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  • By Skylar Smith #19Dr. Louis J. Camuti (1893-1981)

  • Who is Dr. Camuti?Vet to cats only The 1st vet in U.S.A.Someone to rememberAuthor of All My Patients Are Under The Bed and Park Avenue Vet

  • Early ChildhoodBorn on August 30, 1893 in Parma, Italy Came to Manhattan, New York at age elevenFollowed mamas rule for lifeFind kitten, rescue itCi-Nin white coat, orange eyesLouis came down with typhoid fever Ci-Nin favorite person: Louis Rescue Louis reason why vetCi-Nin is a hero!

  • Family Members Mama Mamas rule: Never hurt any type of animal that has done nothing wrong to you Ci-Nin

  • Over the yearsGot scholarship Went to college/met AlexDevote entire practice to cats only veterinary medicine in 1920Worked as vet no office, come to catUsed house call

  • Challenging Parts of workHas the Camuti MethodCouple outsmart him, really rareNot that many cats enjoy himThink thats hard? Try sneaking in a cat into hospital for people!Letting go of loved ones (cats)

  • How Dr. Camuti changed the cats and humans livesSweet man in my opinionCats dont have to suffer when sickWe can own cats as our petsCats can live very happy lives not short onesCats have good and caring vetsWhy cats arent lying on the street searching for food

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