10 Ways to Drive Killer ROI with your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

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WEBINARSelin Tyler (@selingt)Senior Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Jaime Pham (@jaimelynn09) Content Marketing Evangelist, LinkedIn

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Content Through the Buyers Journey4

B2B Buyers are consuming anaverage of 10.4 pieces of contenton their way to a purchase decision.Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google

Buyers journey is drastically different. They have access to great content to aid their B2B decisions. Over 10 pieces of content to be exact So you have 10 chances to make an impact, differentiate your brand offering from the crowd and influence the buyers journey5

Where are they finding it?6

So if it is so important to get your content in front of your prospects, it is really important to understand where they are finding the contentWhere you need to distribute your content6

Nearly half of B2B buyers start their solution research with a web search, and 72% of buyers will use Google at some point in the research stageSource: 2014 B2B Buyer Landscape, Demand Gen, Pardot

So search is where it all starts for nearly 3 out of 4 professional7

That same percentage of buyers using search will also use social media

Asked for suggestions/recommendations from usersConnected directly with potential vendorsConnected with individual thought leaders for opinionsDid not use socialBrowsed existing discussions

However, same number is also true for social media3 out of 4 of your prospects use social media to find content to educate themselves along their buyer journey

And LinkedIn is the worlds only professional network where buyers increasingly rely on to make these purchase decisions. For executives, LinkedIn is a top source for social media engagementLinkedin is increasingly becoming a professional content hub, with 7x more engagement with content than jobs


How do you take your Sponsored Updates from Great to Outstanding?9ONEContent Management Best Practices

Lets get right to it how do you put your best foot forward on linkedin to make the most out of the content you have? Chisel it, test it and Use it most effectively to make a lasting impression on your target audience?9

1Source: LinkedIn Internal Study May 2015Followers and target audiences want different things:Heres what followers want to hear, tailor your content accordinglyProvide a steady stream of content for your followers: Best inclass marketers post one to three updates per day on their Company or Showcase Pages.

Your company page is your companys identity on linkedin so it is really important to start there. For the organic content you are posting, here is how to keep your followers engaged on your company pageWhat is a follower? It is a member who opted in to learning more about your company and receive your company news in their feed

Lets see here what they are interested in

We also see that posting a steady stream of content, daily if not multiple times a day is a best practice to keep your followers engaged10

Sponsor two to four updates at any time to maximize your reach to your target audience. Proactively optimize or cycle out the updates that arent achieving your key performance indicators (KPIs).

1Followers and target audiences want different things:Here are topics some of the popular target segments consume on LinkedIn

And now lets talk about your target audienceIts important to notice that what they are looking for is not the same as your company page followers

On linkedIn what you will see is that recruiting is always a top topic in any industry. We classify professional betterment type of content as recruiting. So here think of any type of content that can help your target audience become more successful professionally

But as you see here, there are also differing topics based on industry/members. For illustration, you can see here two of our most popular audiences. You can also look at topics in groups for inspiration. What people are discussing organically are natural areas of interest

And to maximize your reach to your target audience in the feed, we recommend having 4 updates at any time proactively cycle out what is not working to boost your performance and keep testing/improving11

2Pick content for the full marketing funnel:Build trust first, then ask for contact informationInfographics, blog posts, industry trends, influencercontent, behind the scenes and exclusive contentBest practice guides, case studies, product reviews,analyst reports, webinars, blog postsWhite papers, research briefs, product demos, trials,product reviews and comparisons, analyst reportsNewsletters, recommendations, case studies, productnews, tutorialsYou have 10+ opportunitiesto publish Sponsored Updatesthat effectively introduce yourbrand, build trust, provide helpfulinformation, and ultimately informa purchase decision. Deliverrelevant content at every stepof the buyers journey.

Lets start with a cocktail story would someone from your sales team approach a prospect at a party and ask for their contact info? Probably notAssume the similar holds for content if you are looking to acquire leads, you also need to invest in branding/thought leadership content to start introducing yourself to your prospects to increase your chances to drive leads with your gated content

Remember you have 10 opportunities to make an impression delivery relevant content at every step to increase your chances of success. See here what type of content works well at each stage based on our experience. Can you map your current content efforts to this funnel thats a great place to start to identify where you may have gaps in your campaigns

Does that mean you need to produce 10 pieces of content? Thats a ton of work right? Lets talk about how to use the content you have and not hire a content agency to produce a ton of content for you in our next tip12

2Pro Tip:Clear calls to action will maximize your clicks and conversions to gated content This CTA from Hortonworks for a whitepaper download couldnt be more direct:

Quick note on gated / lower funnel content To drive higher clicks and conversions, make your Call to action clear

Let your audience know that they will be downloading a white paper this hortonworks example is one of our best performing content. Which shows you that you can write about a fairly niche (yet super popular in its industry) topic and drive great results13

3Boost your content ROI through repurposingMake the most of your gated content by repurposing it in a varietyof full funnel pieces such as blogs, infographics, webinarsand SlideShare presentations.

So heres what I was talking about You do not need 10 pieces of content but a great repurposing strategy to invest in 1 big rich gated content and then slicing/dicing it to create content that fits your entire funnel from infographics to webinars to blog posts

You can really stretch the purpose and useful life of your content investments with this strategy which is a very popular one we leverage here at linkedin14

4Leverage your employee network to scale up your reachEmployees are a valuable secretweapon in scaling your SponsoredUpdates campaign.In a recent Sponsored Updates case study, Dutch Bank ABN AMRO revealed that their secret weapon for scaling always-on content is their people.

The Banks social media team distributes a content calendar to all employees every week, explaining what theyll be posting to their Company Page and when.

Now they have 600 people who can share ABN AMROs content with their connections.Results: Engagement rates as high as 3.25% on their content.Over 28,000 visits to ABN Amro Insights site in one month.

This webinar is all about how to stretch your content budget to help you boost your ROIAnother secret weapon we discovered is employees- if you can get them genuinely engaged in becoming advocates for your brand and content, you can scale your reach far beyond your campaign budgetEarned media combined with the added virality can boost your ROI as weve seen with ABN Amro

They get over 3% engagement rates on their content on LinkedIn thanks to their active employees15

The Helpful AdvisorThe ConversationalistThe CliffhangerStart by explaining howyour piece of content willhelp your target achieveprofessional success.Make a bold statement or aska question to spark a conversationand get your audience to react.Tell your audience just enoughto pique their interest but not somuch that they arent compelledto learn more.

5Create content that is helpful, informative and/or entertainingTry writing from these perspectives:

Content marketing is part science part artWhile your content may be helpful and relevant, it is also important to think about how to verbalize and present your content to grab the readers attention

We see 3 perspectives that work well time and time again

See here how Xerox asks you whether you are doing these things proactively and helping you get better at job search

The conversationalist is starting with a bold statement or a thought provoking question to spark a conversation. Ask your audience a question or make a statement that stops them on their tracks and feel compelled to read and respond

The Cliffhanger is also a great one heres a successful example from athenahealth- the description tells the reader