eMarketer Webinar: Financial Services 2015 Outlook—Mobile Comes into Focus

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After years of experimentation and strategy building, mobile is finally coming into focus for the US financial services industry. Topics in this webinar include: How are consumer behaviors changing when it comes to transacting and interacting with financial institutions on mobile devices? To what extent are financial companies investing in digital and mobile advertising? What strategies and tactics are successful financial marketers using to reach increasingly connected consumers?


<ul><li> 1. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Financial Services 2015 Outlook Mobile Comes into FocusBryan YeagerAnalystNovember 12, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. 2014 eMarketer Inc.AgendaConsumer attention and activity are shifting to mobileFinancial marketers are ramping up mobile investmentsPushing toward an omnichannel futureKey takeawaysTwitter #eMwebinar 3. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Consumer Attentionand Activity Are Shifting to Mobile 4. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Almost half of US adults media time is being spent with digital and almost half of time spent with digital media is on mobileTwitter #eMwebinar 5. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile is pulling consumers away from the desktopTwitter #eMwebinar 6. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Digital banking is increasingly common in the USBy 2018, 6 in 10adults will be digital banking usersTwitter #eMwebinar 7. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile phone and tablet banking are quickly catching on among adults74.593.310637.647.154.8201320142015Mobile phoneTabletUS Adult Mobile Banking Users, by Device (millions)Twitter #eMwebinarSource: eMarketer, Aug 2014 8. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Major banks are drawing millions of customers to their mobile banking apps16.1 million users18.4 million users13.7 million usersSource: company reports, Q3 2014Twitter #eMwebinar 9. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Result: Mobile is now the preferred banking channel for 1 in 10 US consumers22% of US internet users access mobile banking at least once per week31% of US mobile bankers access their mobile banking app at least once per dayTwitter #eMwebinarSource: American Bankers Association, 2014; YouGov, Sep 2014; Bank of America/Braun Research, May 2014 10. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile banking will continue its growth trajectory9 in 10 USadult digital banking users will also be mobile banking users by the end of 2018Twitter #eMwebinar 11. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Smartphone bankers comprise the bulk of mobile banking usersHalf the US adult population is projected to use smartphone banking by 2018Twitter #eMwebinar 12. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Penetration is already strong among younger adultsThe bulk of growth is coming from older adults moving off the sidelinesTwitter #eMwebinar 13. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Key drivers for mobile banking usage growth:Overall mobile device user growthand increasingly widespread mobile internet usageon these devicesMore robust functionality, including mobile remote deposit capture, peer-to-peer payments, enhanced security measures, personal financial management tools and simplified user interfacesLarger mobile device screen sizes will help consumers avoid transaction errors and improve interactionsConcerted marketing and advertising efforts by financial institutions to push customers to use mobile bankingTwitter #eMwebinar 14. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Security and privacy concerns remain primary inhibitors to greater mobile banking usageMore than one-third of the US smartphone owners worried about insufficient wireless network security protection when accessing financial info28% were concerned about losing their device or having it stolenTwitter #eMwebinar 15. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Despite a fragmented landscape, proximity mobile payments will grow aggressively in the US over the next five yearsTwitter #eMwebinar 16. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile payment user growth is a key contributor to increasing transaction values through the forecast periodTwitter #eMwebinar 17. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Larger purchases by more users will spur growthTwitter #eMwebinar 18. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Apple Pay brings hype, increased competition to mobile payments in the USThe announcement of Apple Pay on Sept. 9, 2014, generated a massive amount of media hype, which may help raise mobile payments consumer awareness.The choice of using near field communication (NFC) for Apple Pay helps provide clarity to the marketin terms of technology standards.Apple is competing with many existing platformsfrom other tech firms, mobile carriers, retailers and other payment providers.Twitter #eMwebinar 19. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Consumers are bullish on a mobile payments futureMore than half of US internet users believe mobile payments will be widely used in the next five years23.2% were certain about widespread adoptionTwitter #eMwebinar 20. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Financial Marketers are Ramping Up Mobile Investments 21. 2014 eMarketer Inc.62% ($3.9B): Spend dedicated to direct responseobjectives in 201435.5% ($2.2B): Spend dedicated to mobile advertising in 2014Twitter #eMwebinarDigital ad spending is rising 22. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile ad spending will outpace the desktop in 2016$32.4$31.7$30.1$26.9$25.4$24.2$10.7$19.0$28.5$40.2$49.4$58.8201320142015201620172018DesktopMobileUS Digital Ad Spending (billions)Twitter #eMwebinarSource: eMarketer, Sep 2014 23. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Users are increasingly coming across financial services ads on their mobile devicesTwitter #eMwebinar 24. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Facebook advertising is efficient but requires testing to be effective Facebook advertising is relatively cost efficient for us. I wouldn't say we've absolutely perfected it Were constantly testing messages, creative and new targeting options. It is a beautiful thing that you are able to overlay so many different factors and interests.Alison Mittelstadt, head of digital marketing at Personal CapitalTwitter #eMwebinar 25. