audienceSounds simple but were complex creatures Precursor to success when content marketing2

Speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about whats in the heart of the dog. Roy WilliamsWHAT: (what do I mean by knowing your audience know whats at their heart, know how to talk to them)

Roy Williams marketing consultantLinkeded to Pavlovs dogs in which he was able to elicit a desired response on ringing a bellIf hed used anything other than meat this would have ended differently. Meat was close to the heart reward.Much like Pavlov associated the ringing of a bell, associate good content with your brandWhat is good content? It involves understanding whats at the heart of your audience what makes them tickOnce you know that, you can build content that speaks to them in a language they understand, and helps build content which is relevant3

the key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance


Key driver of content success adds value, positioned as a trusted advisorRelevancy drives positive associations, and lets you build that trustBut its not enough to simply know whats relevant to your audience because context matters.4

and context matters.


Youve got to think long and hard about where your message will be seen, and where youre publishing content.Risk interrupting an experience having it look out of placeRecognising the impact that context can have, TNS and LI teamed up on the MDSummarize in one line (MD)The action item coming out of this for marketers .. 5match your message to mindset


Was to match your message to mindset. When youre publishing in a professional context, speak to your audience in an aspirational manner. Brands that build content around these dominant emotions, succeedThats the first step in knowing your audience understanding their mindset when theyre consuming content in different contexts, and ensuring your messaging is speaking to that. This brings us back to the question what should my message be, whats going to be relevant for my audience great question6

Listen first, and never stop listening Dave Kerpen HOW:

Let Dave answer Likeable Social Media his advice for marketers starting in socialWe listen first, and listen carefully to know whats relevantWe never stop listening, because once we start publishing, our audience will be giving us feedbackBut want to focus on the Listen First because thats where most marketers are stumblingEach platform has their own way, we use TC7Listen to your key audiences, on LinkedIn


TC leverages the understanding we have of how our members interact socially with contentContent preference profilesWhat differentiates TC from other listening solutions, is it leverages the deep understanding we have of contentWhenever shared 17,000 topic areasWe have a deep understanding of our audience, and our content82013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Trending Topics (Last 30 Days)What have C-Suite Professionals in Singapore been consuming and sharing?Most Shared Articles on EntrepreneurshipWhat is stopping the next generation of Singaporeans from becoming entrepreneurs? : Singapore Business ReviewVisible and Engaged: Women on Breaking Into the Tech Industry : Entrepreneur.com5 TED Talks That May Change Your View on Life : Entrepreneur.com5 Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur : ForbesHOW:

If were trying to reach Singapores High Net Worth individuals, and are looking for content that has proven engagement with this audience on LinkedIn we leverage Trending Content to help us tell a story about the type of content theyre engaging with. Leveraging that understanding we have on the topics that content shared onto LinkedIn is in relation to, were able to identify the top themes or topics that this audience is engaging with. As content marketers you can take these themes / pillars, and start building content around them as these are the topics that your audience has a demonstrated affinity with .. In order to make these insights truly actionable though, you need to understand what the drivers of these themes are .. What is it about xyz that has engaged Singapores mass affluent? Because xyz will mean different things to different people. Trending Content allows us to dive deep, and understand specifically which pieces of content about xyz are engaging mass affluents .. Meow meow meow, very aspirational, plays perfectly into the context of LI. Listening tools will get you part-way there, but understanding exactly what your audience is consuming is critical when ensuring relevancy. 9Know your audience.STEP 1:

So thats how LI answers questions around whats relevant on LI, other platforms will have their own way of answering thatKnowing your audience, is all about matching your message to mindset, so taking context into account, and listening to know whats relevant10MeasureSTEP 2:WHAT:

The second thing I see them do well, is they measure content marketing measurement, a tricky beast .. any very easy to get caught up in every micro level detail we have available to us. But the best simplify, they find a way to measure influence, traction, impact, and they use that to guide them ..11

That which is measured, improves Pearsons LawWHY:

Because that which is measured, improves .. once weve found a way to quantify, we have a baseline or a benchmark established, and it becomes exponentially easier for us to answer the question are we successful. The tricky part is finding that success metric.12

The Content Marketing ScoreQuantify and benchmark your content influence on LinkedInActive Target AudienceContent Marketing EngagementBusiness Decision Makers

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Content Marketing ScoreUnique Members Engaged==xMultiplier750Active Target Audience90,100 Members12,000,000MembersApril, 2014HOW:

At LinkedIn, we wanted to help simplify this daunting task for marketers, using something called the CMS. The CMS basically lets marketers, in a single metric, understand how theyre performing as a content marketer, relative to themselves, and relative to their peers, and provides us with a way in which we can consult with clients and identify bottlenecks in their strategy. The metric itself is fairly straightforward we look at the opportunity that a marketer had presented to them .. 13BlackrockMicrosoftDellCap GeminiOracleCitiAMEXAccentureSalesforce2 of 10Business Decision Makers on LinkedIn April, 2014Content Marketing Score14BlackrockMicrosoftDellCap GeminiOracleCitiAMEXAccentureSalesforce5 of 10IT Decision Makers in Singapore on LinkedIn April, 2014Content Marketing Score15

ReachFrequencyEngagementHow do I achieve best in class influence?16ClientPeer Group AveragePeer Group LeaderReachFrequencyEngagement

Measure.STEP 2:

And so, thats how LI is thinking about content marketing measurement taking a step back and looking through a macro level lens, to be a lot more strategic in how we measure content. The best dont get caught up and drown themselves in micro details, they approach their measurement strategically, and with perspective18Know your audience.Measure.Match your message to mindsetListen first learn whats at the heart of your audienceStep back from micro-level metrics identify bottlenecks19