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If youre starting out with content marketing or want to understand more about why theres so much buzz about it, this workshop will provide practical advice and strategies to put you on the right path. Youll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of what content marketing is and how content becomes a valuable asset to help grow your business. By the end of the session youll know what it takes to implement an effective content marketing strategy and what traps to avoid so ensure your efforts are successful from the outset. In this workshop attendees will: Come away with a solid definition of content marketing Thoroughly understand the three components necessary to implement an effective content marketing strategy Receive guidance on what types of content may be suitable for their particular organisation Determine the best way to distribute content Learn how to establish communities and keep them engaged Know how to keep the search engines interested in their content Address important issues such as implementation and management of a content strategy Who should attend? Marketers responsible for products, services, solutions, segments or industries PR and communication professionals Business owners Directors/VPs/Managers Marketing, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing Communications Marketing Consultants


PowerPoint Presentation

Content Marketing 101 Getting StartedSarah MitchellGlobal Copywriting @globalcopywrite#cmworld1

Introductions#cmworldI introduce myself then ask each participant to do the same giving:

Where they workWhat their role isAre they B2B or B2CWhy theyre attending the classWhat they hope to get out of it


Workshop Agenda#cmworldAgenda for Today:Come away with a solid definition of content marketingThoroughly understand the three components necessary to implement an effective content marketing strategyReceive guidance on what types of content may be suitable for their particular organisationDetermine the best way to distribute contentLearn how to establish communities and keep them engagedKnow how to keep the search engines interested in their contentAddress important issues such as implementation and management of a content strategy


DefinitionContent Marketing:The art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and delivering it to them in a relevant and compelling way.


#cmworldDefinition of Content Marketing according to Joe Pulizzi, co-founder of the Content Marketing movement and the Content Marketing Movement. Source: GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett


Once upon a time#cmworldBusinesses now have the opportunity to provide information, education and, ideally, entertainment to their customers and prospective customers. To achieve all three, marketers should begin to think about how they can tell a story with their content.


Traditional vs. ContentOutbound activity: Lead Generation

Inbound activity: Lead nurturing

#cmworldTraditional marketing uses outbound activity designed to generate leads. Marketers push a message out in broadcast mode. Content marketing relies on inbound activity information and education to pull people toward your company. This activity is a great way to nurture leads.The important point about content marketing is marketers must move away from a broadcast model to be successful. They need to focus on pulling people in with quality content that helps them make decisions.


Online Publishers Association Internet Activity IndexMonthly Time Spent in Internet Activity Table

#cmworldConsumer behaviour has shifted and this was the first evidence I saw of this. It was the aha moment for me and content marketing. The Online Publishers Internet Activity Index tracks 9000 of the most active websites in the world. In a comparison between activity during the first 6 months of 2009 and the last 6 months of 2003, three significant changes were identified:The time consumers had spent searching online had more than doubled.The amount of time they consumed content had nearly doubledThey had increased the amount of purchases by 26%.

Even more interesting, the amount of time they were spending in community hadnt even registered in 2003 but accounted for over 3 hours per month. What is community? Social media.

The only thing that had declined was communications email which reflects a move from email to social media. 7

Average Cost Per LeadInbound vs. Outbound

#cmworldContent Marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing an important consideration if youre trying to convince the C-suite to undertake a content marketing strategy.


3 Components

#cmworldAn effective content marketing strategy is composed of 3 components, each necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of driving more business. The components are complementary. When a 3-pronged focus is implemented, the results are pretty exciting.


Original Content#cmworldOriginal Content underpins your entire content strategy. It allows brands to build assets both online and offline that will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in a given area, establish you as an authority, and position you to become a thought-leader in your industry. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing investments, content is a tangible result of your marketing efforts that continues to generate a return on your investment and attract prospective customers.


#cmworldWhat sort of content you create is going to be governed by whether youre a B2B or a B2C business. So much blanket advice is given around content but its vital to the success of your content marketing strategy to consider whether youre selling directly to consumers or to other businesses. The Content Marketing Institute publishes two different Content Marketing reports every year, one for B2B and one for B2c, because the issues are different.

