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Arctos Consulting - Building Better Engagement

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“Building Better Engagement”

Consulting Proposition & Credentials

Nov 2016






Big Data




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C2 – Company Confidential2

We enable companies to build better relationships with their customers by helping to enhance analytical marketing and customer engagement capabilities

Our purpose and mission

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C2 – Company Confidential

About Richard Britton & Arctos Consulting

About Richard About Arctos

• Formed January 2016 to provide professional services, interim management, advisory & training, pan-APAC

• Foundation clients in telco & retail banking

• Sole focus on data-basedcustomer engagement strategies & capabilities

• Sydney-based. ABN/ACN & GST registered

• Platform & vendor independent

• Our services focus on:

1. Customer engagement strategy & vision

2. Enhancing analytical marketing capabilities

3. Marketing data strategy

4. Marketing technology strategy, vendor selection & implementation support

• www.arctos.com.au

• www.linkedin.com/company/arctos-consulting

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Big Data



• A hugely experienced marketing leader and practitioner, Richard works at the intersection of marketing, technology and data

• 25 years of experience in operational, managerial and consultancy roles in customer marketing, marketing automation, decision analytics and customer experience design

• A recognised visionary and thought-leader

• A practitioner who can get things done in complex organisations

• An effective influencer at all levels up to CEO/board level of major corporates

• Experience spanning multiple industry sectors

• A deep and long track record of delivering extraordinary outcomes and value

• au.linkedin.com/in/rabritton


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C2 – Company Confidential

marketing, technology and data to help you deliver and enhance your customer engagement capabilities

Customer Engagement


Marketing Technology & Big Data

Operational Management

& Delivery

Marketing Analytics & Decision Science


Marketing Technology strategy

Staff augmentation & interim leadership

Programme design & management

Benefits casing

Marketing Data strategy

Customer engagement vision, strategy & journey design

Operating model – people, culture & process enhancement

Customer Decisioning and Next Best Action

Marketing analytics leadership, training, & transformation

Outsourcing evaluation, transition & management©Arctos Consulting, 2016

We work at the intersection of

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C2 – Company Confidential5

Capability Assessment

Where are we on our analytical marketing journey?

Where are the likely sources of value?

Where should we focus our attention?

Understanding your current strengths and weaknesses is a natural starting point for many engagements. Arctos have helped many organisations assess there ‘as is’ situation to help answer these questions

A quick view assessment can be accomplished in jus a few days

We can deliver guided or self-serve approaches

Programme design & management

5©Arctos Consulting, 2016

Where should I start? How do I make this happen?

Where is the benefit? Where are the quick wins?

How do I get everyone aligned & on-board?

CRM projects are complex, multi-disciplinary and probably, expensive

We understand the complexity of large organisations, and are experts at making things happen

We believe in ‘think big, start small, run fast’


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C2 – Company Confidential6

Customer Engagement Strategy

6©Arctos Consulting, 2016

How do I want to engage with my customers?

What is the customer journey?

How, when, where, why & how should we engage?

Arctos have been helping design and deliver ‘customer journeys’ long before the term became a buzzword

We have proven methodologies for helping design real-life, actionable customer contact and engagement strategies and tactics

We are practitioners. We understand what it takes to make journeys work, the benefits, challenges, pit-falls and over-promises

Customer decisioning & Next Best Action


Right for the customer, or right for the CFO?

What is the Next Best Action for this customer?

How do I orchestrate all of this?

Customer journeys are not linear, but a set of individual and lined decision-points. Some of these need to deliver hard-nosed sales actions.

Sometimes a customer needs to exit one journey and be managed through another. And sometime not.

We know how to translate this complexity into a structured, deliverable Next Best Action framework that balances ‘best for the customer’, with best value delivery


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C2 – Company Confidential7

Operating modelMarketing Analytics &

Decision Science

7©Arctos Consulting, 2016

Which cohorts should I target, and with what?

How do I know that this is working?

Help, I don’t speak analyst

Decision analytics is increasingly the domain of marketers, not rocket scientists. But which analytics are worth doing, by who and why?

We understand marketing and analytics, and know how to bridge the gap between technicians and marketers

Analytical marketing is our heritage and our core competancy

What’s the best team structure to make this work?

How can I do this faster, be more lean and more effective?

Where is the balance between agile and rock-solid?

