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Hot Topics and Trends in Digital Marketing

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6 Trends


Expect High Quality, and Lots of Choices

Because Accessing All Your Choices is Easier Than its Ever Been

Look for Engagement (or Entertainment)

Because There are so Many Available Channels and Progressive Brands are Doing it

Require Authenticity

Because There are so Many Ways That Inauthentic Behavior Can Get Exposed


Because There are Others that Will Provide a Faster Response

Short Attention Span

Because Other Enticing Things are Awaiting Their Attention

How Do you Succeed With the Millennials?


At SMX East on 10/1/2015 Gary Illyes that webmasters and publishers should leave the authorship markup on their page.

Be an ExpertCreate Great ContentHumans use social signals to help identify thisEngagement (comments) as wellHave other experts interact with you onlineHelp peopleWrite for high authority sites

Build Your Authority With Humans First

By doing things that help build your own reputation, you are focusing on the right types of activity. Those are the signals we want to find and value the most anyway.GooglesMatt CuttsJuly 9, 2012

Matt Cutts on Reputation Building

Author Authority Summary

more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan

Google: May 5th, 2015

Voice control/search will soon be the primary way that users interact with Android devices, especially as the operating system expands into cars, onto wrists and on TV sets.

Greg SterlingSearch Engine LandJune 27, 2014

Mobile / Voice Summary


What Percentage of Users Do You Satisfy?

What if Your Percentage is Lower Than the Competition?


Think About Task Completion

Server Side Delays Test Google and Bing

Strong Correlation Between Satisfaction and Revenue

Biggest Threats to Google


Content Effectiveness Optimization Summary

The destiny of [Googles search engine] is to become thatStar Trekcomputer, and thats what we are building.

Googles Amit Singhal5

We Did a Study of 1.4M QueriesTo See How Many Returned Rich AnswersUp 38% Since February!

Why Are Fire Trucks Red?

Got the Rich AnswerDo Rich Answers Hurt or Help Publishers?

Rich Answers Summary

Googles DeepMind is Teaching Machines to Read(and Comprehend)6Uses Annotated Databases of Content to Help the Machines Learn

Neural Networks Making Key AdvancesScientists Have Developed New Techniques to Train Networks With Many Layers

Sample Problem: Recognizing a Face

Deep Learning Summary

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