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  • 1.Its about being unique. About expressing yourself. About loving what you cherish. And cherishing what you love.

2. ! "#$ %&% ' (&)( *+,- (. /! -(%&0+-0 !)(Janet is a designer whose innate qualities as a person are part of her in uential qualities as a designer. Intuitive by nature, she picks up on the memorable, distinctive, cherished rhythms of life and transforms them into designs that resound in all of us. Shes also a listener, the kind of person who would rather focus on your stories than her own, and those tales appear in her designs. roughout her various collections you feel shes been listening. Shes relentlessly resourceful, a trait she attributes to learning from her mother.Janet painstakingly developed her process for handcrafting Jewel Kades pewter-framed charmware and the result is unparalleled. Shes also endlessly creative. An artist who collects new ideas everywhere she goes, her designs have decorated us in everything from vintage to urban chic to pop culture, and thats just the beginning. Above all, shes sincere both in her passion for design and in her love for the Jewel Kade family. As a sought- after designer who also happens to be a devoted wife and mother of ve, Jewel Kade springs from the deepest parts of Janets soul, and its her spirit of hope and beauty that connects with all of us throughout her collections. 3. ! "#$ %&/( 1 (2&0 ! )(Jewel Kade was founded in 2008 and is already a highly recognizable jewelry brand, appearing on programs such as American Idol, e Ellen Degeneres Show, ande Today Show.*Exclusively from Designer Janet Kinkade, JK charmware is distinguishable for its pewter-work, hand-cut glass, and intriguing materials and designs. Jewel Kade is led by Janet and a team of industry professionals and offered through Stylists nationwide.Through exciting Parties at home or the office, you can enjoy Jewel Kades uniquely personal designs through a uniquely personal and fun shopping experience. And with the companys expertly designed home-based business program, Jewel Kade is a premier career opportunity for successful Stylists across the country. Whats more, Jewel Kade jewelry is handcrafted entirely in the U.S.A. FIND OU T MOR E A BOU T JA NET K INK A DE , SEE JA NETS L ATE ST DE SIGNS,A ND LE A R N ABOUT JEW EL K A DE ST Y LIST CA R EER OPPORTUNITIES. V I S I T W W W. J E W E L K A D E . C O M . CATALOG NOTE: All JK Charms and Chains are sold separately.*Citing media references does not imply endorsement of Jewel Kade products in any way by media, related production companies or related spokespersons/personalities 4. '# * % & ! & 3! .% 4 4#$.*&5&6.(( Invite friends and family for a fun night of personal shopping with Jewel Kade, and choose a FREE Host32$*& /( 1( 2&0 !)(&0!*' Along with your free Host Gift, you can easily earn Jewel Kade Kash to apply toward any JK purchases you want! Heres how it works:% ' + - 0 + - , & # 6 & ' # * % + - , & ! - # % ' ( . & 3 ! .% 4 7.(8(+9(&/0&'#*%&.(1!.)*&(9(.4&%+:(;*Party totals must result from a minimum of two orders. Jewel Kade Kash represents a non-cash dollar value to be applied toward Jewel Kade product purchases only. Hosts must apply Jewel Kade Kash toward product purchases on the night of their Party, or they will forfeit the opportunity to use it. 5. 1 (&+ - 9 + % (&4#$&%#&"(8#: (&!&/ 0 34 Front: Ivory initial on black with Swarovski crystal Back: Black initial on ivory with clear glass glitter B.,+,+& > 38 Front: Blush-colored glass glitter initial and beveled glass Back: C.(+66(2&%#1(.& > 28 Front: Bold initial on ivory canvas and beveled glass Back: Black and white Ei el Tower D.*0+--4&*%+80*&> 34 Front: Black initial on notebook canvas Back: Ivory initial on black damask E.".#-%?& > 38 Front: Decorative initial covered with clear glass glitterand beveled glass Back: Regal crown Drop: E. 1" x 2" (plus drop) Its thrilling to see designs that inspire me resonate with so many other people. No matter how di erent we all may be, it feels like were connected by our D. .75" x 2.5"appreciation for art, creativity, beauty, history, fashion, and individuality. Janet Kinkade 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 9 10. F. .75" x .75" G.1" x 1"J. .5" x 2" H. 1.5" x 1.5" (plus drop)I.1" x 1" 10 11. F. ".##0(@*:!22&> 26 Front: Block style initial with silver glass glitter Back: Vintage birdG. ".##0(@2!.,(&> 28 Front: Fancy initial with silver glass glitter and beveled glass Back: Spring robinH. .$"4&> 38 Front: Black glass glitter initial on Asian watercolor wash Back: Drops:(same initial both sides) I. (::!&> 24 Front: Initial in scrolled crest Back: Royal crown with Swarovski crystalJ. 6+-2(4&> 26 Front: Ink pen initial Back: Antique post cardK. !9!