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GROUP B-8NeerajaVyshakSachinRamshadSuhairaBRAND REPOSITIONING

POSITIONING &REPOSITIONINGIn marketing positioning means the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of the target market for its brand, product or organization.Repositioning on the other hand involves changing the identity of the product, relative to the identity of competing products in the collective minds of the target market.


Not to beat off competition;

Sales increasing but at a slow pace;

Segment not big enough to provide faster growth.


"If a brand does not reposition at the right time, it may not get a second chance.

The company decided to reposition the brand in a timely manner and target new market segment. This decision was taken in lieu of the lagging sales.



Cadbury is Indias largest chocolate maker and enjoys a healthy market share of more than 70% closely followed by Nestle which has a market share of 20%.

Cadbury commands the market with some great products like Dairy Milk, Five-star, Bourneville, and clairs which are enjoyed by all.

Chocolates as we know have an interesting history and it have been eaten regularly for pleasure as well as for medicinal values.India which has always known for its sweets of various flavors and especially in India sweets are must in every festivals. Chocolates manufacturing in India started in 1947 onwards, but could not make a major dent in the market.In India chocolates were meant only for children and sometimes were enjoyed by an adult that too in privacy. For Indian consumers sweets was a better option than chocolate.

In late 90s Cadbury which was leader in chocolate market saw a big opportunity, which was to make an inroads into the Indian sweets market, which was loosely un-organized.

For Cadbury the market was too big and needed a transition.It decided to reposition itself among the adults and started with a series of campaign aimed to woo adults.



It started with the now famous TVC showcasing a girl enjoying match in stadium while as her boyfriend whos playing cricket. As soon as he scores a ton she jumps on the ground dancing and celebrating with Cadbury dairy milk. The campaign was complemented with a tagline Kya Swaad Hai.


This Ad along with the other featuring Omang Kumar shook the entire Advertising world.It was something unique and never done before, but it achieved what was desired andCadbury had found a new consumer that is Indian youth and Adults.No longer would anyone call you a child if you were spotted having a chocolate.

Cadbury which wanted to have a big pie of Indian sweets market decided to launch its own brand of sweats and in 1997 it launched Cadbury mithai around Diwali.

The product failed to ignite market and even though Cadbury tried to re-launch it, it simply failed. Cadbury recalled the product as it could not woo consumers away from the sweets with its own sweets.

Cadbury again concentrated on the adult consumers with series of campaign. To capture the sweets market it made a subtle effort with series of ads around various festivals like Raksha-Bandhan and recent Kuch meetha ho jayee.This has actually helped Cadbury as on Diwali, consumers do buy chocolate gift packs for distribution.



The campaign to reposition Gems is meant just to increase sales or is it something else?


The repositioning of Gems, which is an Indian version of M&M marbles, is aimed to capture the adult consumers, while there is logic behind new TG.

The campaign fails to provide any compelling reason for adults to buy Gems. Raho Umarless does not emphasis as to why, rather it is a weak attempt to attract adult & to make them rethink about Gems.

Ideally the brand should have tried with a non-hyperbolic, real life scenario where an adult is enjoying life or the product & it would have attracted the TG in a right way.

The right approach would have been that while repositioning, the brand should have concentrated on building salience and should have concentrated on finer details as to why to buy and when to? These elements are simply missing in the campaign.


Cause and Effect of RepositioningCadbury Dairy MilkCadbury GemsOn top of the pile.

Overwhelming market share of 70%.

Sales shot through the sky.Not been able to achieve desired results.

Cadbury Dairy MilkCadbury GemsResounding success

Ad campaign was spot on

Proper logic

Reason to consume the product


Weak attempt to attract adults

Salient features missing

Did not provide any compelling reason to buy the product.

Success/Failure of Repositioning


Launched into the Australian market in 2006 by the Coca-Cola Company.Coca-Cola used a heavy launch program to generate trials of the product.They leveraged their extensive distribution channels and were able to get the product in many retailers, with prominent point-of-sale displays. The cans packaging had a tattoo look about it, again tapping into the popular culture of the time.

While the launch campaign was professionally and effectively executed, the taste of the product was not great and repeat purchases were quite low as a consequence.

Therefore, they had to decide whether to improve and reposition the product or to withdraw it and replace it with a new brand and product. The firmdecided to reposition the product.

Since they had done such a good job with the launch, that the brand awareness (a key part of brand equity) was very high in the marketplace.

With the relaunch and repositioning project, their biggest challenge was to convince consumers to re-trial the product. As a result, they changed the packaging, increased the size of the can and, of course, improved the products taste.

However, they approached the problem of the products perceived poor taste head-on. For instance, on the cans packaging, in quite prominent letters, they had New Mother, tastes nothing like the old one.

As a consequence, they are able to reposition the product as having a great taste and many consumers were willing to re- trial the product and today the product enjoys a good share of the Australian market and is performing to the firms expectations.


Just seven years ago McDonalds was using its adverts to promote and sell its products. Its products took the center stage.

But McDonalds is currently under going brand reposition. To build better brand experiences, advertise expectations and deliver the brand promise.

McDonalds shift in its advertising now places focus on human qualities and emotion. Replacing their products. This move away from product benefits, the brand promise in a direct sales message.

New generations have new tastes, interests and habits. McDonalds is slowly changing itself to reflect the new generations needs and desires.

New brand position demonstrates that, the business has been listening to their customers. Identifying what should be done to improve the business and lives it effects.

McDonalds is repositioning itself through brand storytelling, through media channels that seem to be traditional.

McDonalds is doing two things A. Influencing older generations to take kids to McDonalds B. Influencing kids how McDonalds are doing things, in a way that will continue to grow with them. To create a nostalgic sense of a company doing good. As well as a brand that values fun and creativity.

OTHER EXAMPLES..1) MALBRO:Marlboro is the ultimate male cigarette and the advertising reinforces the same.The famed cowboy, his Stetson hat and the rugged looks have gone a long way in reinforcing that image of rugged manhood.Check out the very red filter. The very red filter was used so that the ladys lipstick is not spoiled.Over a centurys what started out as a ladys cigarette has been repositioned as the ultimate manly cigarette.

2) SCOOTER:Scooter is a product that was invented in Italy. It was a product that was made with the women in mind.The male two wheeler vehicle of choice is the motorcycle. It is heavy manly and sure is rued like the Bullet. Scooter was designed by Vespa keeping women in mind.The lady can get on to it like a ladies bicycle. They need not straddle like a motorcycle.

Motorcycle It was lighter and had a easier kick start. The early Italian Advertising campaigns for Vespa and Lambretta, mainly targeted at women.

The Vespa called Chetak in its Indian Avatar got positioned as a mans bike of choice. It was heavy, rugged and had a kick start. The positioning of the ladys bike of choice had later first occupied by the Kinetic Honda and later by Honda Activa.

3) Debeers: (Repositioning the customer mindset):

Debeers is the king of diamonds. It had a easy time in the western world where the traditional symbol of love has always been a diamond.

Diamonds are extensively used in engagements and there was no dearth of customers queuing up to buy its diamonds.

In India Debeers faced a problem. In India the metal of choice is gold. So much so that the majority of gold mined and sold in the world finds its way to India.

Debeers is still working out its positioning strategy in India. It is trying to persuade Indians to buy diamonds along with Gold. It is trying to change the Indian perception that stones are not that glamorous.

t is pitching hard to drive home the fact that diamond are foreve