451 Workshop: Content Marketing - Planning for 2014

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$118.4 billion will be spent on content marketing, video marketing, and social media in 2013. Do you have a plan for content marketing in the new year? Francis Skipper, EVP of Digital Marketing at 451 Marketing, guides you through the steps to crafting a comprehensive content marketing plan for 2014. Walk away from this 451 Marketing workshop with insights on: - Defining Goals: from brand awareness to lead generation - Trends in Content: what types of content are most popular? - Social Platforms: the top channels to focus on in 2014 - Analytics: How to measure the impact of your content marketing efforts


  • 1.Content Marketing: Planning for 2014

2. Francis Skipper EVP of Digital Marketing 415.542.6250francis@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/francisskipper @fskip 3. A QUICK STORYI was on my morning hike 4. And this group rode by on their mountain bikes 5. Cool! I want to learn more about mountain biking!! 6. A few weeks later 7. A few weeks later 8. A few weeks later I want to buy a mountain bike!! 9. Fancy meeting you here 10. Hey! I know those guys! 11. Agenda Todays Digital Landscape What is Content Marketing? Why Content Marketing? Creating Content Strategy Plan Create Share Track and Nurture Open Q&A 12. Were in a Time of Change 13. The Way We Consume Information Has Changed One-WayDialogue 14. The Way We Consume Information Has Changed Percentage of US adult mobile phone users with smartphones61%Pew Research, Jun 2013 15. The Way We Communicate Has Changed 16. Google is Constantly Changing 17. Google is Constantly ChangingGoogle circa 2000 18. Google is Constantly ChangingGoogle circa 2010 19. Your Audience Has Changed 20. Audience Search Habits Navigational Queries Informational Queries Transactional Queries 21. Navigational Queries Informational Queries Transactional Queries80% of all queries! 22. Google is Constantly ChangingGoogle today 23. Google is Constantly ChangingGoogle today 24. Thats Why Were Here! 25. of CMOs see custom content as the future of marketing Hanley Wood 26. of marketers report that their organizations are shifting to branded content Forrester 27. Trend for 2014: Storytelling 28. Trend for 2014: Storytellingcustomersclientsemployeesproducts services 29. What is Content Marketing?Creating and sharing relevant content with your target audience 30. Why Content Marketing? Position as an expert Attract new customers Maintain a dialogue with existing and past clients Increase social signals 31. Why Content Marketing? 32. Why Content Marketing?NOT a silver bullet. 33. TODAY, WE SELLMOUNTAIN BIKES 34. 1 PLAN 35. Define Your Audience1 PLAN 36. Define Your AudienceMomsMillennials1 PLANBusinessmenWho are you sharing content with? 37. Define Your Audience 25 44 YEAR OLDSSINGLE, UNMARRIEDSOME COLLEGE OR HIGHEREXAMPLE OF TARGET AUDIENCE PROFILETECH EARLY ADOPTER1 PLANURBAN, NORTHEASTSOCIAL MEDIA AUTHORITY 38. Define Your Audience1 PLAN25 44 YEAR OLDS TECH EARLY ADOPTERSOME COLLEGE OR HIGHER 39. Define Audience Needs1 PLANContent you create should address your customers pain points: a need a problem a desire a challengeWhat are your audiences biggest pain points/needs? 40. Define Audience Needs1 PLAN I need info on new bikes and gear I want to meet other mountain bikers I want to find trails for bikingWhat do your customers need? 41. Define Audience NeedsWhat do your customers need?1 PLAN 42. Define Your Goals1 PLAN 43. Define Your Goals1 PLANContent helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives. -Jay Baer 44. Define Your Goals Top Organizational Goals for Content Marketing1 PLAN 45. Define Your GoalsBrand Awareness1 PLAN 46. Define Your Goals1 PLAN#1 Goal in Survey by MarketingProfs 47. Define Your GoalsLead Generation1 PLAN 48. Define Your Goals1 PLANLead Gen is #1 Goal in for B2B 49. Define Your GoalsTraditional MarketingContent Marketing1 PLAN 50. Define Your GoalsCustomer Acquisition1 PLAN 51. Define Your Goals61%1 PLAN 52. Define Your GoalsAudience Engagement1 PLAN 53. Define Your GoalsBrand Loyalty1 PLAN 54. Define Your Goals1 PLAN 55. Define Your GoalsDont forget social and search goals!1 PLAN 56. Audit Existing Content1 PLANCatalog any existing content and categorize by: Type DateTopic PersonaRepurpose content that is outdated but still valuable Identify holes or missing content 57. Define Major Topics1 PLANThink about your goalsWhat do you want to be known for? 58. Define Major Topics1 PLANWere THE go-to resource for The latest in mountain bikes and gear Biking lifestyle and how-tos 59. Define Team/Roles1 PLAN Designate an overall content coordinator Have coordinator from each functional area Designate members of senior management team to oversee/ contribute adds to validitySet clear roles, expectations, and standards 60. Create a Calendar1 PLAN Color code by content type Clearly define ownership Create a checklist for social media promotion Share as far in advance as possible to allow time for creationUse a shared calendar such as Google Calendar to share content plan internally 61. 2CREATE 62. Pick Content TypeWhitepapers, eBooks, Case StudiesAudio or Video ContentBlog and Social PostsEvents and Content from Events (Webinars, Workshops)2 CREATE Images and InfographicsEmail Newsletters 63. Pick Content Type2 CREATETop Content Types of2013 64. Pick Content Type2 CREATEWhitepapers, eBooks, Case Studies 65. Pick Content TypeBlogs and Social Posts2 CREATE 66. Pick Content TypeImages and Infographics2 CREATE 67. Pick Content Type2 CREATEAudio and Video 68. Pick Content Type2 CREATEEvents/ Event Content 69. 3SHARE 70. Pick Your Platforms3SHAREFor instance: City dwellers are significantly more likely than rural residents to be on Twitter and Instagram Women are four times as likely as men to use Pinterest Baby boomers are the fastest growing segment of FacebookSource: Pew Research Center 71. 3SHAREInclude a CTA SIGN UPSUBSCRIBEDOWNLOADLEARN MOREORDER NOWADD TO CARTREGISTERBOOKMARK US 72. 4TRACK & NURTURE 73. Establish Clear Metrics Top Content Marketing Metrics4TRACK 74. Coordinate4TRACKHave your search team track goals and traffic 75. Evaluate Performance4TRACKWhats getting shared the most, by who, and when? 76. Take-Aways Your audience has changedPrior planningYour customers expect relevant content across channelsGreat content is content that fills a need /answers a question 77. Questions? 78. Francis Skipper EVP of Digital Marketing 415.542.6250francis@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/francisskipper @fskip 79. Content Marketing: Planning for 2014


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