60+ Inspirational Quotes from Cannes Lions 2014

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AdWeek and MediaLink presented DailyDose seminars featuring top thinkers

Text of 60+ Inspirational Quotes from Cannes Lions 2014

  • 3. DATAMAGINATION Liam Doyle (Exact Target Marketing Cloud) Bryan Schroeder (Facebook) Paul Steketee (MerkleCRM)
  • 4. Datamagination is the intersection of data and creativity
  • 5. Facebook delivers best-in-class mobile experience
  • 6. The key is non-interruptive mobile advertising
  • 7. Real people not cookies
  • 8. Cookies do not transform on mobile
  • 9. Location is the next big thing on mobile (drive-to-store, proximity marketing)
  • 10. DATAMAGINATION Jeff Rooney (Forbes) Dan Neely (Networked Insights) Dave Morgan (Simulmedia) Matt Spielman (Return Path) Peter Daboll (Ace Metrix)
  • 11. If you cant have great creative, at least, get great data
  • 12. A great creative has Revenue, Relevance, Residence
  • 13. With data: the more you see, the more you know, the more you matter
  • 14. Media cant ignore the efficiency of creatives. Creatives cant ignore data measurement
  • 15. Purchase intent was good before we had actual purchase measurement. Only sales should matter
  • 16. No more campaigns. Think in terms of cultural movements centered around the consumer and not the other way around
  • 17. About real-time marketing: lets not get faster in the way of better
  • 18. If we all end up with a Chief Data Officer, we lost. Data should be the responsibility of everybody in the organization
  • 19. DATAMAGINATION Wenda Harris Millard (MediaLink) Joe Ripp (Time Inc)
  • 20. Time Inc is no longer a magazine company. We are a content creation company, which happened to be published in print form
  • 21. CANNES CALLING Tuesday
  • 22. CANNES CALLING Michael Barrett (Millenial Media) Kirk McDonald (Pubmatic) Ben Phillips (Mediacom) Stephen Rosenblatt (Foursquare) Deb Marquardt (Starcom MediaVest Group) James Cooper (Adweek)
  • 23. Marketers tell their media agency I know I should spend money on mobile but how?
  • 24. Mediacom is moving from mobile campaigns to mobile strategies
  • 25. Programmatic doesnt and shouldnt prevent creative execution. Its just a better way of buying
  • 26. They are not a lot of classically trained mobile specialists
  • 27. My daughter of 11 years knows more about this device and its utility than me
  • 28. CANNES CALLING Nigel Morris (Dentsu Aegis Network)
  • 29. The difference between 16- and 16+? 16+ still use Facebook
  • 30. Advertising should feel like content not ads
  • 31. Programmatic and real-time buying are not synonymous
  • 32. We are trying to do mass personal marketing. This is normally an oxymoron
  • 33. Lots of hype about NFC. Nothing really happened
  • 34. Regarding privacy: you got to put the control to the user and give them value
  • 35. Some app developers just add location capabilities in their apps, because there is more value in the data collected
  • 36. Search on mobile is broken and should be personal and relevant to the user
  • 38. THE MARKETERS TOOLKIT Bonin Bough (Mondelez International) Jonathan Carson (VEVO) Rene Rechtman (Maker Studios) Rich Raddon (ZEFR)
  • 39. You need and compass and a radar
  • 40. I dont care whats next. I care about the ability of the organization to adapt to the next big thing
  • 41. Big data was more a buzzword last year than this year
  • 42. Just by looking at the data on your phone, we can predict if you are going to get diabetes
  • 43. Marketing should become the antenna of the entire organization
  • 44. We have to innovate the existing (process, structure )