Arctos have designed effective operating models for numbers of companies, in multiple industry sectors

We understand the need-for-speed, and also the risks of making mistakes – and can help you find the right balance



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C2 – Company Confidential8

Marketing Technology

What bits of technology do I need?

How do I integrate them?

Help ….. I don’t talk technical

The explosion in marketing technologies has led to a really complex solutions ecosystem. Adtech and Martech are colliding rapidly

Arctos have been advising, guiding and implementing marketing technology for over 15 years

We know what works, what doesn’t and how to help you find the right solutions to deliver your customer engagement vision

8©Arctos Consulting, 2016

Marketing Data Strategy

What data do I really need?

Do I need ‘real time’ data? Why?

How do I merge digital and CRM data?

Arctos work in companies where data records are counted in the tens of billions. Big data holds no fears for us.

We understand what data you need to deliver your customer engagement vision, how up-to-date it needs to be

We straddle marketing and information management teams and help them work better together


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C2 – Company Confidential9

Interim Management

I don’t have the right leadership in my analytical marketing team

I need some help to raise the bar and leave us in a better place

Arctos have built, led and managed analytical marketing teams

We understand the challenges, the opportunities and the frustrations of being an analyst in a marketing team

We can help boost your resources, raise the bar, plug a gap or support your impossible deadlines.

9©Arctos Consulting, 2016

Outsourcing & Managed Services

Should I outsource marketing analytics?

What are the options? How can I make it work

I need to outsource, can you help?

With ever increasing cost pressures and tempting vendor proposals, outsourcing your analytics team is likely to never be far from the CFO’s agenda

We understand the pros and cons of outsourcing analytical marketing functions

We can provide ongoing managed services to deliver marketing analytics, or help you establish an outsourced function

Raise the bar

Time critical

Skills shortage

Specific expertise

Interim Management


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C2 – Company Confidential

Example projects & commendations

Experience & expertise

Arctos Consulting (2016-)

• Regional NSW Bank : Led the definition of a revised customer contact strategy that will deliver an incremental $8m revenue p.a. from a four-fold increase in customer engagement activity

• APAC Quad-play Telco : Supported the roll-out of a Customer Value Management programme, delivering +2% incremental service revenue in first full year

Prior to Arctos

• 2012-1015: Rebuilt and led the campaign management team at Vodafone Australia, delivering 1000 campaigns per month. Business owner of the marketing automation technologies, led multi-million dollar enhancement projects

• 2001-2012: Led, managed, supported and sold multiple consulting engagements across the UK and Europe, including:

– Vodafone Group : Design of a group-wide arbitration approach for real time decisioning

– SkyTV : marketing optimisation and real time decisioning

– Vodafone Ireland & Spain : prepaid contextual marketing programme

– Vodafone Netherlands : Next Best Action design & implementation in call centre and online channels

– Royal Bank of Scotland : Customer marketing operating model design and transformation

– RAC Motoring Services : Marketing automation implementation

– UPC Group : Customer contact strategy design

– Eircom : Predictive analytics enhancement


Simon O’Rourke, Head of Customer Value Management,

SSE Airtricity

I couldn’t recommend Richard enough. His wealth of expertise is only

matched by his highly effective warm welcoming manner. He is just a

pleasure to work with, and as all truly effective consultants he can

achieve superb results, add more value than you thought possible and

deliver within ridiculously short timelines. The difference that makes

Richard unique is the truly inclusive way he achieves this which just

makes people want to work with him again

Nilanjan Sarkar, General Manager, Consumer Segments at

Vodafone Australia

Richard is one of the most competent technical experts in Customer

Life Cycle Management and Campaign Analysis I know. I have seen

him in action in Vodafone Australia, as also in the consultancies he

worked in. He helped set up the foundations of the Life Cycle

Management program we started at Vodafone Australia in 2013.

A great mix of Strategic and Operational Skills, and a delightful

person to work with - I recommend him highly

Steve Smyth, General Manager, Consumer Products at

Vodafone Australia

Richard is an expert professional in CVM. I have been impressed by

his deep knowledge of technical capability and campaign tactics.

More than that, I have enjoyed working with Richard as he is a great

collaborator and a steady hand on delivery of major projects. He

listens well and works hard to achieve company outcome

For more recommendations check out au.linkedin.com/in/rabritton1010

©Arctos Consulting, 201610

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C2 – Company Confidential


Richard Britton

+61 (0)450 602283

[email protected]








Big Data



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