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Learn from the best! Click through for advice from some of the leaders in the content marketing world.

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  • ADVICE FROM 27 EXPERTS CONTENT MARKETING Michael Gerard, CMO, Curata | @MichaelGerard |
  • Ryan Skinner" Senior Analyst, Forrester" @rskin11 Ensure your content creates interest, relevance and relationships. Understand & listen to your customers, including analyzing data about them, and build up your content ecosystem.
  • David Cooperstein" VP, Research Director, Forrester Research" @Minicooper Customer obsessed marketing is no longer an option. In this Age of the Customer, the best marketers will create content, not advertising, contextualize the customer experience and make real-time data a reality.
  • Ann Handley" CCO, MarketingProfs" @MarketingProfs Steal best practices from traditional publishers: have a mission, focus on the reader rst, not what your CEO wants, and tell stories about people.
  • Jay Baer" Author of Youtility" @JayBaer The secret is not to do more. . . its to create content that matters, that they cherish since people crave useful things.
  • Michael Gerard" CMO, Curata" @michaelgerard Be fearless and relentless in your pursuit of success. The key to innovation in social media and content marketing is to continuously reinvent your strategy and tactics. In some cases this may lead to mistakes. Great! Learn from them.
  • David Skok" General Partner, Matrix Partners" @BostonVC Funnel optimization: Understand your buyers journey as they pass through the stages of awareness, consideration and purchase.
  • Chris Brogan" CEO, Human Business Networks" @ChrisBrogan Stop sucking up to the people above you and spend more time raising up the people alongside of you.
  • Andy Crestodina" Strategic Director, Orbit Media" @crestodina Go deep into specic topics. Identify what topics you can own, and create the best pages on the Internet for that topic.
  • Marcus Sheridan" Founder, The Sales Lion" @TheSalesLion They Ask, You Answer is your key to listening to your audience and engaging with them. Too many companies ignore the simplest of questions that their audience asks them, and become an ostrich with their head in the sand.
  • Mike Stelzner" Founder/CEO, Social Media Examiner" @Mike_Stelzner Do not be discouraged if there are 1000s of blogs in your niche. This didnt discourage me. I saw it as an opportunity to develop something thats different. All those blogs are just proof that theres a large audience out there.
  • Joe Pulizzi" Founder, CMI" @JoePulizzi For every six pieces of content, four should be from your inuencer targets interests, one should be an original thought leadership piece and one should be related to sales.
  • Stan Smith" Founder, Pushing Social" @PushingSocial Brainstorm 9 SEO phrases: 3 readers use to nd information, 3 to research key topics in your area & 3 to decide if they should do business with you. Brainstorm 5 posts per SEO phrase to get 45 great posts.
  • Lewis Bertolucci" Head of Social Media, Humana" @Lewis502 Dont reinvent ROI metrics. One company developed a return on conversation metric; resulting in more spent time explaining it to the CEO versus communicating in terms theyre already used to.
  • Gini Dietrich" CEO, Arment Dietrich; Founder, SpinSucks" @GiniDietrich Many companies are missing the opportunity to leverage their employees for content development. The best content marketers are crowdsourcing across their organizations.
  • Ann Lewnes" CMO, Adobe" @alewnes Allocate 20% of your marketing budget to technology as a rule of thumb.
  • Phil Fernandez" CEO, Marketo" @PhilF1217 The reality is that were at the very beginning of a marketing transformation: 1 on 1 communication, continuous engagement, behavioral data and an integrated marketing experience.
  • Cyrus Shepard" Senior Content Astronaut, Moz" @PhilF1217 Focus on providing better answers for your audience: know that Google wants to have answers for its audience, not just a lot of information.
  • Lee Odden" CEO, TopRank Marketing" @LeeOdden 5 Steps to Content Marketing Awesome: 1. ID Customer Segments 2. Map the buying journey 3. What are questions during the sales cycle? 4.Leverage those questions for content 5.Optimize for search, social and UX
  • Heather Loisel" VP, SiriusDecisions" @HeatherLoisel You cant get to growth without taking risks, and you need marketing transformational change to catalyze this process.
  • Alan Belniak" Content Expert" @abelniak Tap into the power of different content delivery channels based on your buyers needs.
  • Todd Wheatland" Head of Strategy" @ToddWheatland Be intentional regarding content creation that is, create content that will be relevant and of high quality for your target audience.
  • Brian Clark" Founder, Copyblogger" @BrianClark We only publish once a day so that we dont burn out our audiences attention.
  • Denise Wakeman" Founder, The Blog Squad" @DeniseWakeman Dont forget to focus on getting your message out. You need to go far beyond publishing a blog post.
  • Justin Levy" Head of Social Media, Citrix" @JustinLevy Regardless of reporting relationships, all digital marketing teams should work together.
  • Nick Robinson" Social Media Channel Manager, SAP" @SocialRobinson Three key KPIs used by SAP: cost per impression, cost per engagement and pipeline touched.
  • Cory Edwards" Head of Social Business Center of Excellence, Adobe" @coryedwards Four key areas of CoE: 1. Governance Establish polices & audits 2.Enablement Develop & execute training 3.Measurement Measure & meet objectives 4.Innovation Determine whats next
  • Nichole Kelly" President, SME Digital" @Nichole_Kelly Company pages arent the only possible brand voice in social. Empower employees on their own networks and extend reach.
  • Sources of Expert Quotes The Ultimate Social Media Marketing World Wrap-Up Growth Hacking for Marketing by David Skok Content Marketing Perspective of Marketos Marketing Nation Summit Customer Engagement Guidelines from Forresters Forum for Marketing Leaders
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