Cannes lions awards 2014 trends and implications

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2014 Cannes Lion Trends you should know

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  • 2014 Trends by & How to Lead the Way
  • This year's Cannes Lions contenders assert that digital is not just an appendage but rather an informant of life as we know it. Lets review the key trends in how brands engaged consumers through social, mobile data, and, simply, damn good ideas in 2014. Overview
  • Social ! Gaming! Gaming the ! System! Power of the! People ! Power of! One-To-One! Data as! Creative ! Data Driven! Creativity ! Appeal of! Uselessness ! Tech Working ! for Us ! Immersive ! Storytelling Childlike ! Wonder ! 5 Key Trends & How We Got Here! 2013! 2014!
  • ! By kindling nostalgia, curiosity and excitement, brands delivered simple joys that inspired us all to revisit a ! childlike appreciation of the world.! Childlike Wonder
  • Childlike! Wonder! Volkswagen|Kombi Last Wishes! AlmapBBDO, So Paulo
  • Childlike! Wonder! Inakadate Village|Rice-Code! Childlike! Wonder! Hakuhodo, Tokyo
  • Volvo|Live Test Series! Childlike! Wonder! Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
  • Coca-Cola|A Rainbow for the Rainbow Nation! Childlike! Wonder! FCB Johannesburg
  • Childlike Wonder Thought-Starters How can you think more simply about the qualities that set your brand apart in the marketplace? ! In what mediums and environments can you best illustrate those qualities to drive experiences that feel special and inspire awe?!
  • Tech Working For Us Its not about what people can do with tech, but what technology can do for people. Brands are forming deep relationships with consumers by using tech to power new ways for consumers to monitor, educate, enliven, protect, give and repeat. !
  • Intel|Project Daniel!Tech! Working For Us! Venables Bell & Partners, The Ebeling Group
  • Bischfliches Hilfswerk Misereor|Social Swipe!Tech! Working For Us!
  • Nivea|Sun Kids Protection Tech! Working For Us! FCB So Paulo
  • ANZ Bank|GAYTMs Tech! Working For Us! WHYBIN/TBWA Group Melbourne London
  • Tech Working For Us Thought-Starters What are your headlining brand promises, and what are new ways you can deliver them to build trust and appreciation for your mission? ! What senses or routines does your brand seek to affect, and how can technology equip you to enhance those existing experiences?!
  • Data as Creative! Shufing the science, numbers or insight from under the hood to the forefront of campaigns, brands that used data as their creative not only to drive it -- advanced the game.!
  • BGH Air Conditioning|My Home is an Oven!Data! as! Creative! Del Campo Saatchi&Saatchi
  • Honda|The Sound of Honda Data! as! Creative! Dentsu
  • British Airways|Magic of Flying Data! as! Creative! OgilvyOne London
  • Molson Canadian|Passport Beer Fridge Data! as! Creative! Rethink
  • Data as Creative Thought-Starters How can you lift the veil on your brands inner workings to create a meaningful consumer experience?! What are the data points you have used as internal insights, and how can they help consumers understand their part in your story?!
  • Gaming the System For all of time, brands have sought to establish emotional connections with consumers. Now, brands are getting crafty to outsmart the system and tug at hearts and heads. Those doing it best create value-based stakes that transform consumers into advocates.!
  • 350 Action|Climate Name Changes Gaming the System! Barton F. Graf 9000
  • DHL|Trojan Mailing Gaming the System! Jung von Matt/Neckar
  • Pilion Trust|F*ck the Poor Gaming the System! Publicis London
  • IFC|Spoils of Babylon!Gaming the System! Fallon Worldwide
  • Gaming the System Thought-Starters What are some of your brands qualities that play to consumers lesser-exposed emotions, and how can you inspire consumers to think differently about both? ! How can your brand ex its voice by crafting outrageous circumstances that turn consumers into advocates?! !
  • Power of One-to-One Instead of appealing to the masses with a power to the people approach, brands are winning consumer loyalty by supplying power to the person opportunities. !
  • Hindustan Unilever|Kan Khajura Tesan!Power ! of! One-To-One! PHD India
  • Harvey Nichols|Sorry, I Spent it On Myself! adam&eveDDB Power ! of! One-To-One!
  • Sawamninjah|Rescue Radio! Memac Ogilvy & Mather Power ! of! One-To-One!
  • V/Line|Guilt Trip! McCann Melbourne Power ! of! One-To-One!
  • Milka|Last Square! Buzzman Power ! of! One-To-One!
  • Power of One-to-One Thought-Starters How can you refresh your brands denition of success to be more inclusive of the role you play in one consumers life?! How do you want consumers to interact around your brand, and how can you facilitate that new consumer experience? ! How can enact what youve established in the above at scale?!
  • 360i @ Cannes Lions
  • Oscar Mayer|Wake Up and Smell the Bacon! 360i Mobile: Innovative Use of Technology
  • 360i|#Mamming! 360i PR: Charity & Not for Prot
  • HBO|Roast Joffrey! 360i Shortlist: Direct Lions: Best Use of a Social Audience
  • Appendix
  • Appendix | Winning Categories! Client! Campaign! Agency! Grand Prix! Gold! Silver ! Bronze! Volkswagen ! Kombi Last Wishes! AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo! Branded Content and Entertainment: Integrated Campaign! Branded Content and Entertainment: Use or Integration of User Generated Content! ! Direct: Use of Social Audience! Direct: Cars & Automotive Services Promo and Activation: Use of Non- Traditional Ambient! Film: Internet Film! Inakadate Village|! Rice Code! Hakuhodo, Tokyo! Outdoor: Special Build! Branded Content and Entertainment! Media: Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale! Volvo! Live Test Series! Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden! Cyber: Engagement Platfrorm! Direct: Cars & Automotive Services! Promo and Activation: Online Advertising in a Promotional Campaign! Titanium & Integrated: Integrated Campaign led by PR! Media: Cars & Automotive Services! Media: Use of Branded Content & Sponsorship! Coca-Cola South Africa! A Rainbow for the Rainbow Nation! FCB Johannesburg! Media: Use of Ambient Media! ! ! Media: Use of Outdoor! Outdoor: Special Build! Promo & Activation: Use of non- Traditional Ambient in a Promotional Campaign (Large Scale)! Promo & Activation: Use of Promotional Stunts and Live Advertising! Childlike! Wonder!
  • Client! Campaign! Agency! Grand Prix! Gold! Silver ! Bronze! Intel! Project Daniel! Venables Bell & Parners, ! The Ebeling Group! Titanium And Integrated: Titanium and Integrated! Bischiches Hilfswerk Misereor! Social Swipe! Kolle Rebbe Hamburg! Outdoor: Digital Screens! Promo and Activation: Use of Exhibitions and Digital Installations! Media: Charities, Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages! Media: Use of Screens! Direct: Charities! Promo and Activation: Use of non- Traditional Ambient in a Promotional Campaign (Large Scale)! Promo and Activation: Charities! ! ! Nivea! Sun Kids Protection! FCB So Paulo! Integrated Mobile Campaign! Mobile: Activation by Location or Proximity! Mobile: Products! Promo And Activation: Use of Print or Standard Outdoor in a Promotional Campaign! ANZ Bank! GAYTMs! WHYBIN/TBWA Group Melbourne London! Outdoor: Special Build! PR: Corporate Responsibility! PR: Sponsorship! Direct: Financial Product & Service! Direct: Ambient Media: Large Scale! Media: Financial Products & Services! Promo and Activation: Financial Product