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  • 1. Are you creative and passionate about your dreams? Are you ready to turn your idea into an invention?!

2. provides you with a guide to help you in generating your idea and gives you the opportunity to send your idea to the site and win 1000s $ by selling your idea to well known enterprises 3. 1)Idea Generation: Experts say that we all have this creative energy, we just need to believe in ourselves)Always Believe that you can Believe that nothing is impossible B)Never lose hope: if you fail at the first time, try again and Again a Read Reading shows you opinions of other people and how they think, their experience and how they deal with their problems and this will motivate 4. D) Get inspired by other peoples ideas and work:In the site, you will find examples of many ideas of other people that will help you in getting your own idea E) Be creative: Creativity leads to new innovative ideas. This creativity come from a broad set of experiences ( meaning form viewing other people's work). This doesnt mean to steal other peoples ideas or work. Just get inspired by them and create your own idea 5. 2)Prevent your idea from being stolen: After you generate your idea , you have to protect your idea and This by applying for a patent by filling a patent application and submitting it(a3)Put a plan on how to market it in the market You have to send a plan as well to the site on the way you think of marketing it in a way that attracts the customer You have to show your creativity in the plan as well to encourage companies to invest in your project and turn your idea into a reality 6. Examples of products that were at first just ideas 7. Be creative and send your idea!Dont miss the chance to win thousand of dollars!