Basic seo tips for small business owners

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Basic SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

How Can I StartDoing SEO?

I Have a SmallBusiness. CanI Afford It?

Can I Compete withThe Big Brands?

Hold on Guys!!I will AnswerYour Questions


If you dont do it then search engines cant categorise and rank your site for keywords relevant to your business.

Don't WorryMate!!

More Tips for Small Business Owners

Both on-site SEO and off-site SEO are required

Know your competition

SEO doesnt have to be expensive

SEO results arent instant

The newer your website is, the more patient you will need to be

Never consider your website to be finished

Hurray!!Now I Can StartSEO for My Business

Hold On Mate!!Not Finished Yet..

Adapt to algorithm updates

You dont need to submit your website to search engines. Get advice directly from Google via their Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos.

Dont risk Google penalties

Set-up and use Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google+ page for your business.

Use Pay Per Click in addition to SEO

How Can I OptimizeMy WebsiteContent?

Tips For Optimizing Content

Create content primarily for people, not search engines

Remove duplicate content

Dont copy content from other websites

Claim authorship of your content

Ensure your content is good enough to be on the 1st page

Make your content engaging for visitors

So Far Its Good But! How Can I Start The On-Page SEO?

1. Write a unique, descriptive title for every page.2. Write a unique, descriptive meta description for every page. 3. Research keywords before optimizing meta tags.4. Target relevant keywords. Target keywords with commercial intent.5. Long-tail keywords are a great source of traffic.6. Avoid keyword stuffing.7. Dedicate 1 page of your website to each keyword that youre targeting.

On-Page Tips

What Next?

1. Backlinks affect rankings more than anything else. 2. Link building should be a steady, consistent, on-going process, that doesnt stop when you reach a certain number.3. Get backlinks from relevant, trusted sources.4. Dont get involved in link networks.5. Build backlinks to every page of your website that you want to rank.6. Get the good backlinks that your competition already has.7. The majority of your backlinks should be branded.8. Sign up for Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer.9. Have direct links from your homepage to your most important pages.

All Most Done!!!

Use Social MediaPromote Business

Use social websites to promote other peoples content as well as your own.

Add social sharing buttons to your website.

Is This Costly?

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