10 Tips for Building your Online Personal Branding

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10 Tips: Get Ahead by Building your Personal BrandSierra BarterSocial Media CoordinatorJohnson & Wales University

Co-Founder/CEOThe Lady Project


Who Am I?MidwesternerAlumni, Class of 2009DEXAd TeamMBA Student Previous jobs (you never know where youll end up)The Lady Project (start something awesome)JWU (dream job!)Well-branded

Why branding is importantSets the toneMakes your markWhat do you people think of you?Emphasizes you and why you should get hiredA leadership requirement Not a self-promotioncampaign (Forbes)Define yourself as a leader & what people expect of youHow you serve & help others3



#1 Get that @Username downChoose your username.wiselyIts good to be matchy matchyEmail address Keep it professionalKeep it consistent Use it everywhere


#2 Make it pretty Invest in some headshotsLook like you!Smile Just you! Nothing inappropriateRefresh your photosUse this everywhere Except your business cardDress the part7

#3 Clean up your Social Watch your mouthNo swearingNo off-color jokesGrandma RuleWash up before the big gameEstablish your security settingsHide old postsMake sure youre proud of


#4 Who do you want to be?Personal brands define yourself as a leaderHow you serve othersHow you consistently deliver shameless self promotionAsk a friend & yourself: What is the total experience of having a relationship with you like?Showcase your achievements & success#Humblebrag9

#5 Network, baby, network!Get out there!Sign up for groups & events Meet people outside your immediate circleConnect with those who need it the mostHave an elevator pitchWho you are, what you do, what youre looking forGive backBe a role modelMentorship is a two way street10

#7 Own. ItLet your brand evolve & change Know what works for youHave intentions & objectivesGet yourself some business cardsBuy your domain nameUse it for a website or portfoliootherwise this is what happens11


#8 Know what people are finding Ask your friends & familiesWhat do people expect of me?Google is your friendUse it to your advantageKnow whats out thereBe politeThank you notes = killerEmail & interview etiquette


#9 Know. You.Use what you gotWhats in your toolbox?StrengthsWeaknessesWhere you shineYour power hourPersonal brand = trademarkAsset that you must protect Continuously mold and shape it



#10 Feel good about your brand & how you serve othersBe authentic & naturally who you areBe mindful of your experiencesBe accountable & true to yourselfContinuously ask:Have you defined your personal brand? Are you consistently living your personal brand every day?


ReferencesForbes: Great Management Boils Down to One MajorThing, Glenn Llopis



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