& > 36 Front: Ornate initial with clear glass glitter Back: Drop: Brown frosty pearl K.1.25" x 1.25" (plus drop) L. *429+(&> 36 Front: Silver glass glitter initial and beveled glass L. 1" x 1.5"Back: Faux fur leopard(variations in pattern may occur) 1 (87 7 )JWL-K ADE 11 12. A. 1" x 1" B. .75" x .75" C. 1.5" x 1.5"With intriguing charm-within-charm designs, the Shadow Boxes are among the most talked 12 13. A. *".!-,(&3(!8(52!.,(& > 36Front:Back: D. 1" x 1.5"B. *".!-,(&3(!8(5*:!22& > 32Front:Back: Vintage Ferris wheel C. *"&"2!80&!-)&1'+%(&3(!8(&& > 46Front:Back: Zebra print D. *"&".!**&0(4&> 38Front: Brass key and beveled glassBack: Summer rose E. *"&8.#1-&> 36Front:Back:E. 1" x 1" F. *"&A"((B&4#$.*(26& > 36Front: Antique gold bumble bee and beveled glassBack:What I enjoy most about selling Jewel Kade is that it is a fabulous product thatF.1" x 1" truly sells itself right o my neck. 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 13 14. H. 1.5" x 1.5"G. 1.5" x 1.5"I. 1.5" x 2" 14 15. G. *"&6)2&8.4*%!2&%.(*&/#2+&> 48Front:Back: H. *"&".+22+!-8(&6)2&.()& > 48Front:Back: Antique red damask paper I. *"&2!.,(&62($.&)(&2+*& > 48Front: Embossed eur de lis and beveled glassBack: French architectural sketch J. *"&8.4*%!2&62($.&)(&2+*& > 36Front:Back: Ei el TowerJ. 1" x 1"I enjoy seeing my friends light up when they try on and PLAY with the jewelry. And when they receive their pieces of jewelry, they are appreciative. Can you believe that? THEY appreciate me for introducing the JK line to them!ey have no idea what their ordering has done for ME. I have met new friends and reconnected with old friends through the Jewel Kade experience. 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 15 16. A. 1.5" x 1.5" B. 1.5" x 2"WC. 1.5" x 1.5" 16 17. A. 624&2+,'%24&> 38 Front:and beveled glass Back:B. ,2+%%(.&8.#**&> 42 Front: Back:C. %'(&C$((-&> 38 Front: Back: Silver glass glitter crown and beveled glassD. 6(..+*&1'((2& > 28 Front: Silver glass glitter on wheel Back: D. 1.25" x 1.25" E. 9+-%!,(&62!,& > 46 Front: Silver glass glitter star over ag and beveled glass Back: My life with Jewel Kade has been WONDERFUL!!!!! I can earn some extraE. 1.5" x 2" income with JKI feel so grateful to have this in my life right now! Juli Reem 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 17 18. "2 x "1 .HF. 1" x 2" G. 1" x 2" H. 1" x 2" 18 19. F. ,'&*+29(.&6#22#1&4#$.&'(!.%&> 34Front: Silver glitter glass heart and beveled glassBack: G. ,'&C$((-&'(!.%*& > 34Front: Silver glass glitter heart on crimson paper and beveled glassBack: Antique Queen of HeartsI. 1.5" x 1.5"H. ,2+%%(.&'(!.%&3+-0D:$*+8& > 34Front:Back: Antique sheet music I. "2##:&> 38Front: Silver glass glitter on owers and beveled glassBack: J. ,2+%%(.&.#*(&>42Front:Back: Florals with postmarkOne of the things that my clients keep saying is that theyre amazed at just how J. 1.5" x 2"reasonable Jewel Kade charmware is. ey just cant believe it! Karen Rugh 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE19 20. A. 1" x 2" J 20 21. A. -48E&2#-)#-E&3!.+*& > 28Front:Back: Statue ofB. )!-8(&> 22Front and Back: C. 8!.(6.((&*%+80*& each > 26Available messages:Front: Back:Front: Back:Front: Back:Front: Back:Front: Back: ree reasons I love Jewel Kade? 1. Meeting our Stylists people who areC. .5" x 2" becoming new, cherished friends of mine across the country. 2. Seeing JewelKade change lives through the opportunity to become more nancially secure.3. Doing something I love design has always been a passion of mine, Im soB. .75" x 1.5" grateful to get to do it! anks for everything. Janet Kinkade 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 21 22. A. .5" to 1" B. 8 mmMAll JK Charms and Chains are sold separately. 22 23. A. *:!22&3(1%(.&8'!.:*& each > 8 Heart, ballet slipper, Ei el Tower, key, crown, eur de lisB. *1!.#9*0+&"+.%'*%#-(&8.4*%!2*& each > 7January Garnet July Ruby February AmethystAugust Aquamarine September SapphireApril October Rose EmeraldNovember Topaz June December Blue ZirconC. *%!:3()&3(1%(.&+-+%+!2&8+.82(&& each >10 ere are two things that I love most about being a JK Stylist: 1) wearing my new jewelry, and 2) making new friends! is jewelry just brings peopleC. 14 mm together! Jewel Kade has been a ray of sunshine in my life, and I want to share it with everyone I know. Suzy Dobbie 1 (87 7 ) JWL-K ADE 23 24. D. 20 mmE. 22 mm x 12mm 24 25. D. 0!%(&3(1%(.&*%!:3& each > 18 7-letter maximumE. *%!:3()&3(1%(.&+-+%+!2!2& each >10F. *%!:3()&3(1%(.&+-+%+!2&(!..+-,*& >18 G. 3(1%(.&8.#1-&(!..+-,*& >18 With sterling silver posts F. 14 mm When I was introduced to this opportunity from my friend, I was open to checking it out. Once I saw Jewel Kade, I saw a unique beauty and fell in love with it. I also saw how others responded to the charms and