How To Protect Your Jewelry

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How To Protect Your Jewelry</p> <p>If you own precious metal, than you might be all too familiar with tarnish. Tarnishing of jewelry can be a hassle and frustration, however, check out these products that can prevent it from happening!Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosive elements that form over silver, bronze, brass, copper and other metals. Its caused by a chemical reaction with corrosive elements like oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.</p> <p>Understanding TarnishFinding the solution is easier than it seems because there are many products on the market today that prevent tarnishing and keep your jewelry looking new!</p> <p>How to Prevent Tarnishing </p> <p>Utilizing an anti-tarnish bag made from high quality nylon, helps keep its contents safe for up to 20 years. The bags come with revolutionary Corrosion Intercept Technology that bonds solid state reactive materials into a polymer matrix: leaving you with a product that can prevent tarnish and keep your precious metals looking great.</p> <p>Anti-Tarnish Bags</p> <p>Anti-tarnish strips gives you the versatility of storing your jewelry virtually anywhere. Strips can be placed in Ziploc bags, jewelry boxes, cabinetsyou name it! They provide up to 12 or more month of continued protection depending on how well sealed your container is.</p> <p>Anti-Tarnish Strips</p> <p>This form of protection can give you up to 3 years of worry free jewelry storage and is a cost effective solution! These anti-tarnish pouches come in a wide variety of sizes and feature a clear front to allow display of the items enclosed.</p> <p>Anti-Tarnish Pouch</p> <p>Wearing your jewelry and frequent use of other precious metals helps prevent tarnishing!</p> <p>Final Preventative Measure</p>