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Infographic: The 12 Surveys of Christmas

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1. THE12daysofCHRISTMAS Surveys [INFOGRAPHIC] 43%start listening to music in the fall, prior to December and What do people really think about Christmas and what exactly is involved in the Christmas Season? For 12 days leading up to Christmas, youll nd fascinating facts about music, movies, gifts, traditions and shopping. Michael Buble & Elf Christmas Traditions On the 12th Survey of Christmas, our Agents told us that they prefer On the 11th Survey of Christmas, our Agents piped up 12 11 for Christmas Entertainment 21%prefer to listen to MICHAEL BUBLE prefer to watch 25%ELF from Santa to Gift-Giving 80%of families leave Santa Cookies & Milk of parents tell their children SANTA is REAL 42% Open gifts 87% Parties & Events On the 9th Survey of Christmas, our Agents said they cant get enough 9 Home for the HOlidays On the 7th Survey of Christmas, our Agents told us 7 during the holiday season GIFTS FOR CHILDREN On the 10th Survey of Christmas, our Agents went leaping for 10under the tree and on the mantle of families wait until Christmas Day to $219.74the amount that households will spend Per Child MOST DESIRED GIFTS ACTION FIGURES1 18% Video games2 15% Dolls3 12% Howmuchwill kidsgetfrom theirWishlist? 53% get most 34% get some 8% get everything 5% get a little Food & drinks On the 8th Survey of Christmas, our Agents gave us the skinny on holiday 8 Gifts under the Tree On the 6th Survey of Christmas, our Agents laid 6 Give Back & Volunteer On the 4th Survey of Christmas, our Agents said they 4 stockings with turtle doves On the 2nd Survey of Christmas, our Agents stuffed their 2 70% SPECIAL DINNER of households serve a on Christmas Day $100-$200the amount that households will spend on a Christmas party Doyouplantohost apartythisyear? 44% said Yes 56% said No I have too many social activities to attend during Christmas season. 74% Disagree 10% Strongly Disagree 20% Agree 5% Strongly Agree I indulge in food relatively more during the Christmas season.92% Agree 62% SWEETS said they indulge in more What tops the charts on Christmas menus? (Choose all that apply) sugar cookies1 2 Ham 3 Pumpkin pie 74% 74% 60% Theres no place like All things Technology On the 5th Survey of Christmas, our Agents wished for 5 holiday shopping insights On the 3rd Survey of Christmas, our Agents gave us 3 1,000 Christmas Trees On the 1st Survey of Christmas, our Agents photographed 1 97% AGREE[ ] 89% to visit family of households will TRAVEL 95% by personal automobile 5% by airplane less than 1% by train How will you travel? 45%STRONGLY AGREE "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" "It's the thought that counts" 92% Agree What do you prefer as a Christmas gift? (Choose all that apply) Gift Card1 2 Cash 3 bottle of wine / alcohol 76% 72% 35% 63%think its harder to buy gifts for Men Which tech gifts top your Wish list? (Choose all that apply) Video Game System1 24% 2 Tablet 23% Laptop21%3 Smartphone20%4 78% TELEVISION watch Christmas movies on [57% use an Internet service] What is the likelihood that you will use social media on Christmas Eve or Day? 39% 24% 15% 14% 7% completely very not at alla littlefairly What will you participate in? (Choose all that apply) 59% 47% 29% "I generally have a more favorable opinion of products/stores that support charitable causes at Christmas." Give Gifts1 to the needy 2 donate money in the red kettle volunteer3 at church 63% Agree 24% Neutral to choose brands or stores that support charities 63%arent swayed However still prefer to shop at 52% Brick-and-Mortar shops as opposed to online What will you use to purchase gifts? (Choose all that apply) 81%Laptop1 44%TAblet3 2 Smartphone 72% WhichWebsitesDoyou usetoshoponline? 79% Amazon 44% Walmart 37% Target 29% Ebay 15% ToysRUs 9% none shop in early or mid- 31% DECEMBER 94% said YES Does your household hang AND ll stockings? and other sweet gifts What goes in your childrens stockings? 39% Toiletries / Cosmetics 40% Entertainment (movies / books) 51% Arts / Crafts 73% Small Toys 79% Candy of parents spend between 51% $10-25 75% REAL What do you decorate your tree with? Is your tree REAL or ARTIFICIAL? View our Agents collection of 1,000 Christmas Trees WATCH THE VIDEO Interestedinlearningmore? VISITOURBLOG @FieldAgentInc | | PO Box 9568, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 CONTACTUS 51% DIY Ornaments 59% White Lights 64% Keepsake Ornaments 70% Tree Toppers 83% Ball Ornaments 43% Colored Lights 32% Photo Ornaments 26% Ribbons / Lace 21% Candy Canes 11% Tinsel (available on Christmas Day)

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