At this point well stop to pull the CMI reports out of the Dropbox folder I have set up and go through the format of each one so the attendees know what research is available to them. This will likely generate discussion if not, the next 2 slides from the report ALWAYS get things started.11

#cmworldDiscuss the new report from CMI on Australian Budgets, Trends and Benchmarks.


Social Media#cmworldThe second component of content marketing is social media. Social media allows you to distribute your original content to a worldwide audience for little, if any, cost. Consistent, active and mature social networking allows us to form relationships. influence and engage our target audience.


Tools used by the Pros

#cmworldThe list of social media channels is growing every day. The challenge becomes finding the places your target audience is hanging out and building a valuable presence there. Its a slow burn activity and many organisations give up long before their efforts realise a return. According to the2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012 by the Social Media Examiner, marketers with more than 3 years experience using social media tools rely on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. YouTube and Google+ are coming on fast. Of course, B2C and B2B companies have different requirements just as they do with content.

Stop for discussion on what channels attendees are interested in using.

14Dont Post and Hope

#cmworldHubspots 2012 State of Inbound Marketing Report shows a clear benefit for social media activity for both B2B and B2C companies. Posting an article, blog or other piece of content on your website and hoping someone comes along and finds it is a great way to bypass your target audience.

Credit for the Post and Hope goes to Mike Stelzner. Mention the Hubspot research report, also in the Dropbox folder.


Beware of Vanity Metrics#cmworldIts very easy to get focused on popularity measures in social media how many fans, followers, retweets and likes you collect. Its also a terrific way to derail your content marketing strategy. The only real measure for social media in a content strategy is conversions how many of your business goals are being met. Its great to have 40,000 fans but it would be better to have 400 that answer your calls to action. 16

Consumers dont want a relationship with you. Just help them make good choices.Advice to brand marketers from Harvard Business Review

#cmworldIn a report from the Harvard Business Review called To Keep Your Customers, Keep it Simple, marketers are warned that consumers (B2C) are overwhelmed by marketing messages and dont actually want to engage with a brand. Marketers are pushing customers away with relentless and ill-conceived efforts to engage. What they want is help making decisions on purchases.

This is an important point as it requires a shift in thinking from the early days of social media. 17

Content Sweet Spot

#cmworldResearch published on Jay Baers Convince and Convert blog examined the effectiveness of content creation vs. content curation. Research conducted by Argyle examined more than 150,000 tweets and status updates from more than 1,000 Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. The conclusion supports a 60/40 split - companies who link to their own content about 40% of the time and get the best CTR and conversion. The other 60% of the time they link to high-quality content from other parties. 18

Breakout: Listening PostsGoogle AlertsTwitter SearchesLinkedIn Discussion Groups#cmworldThe first part of a successful content marketing strategy is monitoring the conversations and finding thought leaders in your area of expertise. This breakout will spend time setting up Google alerts, using Twitter hashtags and mining LinkedIn discussion groups as part of the discovery process.19

Search Engine Optimisation#cmworldSearch engine optimisation SEO is a fast-changing sector that allows your audience to find your content. Dominated by Google, search engines are continually modifying their algorithms in order to deliver higher quality results to their clients. The days of gaming the search engines are over which means content marketers must be aware of the science driving search results and develop all their content with search engines in mind.


#cmworldOriginal content is the leading influencer of search results. However, your web developer may not have a content focus especially if they offer SEO services. Your content needs to be mindful of SEO especially keywords, long-tail search terms, META titles, descriptions and summaries.21

Mature Content Strategy#cmworldEach component of a content strategy contributes to positive outcomes in relation to building trust, creating a buzz and generating targeted traffic.

Build Trust: Relevant, high-quality information delivered to potentially every corner of the globe. The prospective audience for marketers has exploded with social networking

Create Buzz: Internet habits of your target audience are researched to understand how they behave online. This allows you to share information and promote content to a relevant, engaged audience.

