12 Tools to Boost Your Social Media Success

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<ol><li> 1. 12 Tools To Boost your Social Media Success </li><li> 2. With Buffer you can schedule updates for your social accounts:Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest A paid account allows you to integrate more social accounts, schedule more updates and have thorough statistics </li><li> 3. What more to do with Buffer Use the Analytics section to see which posts are clicked, retweeted and favorited Test titles and Subject lines and find out which one work better Use the browser extension and send content you discover directly to your Buffer instead of Twitter Go directly to www.buffer.com </li><li> 4. Canva An easy to use online interface to upload pictures, edit, design and create great pictures in the right size for your social media Many elements of Canva are for free New: Canva for work with magical resizing of images for different networks </li><li> 5. What more to do with CANVA Easily create graphics for any network including infographics and presentations Use the predefined image sizes Canva provides to always have the image in the right size Upload any image or photo - or use preloaded symbols, images or graphics Go directly to www.canva.com </li><li> 6. Google Analytics (there are many analytics tools, using one should be mandatory for any marketer) Analytics give you the possibility to figure out which of your activities drive the most traffic and which dont work at all Marketing without Analytics is like flying blind in the dark </li><li> 7. What Else about Analytics Test different campaigns, use UTM links Set up different dashboards to see the most important data for you at one glance See how your web traffic develops, how your social audience grows and which websites gain the most exposure Go directly to https://www.google.com/analytics </li><li> 8. Tweetdeck Set up one feed for every king of information you are looking out for: A feed where you follow a list A feed where you follow a search term A feed where you follow aTwitter Chat A feed for whatever you need to watch If yourTwitter feed gets too noisy, Tweetdeck has the solution </li><li> 9. What Else about Tweetdeck Are you running multiple accounts? Monitor them all inTweetdeck Monitor real-time conversations, searches and much more All on aTwitter-owned client Go directly toTweetdeck </li><li> 10. ManageFlitter ManageFlitter gives you multiple options to find these people Follow people from your niche Follow active accounts Follow smaller accounts that really interact on Twitter Unfollow the inactives, spammers, If you really want to grow onTwitter, you need to follow (and unfollow) the right people </li><li> 11. What More on ManageFlitter ManageFlitter shows you the best times to tweet when most of your followers are online PowerPost ManageFlitter lets you schedule even recurring tweets ManageFlitter has a powerful tweet search and account search to find the best accounts to interact Go directly to ManageFlitter </li><li> 12. SocialOomph You have a ton of evergreen content, but no time to tweet it? Set up recurring queues and let yourTwitter run on autopilot (terrible interface, lots of features) </li><li> 13. What More on SocialOomph Track Keywords Track your clicks on tweeted links Send automated direct messages Keyword search Sort intoTwitter Lists Filter Profiles And much more Go directly to SocialOomph </li><li> 14. Unfollowers You want to send automated welcome tweets or direct messages? Unfollowers.com does it for you Comes in a free version which can be used for a trial </li><li> 15. What More on Unfollowers Analyze your community FindAwesome people to connect to Schedule tweets Go directly to Unfollowers.com </li><li> 16. SocialBro (Amazing but quite expensive for larger acounts) Indepth analysis ofTwitter accounts Direct message campaigns to a select list ofTwitter accounts Go directly to SocialBro </li><li> 17. IFTTT IfThisThenThat basically can do everything you want if it follows the rule in the name If This happensThen doThat You can use IFTTT to automate your social accounts, email and web workflows Go directly to IFTTT </li><li> 18. PostPlanner Marketing automation for Facebook Schedule posts Easily identify and share content that fits your target audience and gets likes and shares </li><li> 19. What More on PostPlanner PostPlanner gives you Data to help you choose the best content to share on your Facebook Page PostPlanner helps you schedule your updates PostPlanner gives you a re-publishing feature, that helps you repurpose your best content Go directly to PostPlanner </li><li> 20. Twitter Analytics Do you know who your followers are?What they are interested in?Which country they come from?Which language they tweet? Twitter Analytics tells you that Twitter Analytics also gives you a lot of data about your account growth and performance Go directly toTwitterAnalytics </li><li> 21. FanPage Karma Go directly to FanPage Karma See what works and what does not, what your competitors do and how your reach is developing Analyse your Facebook page and other Fanpages </li><li> 22. More information on automation, tools and social media can be found on our blog: Blog.thesocialms.com </li></ol>