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How to Build Media Relations in Government Marketing

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How to Build Media Relations in Government of ContentsAll About Media RelationsIndustry Best PracticesThought Leadership ProgramsHigh-impact PR Ideas About Media of Good Media Relationswww.boscobel.comIntroduces, builds, manages and sustains an image.Creates consistent messaging.Strengthens you as a thought leader.Increases visibility, awareness and brand equity.Opens the door to long-term, valuable press relationships.Demonstrates value as a trusted of Good Media RelationsEducates reporters on the breadth and scope of your services.Makes it easier to cover your company.Minimizes potential bad press. Supports employee recruitment. the Publicationwww.boscobel.comWho is the audience? What are the demographics? What do the reporters like to cover? What do they avoid?Do they accept submitted articles? Is online content different from print content? Can you submit content via their website? the Reporterswww.boscobel.comWhat topics do they cover? Do they have a social media presence? Do they speak publicly? What kind of stories do they write: informative or gotcha?Find common ground, whether its hometowns, alma maters, or activities and hobbies. Look on Facebook, read their blogs, and follow them on Twitter.Track editorial calendars.Introduce yourself via email and LinkedIn.Use social media to engage them. Your Relationshipswww.boscobel.comAttend panel discussions where reporters are speaking.Post their stories on LinkedIn Groups or on Twitter.Schedule face-to-face meetings.Offer yourself as a resource.Understand their definition of news. Your Relationshipswww.boscobel.comUnderstand their communication preferences.Ensure pitches are in their wheelhouse at all times.Mirror their emails. If theyre short, keep yours short. If they show personality, show your personality.Choose follow-ups wisely; they do read your emails. Your Relationshipswww.boscobel.comDo what you say youre going to do; deliver what you say youre going to deliver.Dont guess: if you dont know the answer, find someone who does.Have a balanced conversation. It cant be all about you and your organization.Be thick skinned. Dont take things personally. Do Reporters Need?Story ideas, not company pitchesInformation of interest to their readersHistorical approaches to topics, milestonesHonest opinionsFacts and figures, trends, researchOpen lines of communication and fast responseOrganization backgroundCustomer case studies Do Reporters Get Story Ideas?www.boscobel.comWire servicesNews releases and pitches from PR relationshipsWebsites (government, industry, media)Social media outlets (Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs)Conversations with industry thought leaders or analystsMarket researchIndustry events, trade shows and conferencesOther press and e-newsletter Best Best PracticesEffective writingWrite to your audience.Tone and level of technicality must be appropriate to them.Lead with benefits; dont bury them.Keep your writing succinct.Subject lines and leads should be easy to scan. Avoid big blocks of texts. Best PracticesEffective writing, continuedInclude statistics to illustrate facts.Organize salient points; use number/bullets.Avoid acronyms and industry jargon. Best PracticesNews Releases News releases should announce hard news.Tuesday is usually the best dayPost softer announcements on website.News releases should be web optimized for SEO.Place main keyword in headline, first sentence and copyPlace secondary keyword once or twiceDetermine which news releases require follow up.Post news releases and other materials internally so others in your organization can share with their Best PracticesNews Releases, continuedFive ways to give your release more legs for hard news:Post on appropriate LinkedIn Groups. Tweet about it.Publish on website.Invest in Google AdWords, or Sponsorship campaigns.Blog about it.Ask social allies to promote it. Best PracticesPitchesMake them relevant to the audiencePush the first and only angles when possibleIntroduce new thought leaders and execs Be sure the topic hasnt been covered recentlyReference a prior, published article re: the same topic if the pitch brings something new to the conversation Best PracticesPitches, continuedUse preferred medium e.g, e-mail, Twitter, etc. Scan expert source services (HARO, ProfNet, etc)Follow up appropriatelyInject your ideas into breaking news stories(e.g., Newsjacking)Scan the headlines. Where can yourstory become their story? Best PracticesMedia advisoriesBe judicious on issuing media advisories.Events, news conferencesFollow up with additional, complementary information (e.g. parking instructions, new speakers, etc.). Best PracticesBylined Articles/ Contributed ContentWhat makes a good topic?Trends, issues, best practices, how-to, opinions, non-promotionalMake sure to follow writers guidelines; give editor a heads up immediately if youd like to deviate.Let editor know if you need extra time; its usually Best PracticesSocial Media RelationsPitch reporters using Twitter (a twitter pitch is called a twitch), LinkedIn, etc.Tweet/retweet reporters articles.Promote content or news via social media. Post relevant news or articles on Facebook or on appropriate LinkedIn Groups, e.g. US Military Veterans Network. Comment on their articles and blogs but only with substantive Best PracticesWebsite Newsroom Make your newsroom accessible from your homepage. Organize news releases by year.List PR contacts by name on every page.Provide executive bios, history, product and services information for download.Offer RSS feed subscription or other method to subscribe to updates.Refresh it often.Include press coverage. Practices PracticesWebsite Newsroom Make newsroom accessible from homepage. Organize news releases by year.List PR contacts by name.Provide executive bios, history, product and services information for download.Offer RSS feed subscription or other method to subscribe to updates.Refresh often.Include press coverage. Leadership Programs Is Thought Leadership?One element of a successful PR program that differentiates your organization.A thought leader is:A recognized leader in the field.A credible third-party expert that can address issues and trends.A person reporters trust.Thought leadership tools include:White papers and eBooksCustomer case studiesSpeaking engagementsPress interviews, quotesBylined articles and contributed content Awards thought leadership program is beneficial internally: Helps PR teams learn more about your experts.Develops a process to help capture information for PR and marketing activities.Encourages reluctant thought leaders to participate.Boosts morale and organization pride by sharing content for internal communications. which topics, issues or trends your organization wants to own in the press.Find the appropriate public-facing subject matter experts.Distribute an introductory email that outlines the program and thought leaders role. editorial calendars for targeted publications and determine which publications accept bylined articles or op-ed pieces.Develop questions for your subject matter experts. Share questions with the subject matter expert prior to interview and practice. Interviewwww.boscobel.comGet subject matter expert excited and confortable about the interview.Share goals, media targets and background on the publication.Record the interview to allow for a more fluid conversation.Present bylined article abstract to subject matter experts for! Continue MomentumPublicize successes internally with other thought leaders and executives.Promote successes externally via website and social media.Create thought leader matrix to share with PlacementPitch article abstract to media and get placement agreement.Obtain specifications for article or blog.Develop content for team approval.Submit to media, on Impact PR Ideas Research for Ink ProgramConduct surveys and polls on issues or trends. Issue news release on results.Share results via social media and emails.Include results in relevant bylined articles.Hold an event to announce results.Industry Awards Create industry award calendar, select nominations for your company and your clients and submit copy.Invent your own awards program.High Impact PR

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