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  1. 1. Partner Spotlight Brightworks Group
  2. 2. Partnering with AWS gives Brightworks Group access to partner demand generation campaigns on Elastic Grid. The Grid helps them generate leads and win new customers. AWS Grid
  3. 3. From our first experiences with the AWS Grid platform, weve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to work with. AWS Grid is a valuable tool for launching co- branded materials, with a clean and simple user experience - Doug Miller from Brightworks Group Partner Experience
  4. 4. The campaigns were running are both solid, and relevant to our audience. The content is informative without reader overload, and the layout is clean and easy to read - Doug Miller from Brightworks Group Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist, Kasi Cruz, reached out to Doug Miller from Brightworks Group, to help optimize their AWS campaign: What is Cloud Computing? Marketing Support
  5. 5. AWS Campaign Helped Brightworks Group Generate $50K Revenue Pipeline Visit and start generating results.
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