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1. Itwillbehardtondanyonewhodon'tloveshopping.Nowadayswebecomeveryused-towiththewordOnlineShoppingandinternetis thegatewayofOnlineShopping.ThereasonsbehindtheonlineshoppingpopulariBesarewithouthasslefromthesalespeople,cancompare pricesfromdierentretailersandcanbuyproductwithoutgoingtoanyshoppingmallfromoursweethome.Onlineshoppingnotonlysave yourvaluableBmebutalsoyourmoneytoo.Buttherearesomesecurityissuestooifthosewerenotfollowedthenyoumaynotbesaveyour valuablemoneyratherthenyouwillloseit. 2. TipsforSavingMoney ! Search for discounts- In online shopping youcansearch100outletforyourdesire productandcanbargainsorcansearchfor discount or coupon codes without any transportaBonfeesbutinin-storeitwillbe verycostlyanddicultforyoutodothat. Soalwaystrytosearchfordiscountbefore purchase anything form online store. Normally online store oer discount between5%to70%.Somestorealsohave theircouponcodesforgetanydiscount.So ifyouwanttomakeabeNerdealSearch SearchandSearchinGoogle. 3. Become ac3ve in Social Networking sites- Use social network sites to get noBcaBon from your favorite online store. For that you have to "Like" youronlineshoppingstoreonFacebook,twiNeror anyothersocialnetworkingsites.Bythatwayyou caneasilyseethecommentsfromtheproductuser too. Use email for sign up- Sign up in your favoriteonlinestorebyusingyouremailor subscribeinthenewsleNersofyourfavorite retailers so that the respecBve online store authority can send you the noBcaBon of any new product/services or any discount/ couponoertoyouremail.Andalwaystryto use a separate email for online shopping purpose. ! ! 4. Compare Online Store price and In-Store price- Before purchase anything from online storetrytocomparethepriceofthatproduct or services in online store and in-store. SomeBmeyouwillndlesspriceinthein-store thentheonlinestore. Productpricecomparison-SomeBmeyou will nd same product in more than one onlinestorebutifyoucheckthepricethen you will nd that the price can be dier fromeachother.Sointhatcase,youwill rst check the product in dierent online storeandthencheckforthelowestprice. ! ! 5. CompareBrandstorevsonlinestore-Mostof the Brand have their own online store and someBme they sale product with discount or coupon codes. So rst check your desire products/servicesintheBrandonlineshopand check for any coupon codes and discounts if youdon'tndanydiscountsorcouponcodes thencheckitintheotheronlinestore. Avoidcourierfees-Manyonlinestoresdo not charge courier fees if you spend a certain amount of money for purchasing anyproductfromthem.Ifsothenyoucan also buy another small item with the amountofthatcourierfees!!! ! ! 6. Checkforproduct/servicereturnpolicy-Ifyou are not saBsed with the product or services that you have purchase from the online store thenwhatyouwilldo?Normallyinthein-store youcaneasilyreturntheproductwithoutany cost but in online store all don't have this service. So before purchase anything from online store, check either they have the productreturnpolicyornot Trytobepa3ent-Supposeyouneedaproductorservice right away but the online stores are not providing any discount or any coupon code for that service or product thatBme.SotrytobepaBentforsomedaysorweeksand check for any oers or noBcaBons everyday of that products or services. And when you nd any good deal then go for it without wasBng Bme because this sort of oerdoesnotlastlong.Orloginyourfavoriteonlinestore byyourusingyouremailandtakeyourdesireditemsand keepthoseinthecartandleavethosethereifyoudon't get any discounts or coupon codes. If the online store authoritywantstoclosethedealthentheywillsendyoua noBcaBoninyouremailwithacouponcodebywhichyou will be able to purchase the product with a beNer price. Butthissortofservicearenotavailableinallonlinestore. Socheckitbeforeusethistricks. ! ! 7. SalesCalendar-Tryalwaystokeepaneyeon thesalescalendarofyouronlinestoreretailers bydoingthatyouwouldbeabletoknowthe nextsalestartdateandtheenddate. UseCreditCardorDebitCardwithextra precau3on- Use only personal desktop, laptop, tab or smart phone for online shopping purpose. And do not saveanyinformaBonofyourcredit/debit card in the web. And o course your security informaBon too. Like as Bank Account No, Cheque Book informaBon, Pinnumberetc. TricksforSecureOnlineTransac3ons ! ! ! 8. Shopping online with Credit Card not with Debit Card- CreditCardprovidedcompanyalwaysprovidesupportand beNerprotecBon.Ifanythingsgoeswrongthecardholder havetherightstostoporcancelthetransacBonwithina Bmeframe.ButinDebitCarda]erthetransacBontaken placeyoudon'thavetheauthoritytostoporcancelthe transacBon.Soforthatalwaysusecreditcardwithonline fraudprotecBonforkeepyourwealthsafeandsecure. Read terms and condi3ons- Always try to read Terms and CondiBonsbeforepurchasinganythingfromonlineshoppingsites. Yes,it'struethatreadingthesesortoftermsandcondiBonsare boringbutifyoudon'thaveenoughBmethenjustreadthebullet points of the terms and condiBons page may be you will nd somethingveryusefultoyou. Single Card for Online Shopping - You may have severalcreditcardofyourown.Butitwillbewiser touseonlyonecreditcardforyouronlineshopping purpose. In this way you will easily check your statement. ! ! ! 