6 reasons why you need data driven marketing

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<ol><li> 1. 6 Reasons why you need data driven marketing </li><li> 2. From MAD MEN to SAD MEN </li><li> 3. urbane, THE 60s ADMAN: sophisticated. witty, </li><li> 4. THE 60s ADMAN: But FLAWED. </li><li> 5. Don Draper created campaigns on INSTINCT.Acting more on FEELINGthan THINKING. </li><li> 6. He had some SUCCESS. But far more FAILURES you never heard about. </li><li> 7. Todays Mad Man drives marketing with DATA. </li><li> 8. INSTINCTSare GOOD. INSIGHTis BETTER. </li><li> 9. Without DATA, an INSIGHT is just a HUNCH. Without DATA, a MAD MAN is a SAD MAN. </li><li> 10. TODAYS marketer is POSITIVE ABOUT DATA. Data gathered from SOCIAL TRENDS, WEB CONTENT ... and YOUR OWN CRM. </li><li> 11. There are many reasons to adopt a marketing strategy based on DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHT. HERE ARE SIX. </li><li> 12. REASON 1: BECAUSE DATA IS EVERYWHERE. </li><li> 13. Where does useful data COME FROM? Chances are its ALREADY IN YOUR BUSINESS. </li><li> 14. A well-designed CRM programme can COLLECTand ANALYSE... serving up INSIGHTS ON A PLATE. </li><li> 15. of customers use fewer than half the features they have on their CRM INSIGHTS come EASIER if you use CRM smarter. 43% </li><li> 16. REASON 2: BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DOING IT. </li><li> 17. Gartner predicts CRM will be a $36bn sector by 2017. Still think guesstimates and gut instincts are the way to go? </li><li> 18. Without DATA, EVEN A GENIUS GETS IT WRONG. </li><li> 19. 91%of companies with more than 11 people use CRM. </li><li> 20. But only 50%OFSUB-10-PERSON companies. (Is CRM how a sub-10 turns into an SME?) </li><li> 21. REASON 3: BECAUSE CONTENT OWNS YOUR CAMPAIGN. </li><li> 22. Your brand today is WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY IT IS. The customers impression ofyou is a collage of snippets, articles, blogs and PDFs and Tweets. Your campaign is CONTENT. </li><li> 23. 25%of customers who used Twitter and Facebook to communicate expected an answer WITHIN ONE HOUR. </li><li> 24. Campaigning today isnt so much REACHING OUT, as POINTING OUT. Make sure your CRM can WRAP AROUND THE CAMPAIGN. </li><li> 25. REASON 4: BECAUSE DATA MAKES IT MEASURABLE. </li><li> 26. A Mad Man once said he didnt knowwhich half of his ad budget worked. THAT WAS THEN. THIS IS NOW. Tracking metrics make EVERY CLICK, EVERY OPPORTUNITY measurable. AND EVERY BEHAVIOUR AN INSIGHT. </li><li> 27. The average CRM has an ROI of 560% when used as a DATA-DRIVEN STRATEGY, not just for campaigns. </li><li> 28. REASON 5: BECAUSE RATIONAL DOESNT MEAN COLD </li><li> 29. Being data-driven doesnt make your ideas less emotional. Quite the opposite. Data-driven insights reach DEEP INTO THE HUMAN CONDITION. They create CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT. But to know how people feel, youve got to know what people THINK. Knowing what they think takes DATA. </li><li> 30. THE COLDEST, HARDEST LOOK AT DATA DRIVES THE STRONGEST EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT WITH CUSTOMERS. And CRM is the channel that connects. </li><li> 31. REASON 6: BECAUSE CRM CONNECTS INSIGHT WITH ACTION. </li><li> 32. With those insights in hand, its time to COMMUNICATE them </li><li> 33. And CRM is the IDEAL METHOD. </li><li> 34. The insights came from there. The communication comes from there. And you already KNOW the people in there, PERSONALLY. </li><li> 35. Data-driven marketing with CRM leads to communications that SEAR THE SOUL, with ideas that feel RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT. </li><li> 36. WE ARE NOT MAD MEN. </li><li> 37. WE ARE MAD ABOUT DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING. AND CRM IS THE SOURCE OFDATA. Start a conversation with your CRM partner today. </li><li> 38. In CRM, insight beats down instinct, every time. The warmest human insights come from a cool-headed look at CRM data. Data shows you the insights that wrap around your CRM campaign across all channels. TAKEAWAYS: </li><li> 39. The Ultimate Guide to: Using CRM for data driven marketing success An eGuide with practical steps to apply data-driven marketing using CRM ULTIMATE SERIES The Ultimate Guide to: Using CRM for data driven marketing success Download Now </li></ol>