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Salon Bello

Salon BellaWhere hair happens

Rachael Tipps

My ideaMy plan is to open a salon with tanning, nails, hair, waxing and makeup. I will have different workers for each of those. So an overall of 4 workers. This salon will be a comfy small salon that has 3 booths for hair, 2 tanning beds, spay on tan station, 1 nail table, and one pedicure chair. My salon will be a place where you can be yourself, it will be a fun bubbly surrounding and when you walk in youll never want to leave.

ProductsShampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray, repairing products, etc.Tanning lotions, oils.Nail polish (all colors)All hair products will be Redkin

How my business will workOwnershipWorkersLocationCustomers/networking

surroundingThe area I have my salon located at is a very popular location. Many tourist love going to that part of town and dont mind spending money. I am the only salon in that part which will lead to more business.

What I will need3 hair stations- that will include everything needed ( hair styling products, sink, chair, mirror, dying cart, scissors combs etc. hair styling tools)I nail tech desk (nail polish, remover, tools, lotions etc.)Receptionist (desk, computer, phone, chair, serves complementary drinks, appointment cardsLaundry machine (towels etc.)2 tanning bedsWaxing materialsProducts to sell- redkin and Paul Mitchel (conditioner, shampoo, mousse, gels, hairspray, repairing products)

What kind of customersI plan to pull in the teenagers and middle aged adults. They will spread the word better that my business is there.It will be a fun place to be, that aged people will enjoy it.

Sales ForecastsI will have 3 chairs at least. I plan to have at the least 4 cuts and 2 dyes a day. Then tanning I want to have at least 2 people. Try to sell at least one hair product to each customer a day.


I will hire two hair stylist (plus myself)Receptionist that will take care of tanning alsoAlso one nail tech

Human resource plan


Description of major marketing activities

Word of mouth Advertisements DealsRadio and TV, newspaper

Start up costMy start up cost will be around $16,000.00

Adding everything (material, products,rent,ect)

I plan on getting a loan for 10 thousand Paying the 6 thousand myself

This highly visible retail space is adjacent to one of the highest booked hotels in Helena. It is highly visible from the center of the Great Northern and has sufficient parking close by. There are 1400 professional employees, shops, restaurants, museum, carousel and hotel within two blocks.

Thank You!(: