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Growth Hacking with KenticoThe only metric that matters is growthBrian McKeiverCo-owner & Kentico MVP BizStream

GoalsWhat is Growth Hacking

Why does Growth Hacking matter

Growth Hacking examples in Kentico

What It Isgrowth hackerwas coined by entrepreneur and marketer Sean Ellis in 2010.A person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth.


What is it (more)Threw out the playbook of traditional marketing

Its tools are emails, pay-per-click ads, blogs, and platform APIs

It is NOT commercials, publicity, and money.

ConversionSubscriberOpen RateSocial Activity

Replaced traditional marketing with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable. 4

Growth ResultsMetrics

A marketing technique initially employed in tech startups that uses creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking as well as tools to sell products and gain exposure.5

Why Does It Matter

Marketing problems are facing businesses on every frontOpen DataPersonalizationLead ScoringAll things marketers want to dodon't have a traditional marketing background.don't have budget allocated for marketing


What Makes It Work

Inexpensive when compared to traditional media.

Scalable not by spend, but instead by Virality.

Growth hacking can be a solution to those problems7

Success StoriesGrowth Hackers built Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, even Amazon.

They built billion dollar brands from nothing, with next to nothing. No big budgets, just a new strategy.


The First Growth Hack

In 18 months the service grew to 12 million accounts.

$300k to start in 96 initially

Sold in 97 for $400MPS: I Love You. Get Your Free Email at Hotmail

Its growth-hacking trick was simple they encouraged people to sign up to their product with the following message9


Wanna get 500MB more free space?Active Dropbox Users

The referral to end all referrals10

Now drives 40% of all new sign ups

Some information removed to protect the innocent Me!


Growth largely through word of mouth

Free Rides

Wow Experience

They got the technology working right the first timeSocialViralUsers beget usersUse Data to guide decisions Innovative price strategy is derived from data 13

Uber is growing faster than eBay did


Originally it was a napkin sketch by Jeff Bezos. Note that theres no arrow pointing outwards labeled 'take profits. This is a closed loop.


An automated email sent to BizStream after 1 year of being a member

Pirate MetricsAcquisitionActivationRetentionReferralRevenue


5 key stages, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral & Revenue.Acquisition: Landed and Engaged (did they read the post for 20seconds or bounce)Activation: People who make it to actually use the product (these people did a key action, like run a custom report)Retention: Getting those users coming back (signing into your dashboard or home page 3 times a week)Referral: Word or mouth see dropboxRevenue: monthly recurring if SaaS

Source: Dave McClure


Have a PlanOne single goal at time

Know how to measure

Know when to pull the plug if needed

Kentico was Built to Hack (Growth-wise)Activity TrackingWeb AnalyticsCustom ReportsUsing Social LoginsBy installing social network login, you can increase your website registrations by up to 90%

A/B Tests

Social ProofTestimonials, quotes, statistics and ratings as social proof is a highly effective method of adding trust of your customers.

Show how many likes, tweets, pins, shares etc. etc.

Normal CMSVery easy to throw up a testimonial quote, name, title, and picture of your biggest fans


Email Marketing

The Offer

In return for the download ask for an email to build your list

Give the visitor some value to get information in return26

Personalized Invitation Link

1. Clone Personal details as starting point

Automatic unique sharing links28

Create new Alternate Form

Add a read only Field

{% "http://"+ Domain +":51872/invite/"+CMSContext.Current.CurrentUser.FirstName +CMSContext.Current.CurrentUser.LastName.Substring(0,1)+CurrentUSer.UserGUID.ToString().Substring(0,8) #%}

Dont forget to hide the other fields


1. Generate a Custom Layout2. Hide the Submit button

1 Alternate Form1 Macro15 mins of work

How do we use it?Wildcard Page Alias

New Trick for Kentico II

Better Subscription Form Increase e-mail campaign subscribers

Dont spamDont block the user from reading34

New Trick for Kentico II

Ok, but not great

Dont spamDont block the user from reading35

Unobtrusive,Better Solution!

Free Web Part

What Have We LearnedGrowth Hacking is continuous improvement

Growth Hacking matters because its scalable, inexpensive, and anyone can do it

Growth Hacking examples in Kentico

RememberThe only metric that matters is growth.

There are no constraints to growth.Whats the value to you of 10, 100, or 1000 new customers?

Brian McKeiverCo-Owner & Kentico MVP, BizStreamPhone:(616) 481-1631 Web: