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Introducing AdWords new campaign Strategies - Search, Display Networks & Remarketing

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2. Google AdWords Campaign structure Understanding Quality Score Ad Performance Monitoring andImprovements Remarketing2Todays Agenda 3. Search Network Display NetworkGoogle Search, GoogleShopping, Google Maps,and Google Groups.Search sites that partnerwith Google (searchpartners), such as AOLGoogle sites (like YouTube,Blogger, and Gmail) andthousands of partneringwebsites across the Internet3Types of Google Network 4. 4Typical Campaign Structure 5. Match type Special symbolBroad match noneBroad matchmodifier+keywordPhrase match "keyword"Exact match [keyword]Negative match -keywordAd TypesText adImage adApp/digital content adWAP mobile adProduct Listing AdDynamic Search AdVideo ad5Types of Google Network 6. 94% of people search with multi-word phrases6Avg. Search Phrase Length 7. Quality Score 8. 8Quality Score - Ad Rank & CostQuality score = CTR + Relevance + Landing Page QualityQuality Score plays key role in determining the Ad position & its costAd rank = (Max Bid/CPC X Quality Score)Note: If Ad Rank is high, Ad Position(position on SE) is less 9. How Quality Score Impacts Ad Position AdWords is Like Real Estate: Its all about Location!9 10. 10Conv. Rate VS Avg. Search Position 11. How Quality Score Impacts Actual CPC11 12. 85% of Impressions are from 5% of Your Ads12 13. 1. Below Avg. CTR = Low Quality Score2. Low CTR ads: Have lower Ad Positions (Fewer Clicks) Often dont even get displayed Get penalized w/ up to 400% higher CPCs Have up to 64% higher cost per conversionTRY1. Very Picky. Bid on Only the Best Keywords and Get HIGHCTRs.2. Keep an eye on low performing Keywords (bottom third ofyour account)13Poor Keywords with Low CTR 14. 14Ad Performance 15. How Can You Improve Ad Performance1. Ad Extensions2. Settings(Location, Ad Schedule, Devices)3. Dimensions4. Keyword match types5. Dynamic keyword insertion15 16. Enhance Your Ads with Extensions161. Ad Extension 17. 117`7Different Ad Extensions 18. 18Ad Extensions Impact on CTR 19. Desktop Search Conversion Funnel1. Sees Ad 1. Sees Ad2. Clicks On Ad3. Visits WebsiteLanding Page4. CapturedLeadMobile Conversion Funnel2. CallsBusiness3% Avg.ConversionRate3. LeadCaptured!!Calls to Businesses worth on Average 3x More ThanClicks to Websites!!19Call Extensions Radically Change the Flow 20. 20 21. 212. Settings 22. You can track data even for individual AdGroup.223. Dimensions 23. Broad Match Phrase Match Exact Match Embedded Negative5. Dynamic Keyword Insertion234. Keywords Match Type 24. ConvertingTraffic withRemarketingRemarketing 25. Typical Conv. Rates are in Single Digits~96%of people who visit a websiteleave without completingthe actions marketers wantthem to takeYour Site- XYour Ad70%of people abandon theirshopping cart withoutcompleting a purchaseLarry Kim (@larrykim) #searchex25 26. REMARKETING is the process of showing ads to theusers who have previously visited your website asthey browse the webDid you know?More than 50%Retargeted customers are more likely to convert thansomeone who has not been marketed to26What is Remarketing? 27. 27How Remarketing Works? 28. Typical Reach of Remarketing1. RReeaacchh m ore users 2. RFeraecqh utheemn cfreyquently 3.O Dn ivvaerirosusit pyagesOf the typical remarketingaudience, findReach them on between As they visit 20 or more pageson a typical day across84%within a month10-18 days or more out of the month5-10 sites of which all pages andsites have ad space availableto Google Display Network buyersLarry Kim (@larrykim) #searchex28 29. 29Setting Up Remarketing Tag 30. 30Create Remarketing ListsCreate Remarketing list and assign them to the new/existing AdGroup. 31. 31When Should You Use Remarketing 32. ConvertingTraffic withRemarketing32Thank You 33. 33Q&A