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13 Tips for Publishing Content

13 Tips for Publishing Content

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Publishing content online isn't quite as easy as hitting the publish button. With millions of pieces of content being 'published' daily, how do you make sure your content gets received by the people that matter? How can you make it travel further beyond your target audience? We've answered these questions in our presentation: '13 Top Tips for Publishing Content' For our full list of content writing tips, visit our blog: http://www.ewebmarketing.com.au/blog/content-writing-tips-seo/ Image credits can be found in the final slides, thank you to all who licensed their images for use.

Text of 13 Tips for Publishing Content

  • 13 Tips for Publishing Content
  • #1 Set a Minimum Target
  • Aim to publish at least one piece of content once a week.
  • This will encourage crawlers to revisit your site to see if you have any new content to be indexed.
  • #2 Timing is everything
  • Look at your Google Analytics to determine which days receive the most unique visitors.
  • Publish your content the day before that peak period to give your readers the latest news.
  • Or try SocialBro to see when your Twitter followers are active by the HOUR!
  • #3 Use medium sharing sites
  • Using your own images or an infographic?
  • Repurpose your images on third party sites with links back to your content. Try: Slideshare, Pinterest, and Visual.ly!
  • #4 Share your posts
  • Share your post on your social media channels
  • creating a custom message to fit the tone of each channel.
  • #5 Share via RSS
  • Submit your RSS feed to content sourcing sites for extra exposure. For example: Alltop.com
  • #6 Utilise blog tools
  • There are many plugins and widgets that can be used on blogging
  • E.g.: Related Posts
  • E.g.: Related Products
  • #7 Do update your posts
  • Maintain your older posts to include a link to any updates that post may have.
  • #8 - Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon Your Content
  • Have a great post that you think is worthy of being shared?
  • Share it with the online community and let them decide
  • #9 Ask others to share it
  • Reach out to your connections and get them to review your content. This works well with E-Book, Infographics and other heavy pieces of content.
  • #10 Proofread Again!
  • #10 Proofread Again!
  • #11 Keep it short
  • According to Facebook, posts shorter than 250 characters receive 60% more engagement than longer posts.
  • #12 Generate leads
  • Readers wont part with their emails so easily.
  • Provide content of equal value via a dedicated download form.
  • #13 Slow and steady wins the race
  • Content is versatile enough to give you big wins in a short amount of time
  • but it also has the ability to stand the test of time as a helpful resource.
  • Thank you now hit publish!
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