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Financial services advertisers are dedicating more dollars to digital videoTwitter #eMwebinar 26. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile video gets consumers engaged More money needs to roll into mobile from a video and a rich media perspective even faster. Every time were doing a lift study after a video campaign, were seeing that consumers are engaged.Anthony Iacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorentTwitter #eMwebinar 27. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Digital ad KPIs are also evolving as marketers become more sophisticated A lot of companies are using basic media metrics to optimize their programs. Not every [acquired] account is going to drive the same value to their business More sophisticated clients are starting to think about, as well as implement, value-based KPIs.Gil Biegacz, director of category strategy for financial services at Rocket FuelTwitter #eMwebinar 28. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Data-driven marketing is second nature to the new breed of financial startups As a startup, we, by necessity, have to be extremely frugal and meticulous in tracking all of our spend and determining the value of all of our digital marketing efforts. To characterize the company as data-driven is really an understatement. Were part Mad Men and were part data geeks. We live and die by the numbers.Alison Mittelstadt, head of digital marketing at Personal CapitalTwitter #eMwebinar 29. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Pushing Toward An Omnichannel Future 30. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Financial firms face competitive threats from growing tech companiesTwitter #eMwebinar 31. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Banks biggest challenges include satisfying and retaining increasingly demanding customersTwitter #eMwebinar 32. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Mobile is an important innovation area in financial services to help meet user expectationsTwitter #eMwebinar 33. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Breaking down marketing silos: Is talk becoming reality? Were starting to see some of the silos come down from a clients perspective. Traditionally, financial firms are structured where they have a branding group and a direct response group I think in 2015, were going to see more alignment to take a full-funnel approachto executing campaigns.Gil Biegacz, director of category strategy for financial services at Rocket FuelTwitter #eMwebinar 34. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Alignment with external partners is also critical One of the things that we're going to do for the first time in our short life is hold an agency summit where we're going to bring together all of our external partners We have some very ambitious conversion and growth goals for next year and we want to make sure that we're all aligned.Alison Mittelstadt, head of digital marketing, Personal CapitalTwitter #eMwebinar 35. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Making moves to stay innovative and transform+++Twitter #eMwebinar 36. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Banks are looking to online and in-branch innovations to deliver more customer valueTwitter #eMwebinar 37. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Beacons can bridge the digital divide, bringing attribution to branch locationsWeve had conversations with a few firms about beacon technology within branch locations, so that when we serve an ad to a user, specifically on mobile, we can attribute that user to visiting a location and put those two things together. Its all anonymized through hashed IDs between the two systems.Anthony Iacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorentTwitter #eMwebinar 38. 2014 eMarketer Inc.A variety of new mobile banking capabilities are planned for 2015Twitter #eMwebinar 39. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Delivering unified experiences can drive digital sales Financial firms have to start connecting three experiences: the public site, the authenticated space and mobile apps. People are constantly bombarded with messages; you need consistency between the three if you are really going to drive sales.Christopher Young, director of industry strategy for financial services at AdobeTwitter #eMwebinar 40. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Navy Federal Credit Union leverages its tablet apps for credit card account acquisitionConsumers can learn about all the features that each of the various cards offer and then they can apply to get that card via their mobile device. Were looking at expanding our acquisition pieces to offer a membership application probably early next year, as well as looking at consumer lending.Meghan Gound, assistant vice president for e-channels at Navy Federal Credit UnionTwitter #eMwebinar 41. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Customer experience is a powerful marketing vehicle Our most effective marketing channel is the actual moment when the customer experiences us in our store or on our website. We put a lot of emphasis into the experience that the customer has because, at the end of the day, that experience is far more powerful than anything we can say.Vinoo Vijay, CMO at TD BankTwitter #eMwebinar 42. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Key takeawaysMore consumer time spent with digital and mobile media is changing how consumers prefer to engage with financial institutions.Mobile banking and mobile payments will reach key milestones in 2015.Financial marketers are adapting their budgets, strategies and tactics for 2015 to reach consumers across digital touchpoints at the right time and context.Firms are trying to perfect the omnichannel experience to fend off competition and meet heightened customer expectations.Twitter #eMwebinar 43. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Meet with eMarketer at NetFinance!Contact Alexia Vlosky (avlosky@emarketer.com) or Bryan Yeager (byeager@emarketer.com) to schedule a meetingDecember 2-4, 2014 San Diego, CA 44. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Planned Financial Services Topics for 2015Digital Insurance Industry TrendsUS Financial Services Industry 2015 Digital Ad SpendingDigital Video in Financial ServicesRole of Digital in Loan ProductsRole of Digital in Credit Card ProductsGlobal Mobile Payment TrendsUpdated Digital Banking + Mobile Payment Forecasts 45. 2014 eMarketer Inc.Learn more about digital marketing with an eMarketercorporate subscriptionAround 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. 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