Google AdWords - is it worth it?

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Slides from my talk at the Smart Business Show in May 2014, where I look at how to run cost-effective Google AdWords campaigns.

Text of Google AdWords - is it worth it?

  • GoogleAdWords Isitworthit? Smart Business Show Barry Adams Digital Director
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  • GoogleAdWords
  • Googles Search Results
  • Organic (natural) results
  • Advertising (PPC Google AdWords)
  • Googles revenue sources Googles profit comes from: Advertising 97% Other 3%
  • Corporate Spend: PPC versus SEO 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 PPC SEO Spend (m) UK Search Marketing spend PPC 2335m SEO 436m 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Paid Organic Clicks
  • So why so much emphasis on PPC? SEO Long-Term Results Googles black box PPC Instant Results PPC is the most accountable of all online marketing disciplines. Every penny spent can be tracked and its ROI calculated.
  • The pressure is mounting... Someone specifically looking for GoCompares website will first see an AdWords Ad, then an ad for Googles own insurance comparison service...
  • MakingPPC WorkForYou
  • AdWords is about three things: Keywords Ads Find the right keywords to advertise on. Create the right ad to get users to click on. Landing Pages Build a landing page that converts those clicks in to customers. Make sure your keywords, ad text, and landing page all match up. Understand the expectations of users who type in a certain query, and match & exceed those expectations in your ad text and your landing page. Dont disappoint your users or the click will go to waste.
  • Keyword Research Start with matching your goal to user intent What are you trying to make your website visitors do? What keywords would these visitors type in Google? Understand the three types of search query: Informational learning stuff Navigational finding stuff Transactional buying stuff
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Instant Note: with Google Instant, when your ad is shown for 3 seconds it counts as an impression
  • The Long Tail
  • AdWords Keyword Match Types Broad / Phrase / Exact Broad match: safety laces for Doc Martens boots Phrase match: laces for safety boots Exact match: safety boots
  • Effective Ad Groups Keep your keywords focused per ad group: Too much keyword variation in one ad group makes it hard to match your keywords to your ads and your landing page Good ad group: safety boot safety boots safety boots uk buy safety boots cheap safety boots best safety boots Bad ad group: safety boot work boot steel-toe boots leather boots caterpillar boots rubber sole boots
  • Creating Great Ads Include the keyword often Title Description URL ISP: Impact Selling Points Free delivery Discount
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion Insert the searchers actual query in to your AdWords Ad: {KeyWord:Safety Boots} If the keyword is too long & breaks the character limit, the fallback keyword is used instead.
  • Test, Test, Test 2-3 ads per ad group minimum Select a winning ad, use it for further tests Test different CTAs, URLs, ISPs, etc.. Never stop testing.
  • Elements of a Great Landing Page Repeat the keyword to make sure visitors know theyre in the right place Emphasise your ISPs Strong calls-to-action Make your forms as simple as possible Instil a sense of urgency Minimise distractions Use trust signals (security icons, payment providers) & social proof (testimonials, reviews)
  • Your keywords quality score (1-10) influences how much you need to pay to get a high positioning Quality Score is determined by the following factors: Your accounts historical CTR How well the keyword matches your ad & landing page So its a matter of relevance: Keywords Ads Landing Pages AdWords Quality Score
  • Connect The dots Measure & improve your campaigns:
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