Targeted Traffic: Custom created content attracts your target audience and fills the gap of information.


Easy Ways to Wipe Out#cmworldAll three components of content marketing strategy are critical. Newcomers to the discipline often look for shortcuts by eliminating one component. Its a great way to derail your efforts.23

Small Band of Followers#cmworldUsing original content and social media but ignoring SEO is going to keep you in the boutique camp. You've got a great thing going but no one ever finds you. The decision maker remains elusive.


Think about what a user is going to type

Matt Cutts, Google#cmworldGoogle is working hard to provide better search results for their users. Keeping an SEO focus on all the content your produce is essential to being found on the internet. Its important to remember the terms people will be searching for arent necessarily the ones you want associated with your business. For example, the aged care industry has done a lot of work on improving their image. Modern facilities go out of their way to distance themselves from the old-fashioned nursing home. But the fact remains when people are researching properties to find an organisation to look after a family member, they invariabley type nursing home into the search bar.

Business has to be thinking what consumers might be typing into a search bar. If you dont take this into consideration, you may never be found. Keep in mind the advantage of local search and long-tail search terms. These can be very effective in helping you in competitive industries.

Well do some hands-on work here getting people to use Google Search Insights and Googles Keyword Tool.25

Breakout: Search TermsGoogle Adwords Trends - #cmworldUse 3 different free online tools to make a list of keywords and long tail search terms. Use the aged care and nursing home example to show the importance of focusing on consumer behaviour and not marketing spin. This research should help influence how content will be created.26

Buckshot, aka Hello Adwords#cmworldAvoid social media at your peril. No doubt you'll find an audience but you'll spend a lot on Adwords and won't develop a loyal following. You miss out on the coveted Word of Mouth recommendations.


Without content, conversation is mere networking. Without conversation, content is dead.Tipping Point Labs#cmworldRegardless of how you feel about social media, its an important distribution method for your business. It will help you find targeted traffic and reach a far wider audience.


Land of SPAM#cmworldBlasting your message with no content puts you firmly in the SPAM camp - and no one likes that. Furthermore, the only asset you develop is a disengaged social network. 29

ContentPeople are seekingtheir own information.

TRAP:The days of self-serving, self-promoting blah, blah, blah are over#cmworldPeople want information and they want help making purchasing decisions. They specifically do NOT want to hear advertising, advertorials or anything masquerading as information thats really a sales push. Brands should be focused on building a relationship of trust with their prospects and customers. Blatant self-promotion, with the possible exception of Donald Trump, is no longer an effective marketing strategy. Brands must realise that to maximise the success of their content marketing strategy, they have to shift the focus away from their company, products and services and think about what the consumer wants and needs.

At this point Ill introduce the infographic (also in Dropbox) which shows the 3 essential components of Content Marketing along with the drawbacks for an incomplete model. 30

TIP:Marketing = Publishing#cmworldBusinesses must consider the paradigm shift away from traditional advertising means they have to start thinking like a publishing house.


Think Like a Publisher1 Support each product/service you offer2 Target each customer segment3 Consider vertical markets4 Use multiple content types

#cmworldA magazine or newspaper publisher is working hard to develop content to attract the highest circulation. You need to think the same way about your content what do you need to pull in the largest group of prospective clients?


Breakout: Better TitlesCreate 10 alternative titles for a blog post(Each must be 65 characters or less)

#cmworldTitles are often viewed as an afterthought but the best titles get the most attention. Conversely, excellent content can go overlooked if the title is uninspired. The breakout will cover good strategies to create better titles and lend insight into what sort of titles work. 33

Act Like a Journalist1 Titles / Headlines2 Storytelling3 Deadlines4 Reference, cite, attribute

#cmworldConsumers have so much choice and are being bombarded with information. Only compelling content that will get open, consumed, shared and acted upon. That means you need to make each piece of content highly readable. The people creating your content should be...