Engaging customers on mobile devices

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Engaging customers on mobile devices for maximum reach.


  • 1. Engaging Customers on Mobile NextBee Media
  • 2. The Rise of Mobile Devices Over 225 million US residents use smart phones actively for networking and socializing *( UN study) **(Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey) Mobile phone usage is estimated to overtake desktop internet usage by the end of 2014 6 billion out of worlds 7 billion people have access to mobile devices
  • 3. Engage Customers through Mobile Devices Steps involved How to
  • 4. Develop a Mobile Store Allow users to browse through your products and services through your own mobile applications Provide a layout of location of your physical stores that customers can visit Accept cash online through mobile to facilitate easy payment for customers
  • 5. Make it Simple & Quick because Develop a clean User Interface to get most things done in 4-5 clicks Display only the most important information Mobile users have less time at disposal than other customers A lot of information in limited space makes it illegible and hard to access
  • 6. In-Mobile Loyalty Program Reward user check-ins with special deals and offers Allow customers to record their purchase instantly- scanning QR codes or receipts- and earn loyalty points Give choice of reward based on customer profile and preferences
  • 7. Location-based Targeting Use Geofencing, Location Based services and GPS to deliver the right message at the right time Lure in customers with deals and offers, when they are in proximity to your store Provide a personalized shopping experience using in-store location monitoring and tailored deals
  • 8. More users access social media through mobile devices than through any other medium Make it easy for customers to share experiences, refer friends, rate products while they shop Instantly give useful rewards to shoppers when they make references and reviews Word of Mouth Referral
  • 9. Personalized Experience Use analytics with the information collected through the customer's device to give the perfect shopping experience Push the perfect deal at the right time and the right place to the right person Create & send tailor-made deals to the customer based on their past purchases and spending habits
  • 10. We will sum it up for you - Engaging Customers on Mobile Develop a Mobile Store Make it Simple & Quick In-mobile Loyalty Program Location-based Targeting Word of Mouth Referral Personalized Experience
  • 11. www.nextbee.com THANK YOU! NextBee Media