9. Buyfromtrustedsites-Purchasegoodsonlyfromtrusted sites.Inthiswayyouwillremainsafefromonlinescams. Use a internet security soHware- It is highly recommendedtouseainternetsecurityso]wareifyou do have an internet connecBon and frequently purchase from online store. By using it you will be protracted from virus or malware and also from idenBtythe]bydangerouswebsites. Check product- Don't forget to checks yournewpurchaseproductassoonasit arrives.Ifyounditokthennoissuebut ifnotthenassoonaspossiblenoBfyitto yourseller. ! ! ! 10. AvoiduncomfortableWebsites-Duringbrowsing any websites if you nd yourself uncomfortable then do not purchase anything through that website.TrustyourintuiBonifithastheabilityto sensethewrong.Ifyoufoundanythingtoogood tobetruethenitisprobablyascam. Need extra care for smart phone or tab- Now a days, peoples are using their smart phones and tabs for online shopping purposeandtheirpercentageareliNlebitlower than the laptop or desktop user. But smart phone or tab does have enough security that laptop or desktop has. So smart phone and tab user should be more careful for purchasinganythingfromonlineshopping. Keep sale transac3on copies- Reconcile your credit card statementwiththesaletransacBoncopiesortakeascreenshot ofyourpaymentconrmaBonpage.Checkyoursellerchargethe properamountorchargeextrabilladded.Ifyoundanydispute noBfyitatoncetoyoursellerwiththereferences. ! ! ! 11. Public Wi- Avoid public wi network for onlineshopping .Becausehackerusuallyuse public wi network to access another device for any fraud aNempt. So to protect your devicekeepwioinpublicwinetwork. Keep browser update- Always keep your browser updateotherwiseifhackerndanysecurityholesin theoldversionofthebrowserthentheywilluseitto hackyoursystem. Change password- A]er every three or six months changeyouronlineaccountpassword.Bydoingthat youwillbeonestepaheadfromthehackers. ! ! ! 12. Password should be the strongest- People usually keep their password easy but forget that these types of password can be easily hackable. So to protect yourself use the strongestpassword.Forexample-aBcdEf23$%. Extracarefulforyourpersonalinforma3on-Ifanyonlineshopperasked youthroughmassagesforprovideyourpersonalinformaBonthendonot replyever.Andnevergaveyourcreditcardnumbertoanyonethrough email. Remember, this is trap for you. If you provide these personal informaBonofyoursthentheywillusetheseinformaBonforaccessto yourcreditcardorbankaccount.Evenbeforeyouenteredyourpersonal andnancialinformaBontopurchaseanythingformonlinestorecheck thecompany'sbackgroundforunsureyournancialsafety. Check your online shopper- Cross check youronlineseller'sinformaBon.Like,Do they are trustworthy? How many days they are doing business? Where their locaBon are? How it operate it's business? Always use common sense and try to make your online shopping fromreputedseller. ! ! ! 13. Turn your desktop or laptop o aHer online shopping- Some people generally leave their desktop or laptop running and connected with the internet a]er nished their online shopping. But by thiswayscammershavetheaccesstoyourcomputer tocreatemalwaresothattheycanbeabletocommit cybercrimes.Soforyoursafetypurposeturnoyour laptopordesktopwhentheyarenotinuse. Avoidpubliccomputersforshoppingonline-Computergenerally saveinformaBonforbeNerinternetexperience.So,ifyouusea public computer for online shopping, system will automaBcally save your browsing history and a]er you who will sit in that computercanmaybeaccessanddoanythingwrongthroughyour UserIDandPassword.Forthat,toprotectyourselffromsuchkind ofincidentuseyourpersonalcomputernotpublic. Report cybercrime- If you nd yourself as a vicBm of any cybercrime then as soon as possible report it to your local law enforcement authority so that they can take acBon againstit.Bydoingthatyoucansaveotherpeoplefromthe cybercrimethatyoubecomevicBm. ! ! ! 14. HTTPSvsHTTP-Mostofthepeopledonotknow thedierencebetweenhNpsandhNp.Thewebsite thatstartwithhNpsmeansthatisasecuresite.So for online shopping purpose if you have to enter anypersonalinformaBonthenchecktheURLifthat start with hNps then it is secure for you to shop otherwise not. For that you have to pay serious aNenBontothesecuritysegnginthewebbrowser ofyourpersonalcomputer. Personal Informa3on in social networking sites- TrynottoprovideallyourpersonalinformaBonin thesocialnetworkingsites.Ifyouprovidethosein another way you gave someone to access your personalinformaBonsothathe/shecanbeableto steal your idenBty and with that what ever he want.Increaseyourprivacysegnglevelsothatit willhelpyoutoprotectyourpersonalinformaBon. ! !