Digital Branding Strategy (Part 2) - Why Branding is So Important

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In the second part of Digital Branding Strategy presentation, we will learn on why branding is play significant role. Also explained about basic concept of branding and the fundamental of brain learning process.


  • 1.Digital Branding Strategy (Part Two) @saifulism

2. Why #Branding is so damn important? 3. Why#Brandingis so damn important? 4. #logical vs #emotional This so classical 5. But we still deserve CocaCola Even though it is made from the same recipe 6. #logical = need #emotional = want 7. #logical = need commodity 8. #logical = need #emotional = want commodity differentiated commodity 9. 95% of purchase decisions are made #emotionally Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School Professor 10. #brandis soo emotional 11. emotionis triggered by stimuli 12. Our emotion is being controlled by our #brains limbic system 13. #brand #emotion is triggering as the stimuli as response from the #brain 14. #stimuli #response based on information learned by the #brain 15. #branding #brain based #branding concept which laid on brain principles 16. Lets take another case The definition of beauty 17. Long Neck Tribe, Myanmar Most beautiful woman is the women with the longest neck 18. Thick Madame Fashion More fat will make her more adorable 19. But this is not the definition of normal woman beauty 20. beautiful iswhat She looks like 21. These are also beautiful 22. Could you imagine how these famous brands selling their stuff if beautiful were defined as the way Long Neck Tribes or Thick Madam define the words beauty 23. Who define the word beauty then? 24. The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary Peter Drucker 25. Just ask the marketers 26. And just learn their magic tricks how they did it 27. Classical Conditioning Formula By Ivan Pavlov 28. #stimuli = bell sound + food #response = dogs salivate based on information learned by the #brain #stimuli = bell sound #response = dogs still salivate repeated everyday 29. We can simply expecting desired response by manipulating the stimuli 30. they modified information learned by the #brain to shape customers mind and perception Branding process is identical with the #brain learning process 31. they just simply connecting Brand with customers desirable memories 32. #brain makes behavior 33. #brainlearning process from branding lessons 34. Two main reasons behind this topic 35. Branding Process is identical to Brain Learning Process #1 36. Successful Branding Process means Stronger emotional bonding between customer and our brand #2 37. From Brain Learning Process STEP BY STEP BRANDING GUIDE LINE 38. Brain amazing facts Brain cells are called neurons We are born with at least 100 billion neurons 39. Dendrites (fibers) grow out of the neurons when you listen to/write about/talk about/ practice something. Brain amazing facts (2) 40. Neurons know how to grow dendrites, just like a stomach knows how to digest food 41. Branding activity = attempt to grow new dendrites 42. Brain Lesson #1 New dendrites take TIME to grow; it takes a lot of PRACTICE for them to grow 1. Always have a long term relationship for growing your brands 43. Brain Lesson #2 We must do something active (explain, solve, draw, write, etc.) in order to learn, because Stronger connection only built on active customer involvement Dendrites grow ONLY when we are actively doing something 44. More neuro-transmitter Thicker dendrites Faster the signals travel Fatty coating of myelin Reduces interference Means faster and more reliable signal 45. Brain Lesson #3 Dendrites cannot grow in a VOID Initial information about our brand is very crucial for further process New dendrites can only grow off of what is already there. 46. A completely brand new song and new artist A familiar song with other well- known artist? or 47. Brain Lesson #4 Mistakes, with feedback, are essential and good, because Making mistakes, and getting feedback so you can correct them, allows you to check the accuracy of the connections in your brain 48. Get feedback quickly is important, so we dont practice the wrong thing and build a strong, but wrong, connection! Avoid strong but wrong connection by getting feedback quickly 49. Brain Lesson #5 Emotions affect learning and memory! Anxiety floods us with adrenaline that make blanking out 50. Just like our feeling if we stay beside someone that we trust, it will calming us Relax, exercise, laugh, or learn new things will create endorphins that make us calms 51. Stronger connections were built on sustain customer positive experiences Meaningful engagement with more customer active involvement and honestly, it takes time 52. People may forget your name They wont forget how was their feeling about you Keep Up the Positive Experience with Customers 53. Tell me and Ill forget, Show me and Ill remember. Involve me and Ill understand. Confucius 54. Thank You By @saifulism #BrandGenerosity Continue to Part Three